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Movie Title? lady wants husband dead but lover dies instead


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I've tried googling this, but don't recall enough to really get very far. It was an old B&W. 1950's era I believe. If my memory serves, the leading lady was plotting to kill her husband (or maybe had just killed him). Another man agrees to help her do the deed, or cover her tracks, and then on his way to the scene of the crime to cover it up, his car runs off the road and he dies. The police come and she is all prepared to shed her crodicle tears for the man she hoped was dead, then realizes it was her lover/accomplice instead. That's as far as I got in the movie, so I apologize if its not very helpful, but if anyone can help me I suppose it would be one of you good folks!


The leading female character may have been someone important in the community- politicians daughter or wealthy family or something. She was a burnett I think. I remember the main room being large with a railing across part of it, like a bi-level room or something.


Thanks again!


Edited by: greeneterp68 on Apr 15, 2012 6:33 PM

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