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Born in the wrong time (?)


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> {quote:title=darkblue wrote:}{quote}

> I love being Canadian. I think it's close to being the very best country on the planet.


I do not know the original author of this:

"Canada could have had French cuisine, American know-how, and British administration. Instead she has British cuisine, French know-how, and American administration."




> But you make me wish I was in Europe, SansFin.


I believe it is not a good time to live there. The buildings and scenery are beautiful. The economic and social climates are not. I was head of a department and was receiving commissions also when the company for which I worked folded in 2008. Last year I had to work as an aide as part of my schooling here and I was making much more each week than I was making per month at home.

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It is fun how this thread is morphing.


I am not ready quite yet to post my favorite Iced tea drink yet.. and posting things from my childhood would make this read like a issue of Reminisce magazine.


So, no bright tinted aluminum tumblers from me.


I like the little side trip we've taken to National Parks and Classic homes, so I thought I would stray farther afield.


I was trying to find a good picture of the Tuileries Garden in Paris, something with classic statuary. Then I saw one that was a bit fun, but the photos were too small for the detail. So I have been scoping out a better picture. ...




*Aphrodite Kallipygos*


Meaning: Aphrodite with a nice backside..


The statue dates back to 1st Century BC. I think is possibly the first recorded time a woman turn and asked,

>Do you think this outfit makes my butt look big?

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SansFin, I've heard that quotation before and am never amused by it. I know you weren't doing this, but I do get sick of people thinking Canada is dull and unexciting. I know the quote is from a long time ago. I really don't think Canada was ever as bad as that, but even if it were, it is so not like that now.. ( I think maybe the quote is from Oscar Wilde?)

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All I know of Canada is what I see on the telly and my personal experiences in Quebec.


Unless you are a fan of Paul Gross, you will not understand how delightful, droll, truly multicultural and a perfectly nuanced nice Canadians can be.


And its not just because so many of your Mounties look so damn good-looking. But they do!


I love you guys. You are far more cosmopolitan and aware than Rick Moranis and Leslie Nielsen would lead the average American to believe. Stay different guys and for you, darkblue: keep fighting,

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>Finance wrote: Is this supposed to be an invitation for everyone to post a photo of his or her favorite butt?


There is a gauntlet thrown if ever I heard one.


h5. btw- I am an intelligent enough woman to never ask that question posed in the original post..


Edited by: casablancalover on Jun 2, 2012 12:47 PM

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Do you not ever show anything but southern locales Jake?


I am originally from the state of Virginia. I absolutely love Virginia. My childhood was there. I have very fond memories of my childhood. I appreciate the history of Virginia. Especially the place this nation holds for Virginia.


But I have also lived in upstate New York, the mountains of North Carolina, the vast suburbs of Chicago and now here in Colorado Springs.


It just seems odd that many of the photos you have posted is just from the south. Thats all. Not being judgmental here. Actually the photos you have shown have been very interesting and beautiful.


Did you take these pictures yourself?

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Have you seen Babette's Feast? One of my favorites. My ancestry is entirely Swedish, and my grandmother and grandfather immigrated as young adults from Sweden.


Hum... Statuary in Oslo..


Vigeland, in Oslo. Fascinating, in a entirely groomed park. I swear not a tree grew out of place. Gustav Vigeland is the sole artist, and 192 sculptures in stone and bronze fill the park.




h4. Satellite view of Vigeland


if you rather click on link.



h4. All statuary by one man.






Sorry, these pictures are off the web; although I have walked it (takes most of your day, and so worth it) I no longer have access to the pictures. I had no idea this park existed before I visited Oslo. Something you must see.


That, and Trollhaugan (Edvard Greig's Birthplace) outside Bergen.

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> {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}

> SansFin, I've heard that quotation before and am never amused by it.


I did not mean offense. I believe it is an alternative to the classic:

"In the best of all possible worlds, the soldiers are English, the engineers are German, the cooks are French and the lovers are Italian.

In the worst of all possible worlds, the cooks are English, the lovers are German, the soldiers are French and the engineers are Italian."


I feel that all such things are humorous exaggeration of stereotypes and they are meant to provoke laughter.


Almost all l I know of Canada is that Alex Trebek was born there, that it has volcanoes and what I have seen of Pearson Airport when I can afford to fly Aerosvit.


I am truly sorry if I insulted any person.


My homeland is often stereotyped as borsch-eating Soviets or as part of Russia. I have laughed at the list of things which tell a Western person they have been here longer than is good for them:

You put dill on everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

You go into an Italian restaurant and expect to be able to order Japanese food.

You walk past a litter bin which is on fire and has flames coming out of it, and you think its normal.

You have developed a working system for separating all the Yulias and Marias in your phonebook.

You have discovered a certain charm in the absolute rudeness of shop staff.

