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Born in the wrong time (?)

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This Memorial Day is going to be a difficult one for me. I have just read that my very first boyfriend from childhood, Brad Evans, has died unexpectedly in an auto accident in MN. The first boy I ever held hands with. He was the best part of sixth grade..


RIP. Brad. Thanks for the kisses and the Valentine..

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Yes Fred, the Painted Desert Inn is still there. It no longer functions as an Inn or restaurant, only as a visitor center and museum now.


A quite beautiful building it is. The entrance to the park is directly off of Interstate 40 now.


The day my wife and I were there, a rare thunderstorm was passing through the park. Luckily we missed the downpour.

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Yes, there are many wonderful National Parks here in the American West.....


My wife and I feel fortunate to be able to live here in Colorado Springs at the base of "America's mountain", Pikes Peak. All 14,115 feet of it, the easternmost 14,000 foot peak in the United States.


And in July, 1893, Katherine Lee Bates was so overcome with the view of the surrounding mountains and valley's below, while atop the peak she was inspired and wrote the song, America the Beautiful.


Edited by: fxreyman on May 28, 2012 1:52 PM

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One of several national parks every American should place on their "bucket list". The place is truly awe-inspiring. And this one location is my favorite in the entire park. The lower falls of the Yellowstone River situated in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.....



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Well, not to brag here, but I now live in a town that's situated in an area which might have and most likely would have been designated a National Park if it weren't for the Schnebly family homesteading here a little over 100 years ago...Sedona Arizona.














And the view out of the front of my house is the one of Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain which you'll see in this link.

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Well you're lucky. My wife and I visited there in 2009 for our 12th Anniversary. We liked it so much we extended our stay for three full days. A very charming town. We stayed at the Orchard Inn.


The photo I am posting is of the view off our patio. Magnificent country!!!



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Some photos from a very familiar place, all circa 2002......


Monument Valley from Fort Stark circa 2002:




Monument Valley circa 2002:




Goulding Trading Post - Major Allshard's office:




Captain Brittles cabin circa 2002:



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Casablancalover wrote:




"I loved Sedona too. Not hot and oven-like as Phoenix. We took a wonderful little train ride through the mountains, the Verde Canyon Railway. Then a small plane tour. Great place to visit."








...and allow me to add here Charlotte..."and to live". ;-)




(...yeah, I know...NOW I'm just braggin', huh!)

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Wow, Jake . . . Those are mighty impressive Photos . . . especially that first one. I love that Ornate entraceway. Sort of reminds me of 'Petra', that place where that entrance way is carved into the mountain in Jordan, where 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' was filmed.



Is there an inscription written down there ? . . . I can't quite make it out.

Is it possible to get a larger 'shot' of that entrance way ? It seems that a fencing of some kind should have been built around the top edge there, preventing folks, taking 'midnight strolls' from tumbling in . . . tfemoticons.gif



And those railroad ties must be holding up some massive structure there overhead. All 3 photos are from the same place, right ? Awesome Structure !



~~~ PETRA ~~~









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Hi ugaate,


The entrance you inquired about has etched in the stone: Fort Morgan and below it 1836.


Yes, those pictures are from the same Fort Morgan. If you ever get a chance, investigate the Alabama Gulf Coast. Florida gets the press about its beaches but Gulf Shores and surrounding beaches are just as good if not better.


Plus, Mobile is not too far away and it has a very deep history, too.


Liked your picture and Fort Morgan is on the water or Gulf of Mexico.



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Within Hebrew Cemetery is a plot known as the Soldier's Section. It contains the graves of 30 Jewish Confederate soldiers who died in or near Richmond. It is the only Jewish military cemetery outside of the State of Israel.


The cemetery is maintained by Congregation Beth Ahabah, a Reform congregation founded in Richmond in 1789.




Jake in the Heartland


Edited by: JakeHolman on May 30, 2012 11:37 PM

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~~ JakeHolman~~

{ . . . The entrance you inquired about has etched in the stone: Fort Morgan and below it 1836 . . .}



Thanks, Jake for that info . . . and yes, certainly, I would love to, one day, visit the Alabama Gulf Coast, along with other places I've been longing to visit.



Thanks again, Jake.



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I'm thinking of the Talking Heads' LP, "More Songs About Buildings and Food". When we get tired of posting photos of our favorite buildings, we can start posting photos of our favorite delicacies, to really give this thread "legs".

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