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Born in the wrong time (?)


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Tyoschin Bridge is only a little more than forty years old. It is a very special place. It is called the Mother-In-Law Bridge because a local official had it built for the two purposes of being able to go with ease to his mother-in-law's house because she was a good cook and so that she could not have an excuse to stay the night in his house.


Couples put a lock with their names on it on the railing and throw the key into the water to show that they are locked to each other for eternity. It is sometimes that they will put a smaller lock on the lock when a child is born. It is a sad time when the city cuts all the locks. It has been said that nearly a ton of locks are put on the bridge each year and they fear the weight will damage the bridge.





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I saw BB King's great Blues joint and I thought,

I have seen something _very_ similar..


Dave Anderson has brought Chicago-style (spicy-I like it) and many great blues artists to the UPTOWN area of Minneapolis..




I am certain this is an homage to the original in Memphis..


Some blues to go with it.




et pour vous, Michel:




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> {quote:title=JakeHolman wrote:}{quote}640px-Lake_Pontchartrain_Causeway.jpg


> Lake Ponchatrain Causeway or Bridge. It's the longest bridge in the world over a continuous

> body of water. New Orleans La to St Tammany Parish. 1956.


> Jake in the Heartland

{font:Times New Roman}I’ve been over this bridge via Greyhound bus and can’t believe humans were able to do this. How did they get those pillars to stand so solidly in the water and how did they get them out there in the first place? If this doesn’t qualify as a “Wonder of the World” I don’t know what will. Beautiful as that Charleston church is, the bridge beats it hands down. Thank you, Jake, for the photo. {font}



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Hi Star,


I've been over it many a time. How did they do it? American exceptional abilities.. Yep, we have the finest men and women on this planet who are capable of unleashing their creative spirits and creating works of wonder.


I spent a lot of my youth in New Orleans and lived in a middle-class neighborhood in a home that had pilings driven into the ground below the foundation to ensure it did not sink.


The only home I ever lived in with that situation.


May you have a great evening and remaining week.



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I made a trip here once in 2004, and it felt like a sentimental journey even then.

h4. The Field of Dreams, Dyersville IA, near Dubuque



h4. I felt the magic of it.

The property is going through some changes, but not to the original field. Where would the 1919 White Sox play otherwise?

I do have a photo of the outfield and the very tall corn that surrounds it; just can't find right now..

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