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Sci-Fi Fun on 4/19


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Don't know what the occasion is, but I am loving every minute of it. Even took the day off from work for this.

Riders to the Stars has a lot of stock footage, but is quite enjoyable. It's also in color and has numerous memorable people in it. I enjoyed the Gamma People. Never saw that one before. Good fun.

The Cyclops is about to come on. That one scared me as a kid. Gotta pop some corn for this. (Extra butter!)

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Janet, what did you think of Red Planet Mars? To quote my earlier post:


Did I take away the correct message, having only seen the last half hour or so? It's better to make two boys orphans and let a lie pervade the world in the name of religion than tell the truth?


Remember, that OMG! message didn't come through until the very end, and Mr. Graves (with a spray on tan ewww) was going to blow up Mrs. Graves along with Dastardly Dan ( *love* his line I'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven ) because he thought the OMG! messages were faked, and he thought HAH! the world was going to be peaceful because of a lie in the name of religion.


Did I get that right?


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I think we could go on about it, but that may be another thread. The film that Rick Carlson directed was... Well, it was the Red Scare time. Although I enjoyed it, it also made me cringe with the amount of predjudice going on. But I do hate Japs!!!

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