You've forgotten what the following words are or mean: copyright, eco-friendly, modesty.

Buying a ticket for the train, which once took 2 minutes, now takes you 15 minutes because you have a long discussion with the ticket officer about all possible options and prices.

You can sit/squat on your feet and smoke for more than two minutes. This squat (also known as the Ukrainian chair), is the ultimate test of how Ukrainian someone is. If you can do it, your at least 95% genetically Ukrainian.


These are all stereotypes and I find them very funny.


Obligatory image:


Chilled borsch.

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I love the European quote!


My ancestral classic meal.



*Smoked herring w/ hard-boiled eggs on wasa-like crackers*

*pickeled herring*

*Tilsit (a traditional cheese)*


*Chilled Fruit Soup (compote-like, with apricots, oranges, prunes, etc.)*


*_Main Course_*

*boiled potatoes*

*nutmeg-spiced meatballs*

*baked lutefisk* (cod preserved and dried with lye, then boiled to rinse out the lye and then served with white sauce and melted butter. The texture is rubbery) - and by my standards, absolutely dreadful!

*cream cabbage with more nutmeg*


*white sauce over everything!*

*Served with*

*Lefse with butter and sugar*



*Rice pudding with -guess- nutmeg*

*Swedish tea ring, almond flavored*


I love my roots, but enough to eat the food...


Edited by: casablancalover on Jun 2, 2012 5:18 PM

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A traditional meal at the home of a good cook is:

Carrot and beet salad


Perogies filled with potatoes and fried onions.

Cabbage Rolls stuffed with meat and mushrooms.


Honey Cake

There is always an abundance of rye bread, cold sour cream and cider, beer or vodka.


I love all of it! :)

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Jake: Please allow me to jump in and respond to fxreyman See, we're not so different after all.

It's not his fault that the South and Southwest have such beautiful natural and manmade structures of beauty or that he's able to take or find such beautiful photos of them. He has opened up a whole appreciation of what our part of America has to offer to me and other posters. I look forward to checking out this thread daily to see what's up there now.


fxreyman: I would also dearly love to see any such shots of Colorado as you're limited to what you see from the air. The scenery around the Denver Airport was breathtaking and I know there must be more to see. I've been in North Carolina and the same goes for it. They filmed *Dirty Dancing* not far away from Wolf Laurel with the North Carolina mountains playing the New York Catskills. Where else can you stand on top of a mountain and see the state you're in, another to your left and a third to your right?


There's something every area has to show off. I'm wanting to see it all.

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There are times that living in the City of Brake Lights can be aggravating but then you remember the reasons you won't live anywhere else:










California, MrCutter and I love it.

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The second shot looks like Moro Bay. I loved mid-coastal California too. And for me, there is nothing like sitting in the patio at Il Fornaio in Pasadena..




Unless, of course, you and Mr Cutter and Kyle have another spot in mind.


Edited by: casablancalover on Jun 2, 2012 8:23 PM

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Hi Rey,


*Do you not ever show anything but southern locales Jake?*


Yes, I've already posted a few.


*It just seems odd that many of the photos you have posted is just from the south. Thats all. Not being judgmental here. Actually the photos you have shown have been very interesting and beautiful*


I was born and have lived the majority of my life in The South. I have lived in Colorado in a suburb outside of Denver called Aurora. Also, in Simi Valley, California.


What would be more odd, to my way of thinking, would be to post pictures of states I never lived or had close relatives living in those states or traveled through.


*Did you take these pictures yourself?*


I'll never tell.


Enjoyed your pictures of the West. The West is truly beautiful.


Have a great weekend.




Edited by: JakeHolman on Jun 2, 2012 9:44 PM

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Oh, SansFin, of course I'm not really offended - I'm sorry if I came across as grouchy.


I will say, however, that I'm very surprised that one of the few things you say you associate with Canada is volcanoes. True, part of British Columbia is on the same fault line as San Francisco's, but as far as I know, there has not been any volcano activity there in recorded history. Volcanoes would be one of the last things people think of when talking about Canada, I would think.

If we're going to get all geological here, there are other features more commonly associated with Canada than volcanoes.

Maybe glaciers, sure. Lots of tundra. Rock.Trees. And water. Lots of water. I believe Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world.

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There's definaly something to say about the Architecture of Theatres and their 'Glories'.



Chicago Theatre being one of them. There was a time, during the 70's when it was showing



signs of decadence, with it's paint chipping & peeling and sticky carpets from spilled soda's, gum & candy.



My son had, @ one time, skipped school and made his way downtown to see a Ninja movie, when



the 'craze' was out . . . it was easy @ the time to get in, when one had 'friends' working on the inside.



But Now, the Chicago Theatre has since been Remodeled to it's ultimate 'Sheer Beauty and Majestic Brilliance' !









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