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Born in the wrong time (?)

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He's really, really not worth your time. Let him do as he pleases but I think you are right about

him or her.


By the way, a good read is Time on the Cross by the economists Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman. They use economics in their study of slavery in the Old South. It's very illuminating and of course it has its critics but I do believe the book is still studied at the University level. Blacks are praised and actually run many of the plantations. The black overseer is the Boss.


Gives you a different perspective about the South and how vibrant and powerful it really was at that time.


Your friend,




Edited by: JakeHolman on Jul 10, 2012 9:24 PM

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Some people tend to mythologize the Old South, emphasizing the

moonlight and magnolias aspect without admitting that slavery was

at the root of it. Some are so effusive about the good old days,

one really has to wonder. Just as every plantation had slaves, every

plantation picture should have a picture of slaves, lest we forget.

Whether this guy in Georgia got up every day at dawn and worked

until sundown I don't know. I wouldn't take someone's word for it.

Of course, compared to bigwigs like Washington and Jefferson, his

relatively small inventory of human property was a mere drop in the



I don't mind fighting the Civil War all over again because it always ends

up like it did the first time around-the slaveocrats lose and freedom, however

imperfect, wins. :)



Time on the Cross nailed.:


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I was beginning to think the thread was out of business. What a comeback.


Austin looks like a great little city. Now I have places for my sister to take me if I ever get out there besides the State House she helped renovate a few years back. Thank you, Jake.

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Red River at Shreveport, La.




Folks having a good time at the Red River Revel Arts Festival on the Red River, Shreveport, La.




Horseshoe Casino on the Red River, Shreveport, La.


Jake in the Heartland

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Jake in the Heartland

Destin, Florida -- Once called the **** Riviera -- No longer...


:_| Which is exactly what's wrong with Florida. We've gone from 3 million people in 1959 to 19 million today. Those monstrous high-rise condos have replaced the quaint little motels and restaurants that gave us our character. When you look at the *Black Lagoon* movies, which where shot around my native Jacksonville, you see a beauty that's long gone to developers who want even more. The West Coast is now as bad as the East. Those sandy beaches look beautiful but they did back then too when everyone had access to them instead of just the residents of those condos.



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I found the rest of the Glastonbury Tor shots:


h4. The Chalice Well


Legend of Arthur's Search for the Holy Grail and water to restore starts here..

h4. You will wander past the beautiful Queen Anne's Lace:


Then a quiet stroll up..


h4. The walk path starting up Glastonbury Tor:



Sorry I set it a little out of sequence..

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French Quarter, New Orleans, La. The City Time Forgot...


Jake in the Heartland


:D Thankfully, they forgot where to buy white paint. Those pastel and terra cotta colors are beauliful and give each place its individuality. How dull nothing but whitewash would be. Thank you.


Baggar Vance: Is Cornwall in England or Wales?

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Cornwall is in England, the far Southwestern part of the country. I also walked an ancient ruin of an abbey on the edge of the wild sea that has many Arthurian Legends about it. It is the Land of Poldark, if you watched the BBC/Masterpiece Theater series in the 70's.


If you get to the UK, I think you would enjoy London, but try to spend time out of town too.


Edited by: BaggarVance on Jul 29, 2012 6:49 PM

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