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> {quote:title=butterscotchgreer wrote:}{quote}*I seem to recall a certain bubbly Butterscotchgreer whose chiffon-ruffled dance card brimmed to the rim!*




> I haven't the foggiest notion of what you are referring too. :P:P

While I wasn't at the VF party, I did see how guys reacted when you came into Club TCM for the farewell party on Sunday night. I saw a lot of jealous women who were suddenly minus the men they came there with...and I think I even felt the hotel began to tip to one side as the men all went to your side of the room and tried to flirt with you. :x

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> {quote:title=wouldbestar wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}{quote}

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> > *Try and Get Me*, starring Frank Lovejoy, Kathleen Ryan, Richard Carlson and Lloyd Bridges, will be discussed by Lloyd Bridge's son, actor Beau Bridges, and Film Noir Foundation mover and shaker, Eddie Muller on Saturday, April 27, at 9:00 p.m. in the Chinese Multiplex 4.

> > Saturday night with Beau Bridges and I miss it? Waaaah!


> It just seems to keep getting better. You all are the kids in the film version of a candy store with all those choices and so little time. All problems should be this great. I stumbled into some unique films experiences in 2011 when I thought I was "settling" for second choices. I doubt anybody's going to be bored with what's scheduled this time.


> What am I saying, with Sue around the happy part at least is a done deal.

Thank you for the kind words, wouldbestar. Very sweet!

I will be posting about this year's festival soon!

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And everywhere else, filmlover.


Here is Theresa Madere wearing a replica of the lovely dress Ann Miller sported in *On The Town,* and she's pointing to hoofer Ann Miller's star on Hollywood Boulevard, just a stroll down the street from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel...


To view Theresa's energetic interview with Ben, follow the link to the TCMFF Video Gallery and scroll down to her link:{font:'.HelveticaNeueUI'}{size:15px}http://filmfestival.tcm.com/about/video-gallery.php{font}

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{font:Times New Roman} {font}


{font:Calibri}Some things we learned at the “Meet TCM” panel:{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri} {font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}--The network is working on streaming.{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}--We were told there would be a big announcement later in the weekend. This turned out to be that TCM is partnering with Disney for their cruise.{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}--In various cable markets TCM fights to be part of the basic cable package. The film festival and growing their brand are part of their argument to be included.{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}--They print out the suggestions from Suggest-a-Movie and read them. Sometimes there are hundreds a day.{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}--Charlie Tabesh, the chief programmer, said that Tyrone Power and Marilyn Monroe are Fox stars he’d like to be Stars of the Month. Marilyn Monroe is the biggest star not to have been SOTM.{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

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Sue Sue, I don't think butterscotchgreer could take anything less than an adorable picture if she tried. And seeing that video interview reminded me why everyone smiles around her. That laugh is so delightful.


Here she is with another guest at the closing night party.



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Filmlover, here's another lovely Butterscotchgreer photo on the red carpet Thursday evening right before the gala screening of *Funny Girl,* introduced by Robert Osborne and Cher. One of director William Wyler's daughters read a touching letter from Barbra Streisand written especially for passholders at the screening.

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> {quote:title=SueSueApplegate wrote:}{quote}ad706515-7157-4f70-9313-740e88d3df55_zps

> Filmlover, here's another lovely Butterscotchgreer photo on the red carpet Thursday evening right before the gala screening of *Funny Girl,* introduced by Robert Osborne and Cher. One of director William Wyler's daughters read a touching letter from Barbra Streisand written especially for passholders at the screening.

No doubt about it, she is a truly lovely young woman.

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As I was walking by the lengthy reflection pool at the Vanity Fair party, a man standing in the shadows spoke softly to me.

"Hey, sweetheart, what's the rush? Don't ya have time for a smoke? Cigarette? A little Tiparillo?'" he sniped.

"Well, I was looking for a tall, cool drink by the bar," I said.

"There all outta milk, honey," he said.

"I was lookin' for something a little stronger," I said.

He laughed like he'd heard that more than once before.

"I'm out of 'Frisco. Where do you hail from, sister?" he asked with an aire of assurance.

Then he told me his name was Johnny Stokes, just the kind of guy you'd expect to be packin' some heat. He just came from Bay Meadows and the horses were runnin' a little slow, like San Quentin quail. But he didn't let that bother him. No, sir. Not him. He was just minding his own business...
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Well, filmlover, Johnny Stokes really isn't as dangerous as he seems. He's actually a good pal of Film Noir Foundation President and Founder Eddie Muller, who is terribly popular at the Turner Classic Film Festival. This year Muller introduced *The Narrow Margin* with special guest, Houstonian Jacqueline White, one of the stars of *The Narrow Margin.* Muller also hosted the screening of *It Always Rains on Sunday,* the British "kitchen sink" drama that heralded the British New Wave Cinema, and welcomed Beau Bridges to chat about his father Lloyd Bridges in *Try and Get Me.*


Johnny Stokes and Eddie Muller enjoy some libations at the TCMFF 2013 Vanity Fair soiree.....

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The *Vanity Fair* party, 2013. The big hit of the evening? When Lulu sang "To Sir, With Love."

In April of 2011, I was fortunate enough to meet the late Ann Rutherford, Anne Jeffreys, and Jane Withers at the *Vanity Fair* party after the Gala screening of *An American in Paris.* Jane Withers and I chatted for quite awhile about our families and our rings, and how much fun we were having.


This year, I found myself having an extended visit with the gal who started out taunting Shirley Temple in *Bright Eyes,* and had a featured role in the George Stevens epic *Giant*. Jane Withers' faith in God and humanity has seen her survive Hollywood, a severe bout with rheumatoid arthritis which led to her featured role as Vashti Snythe in the screen version of the popular Edna Ferber novel, and allowed her good health to attend the *Vanity Fair* party after the Gala screening of *Funny Girl* on Thursday, April 25.

Withers, supportive of the effort of Turner Classic Movies to continue to broadcast films and original programming without commercial interruption, exclaimed that "I am so thrilled that these people at TCM continue to air classic films, and I want you to tell everybody how grateful I am to them for what they have done and accomplished. They are all so wonderful, and they have been so good to me."

Miss Withers was also elated about the reissue of several of her films from the 1930s and 1940s on DVD. Her starring role opposite Shirley Temple in *Bright Eyes(1934)* was secured after Director David Butler had auditioned thirty young girls, but when he heard Jane Withers' imitation of a machine gun, he chose Withers to play nasty Joy Smythe. Jane's last role was as the gargoyle in *The Hunchback of Notre Dame,* and she had to take over the part following actress Mary Wickes' death in 1996, imitating her voice exactly. She reprised the role in 2002 for the sequel.


Jane Withers and Anne Jeffreys at the TCMFF 2013 *Vanity Fair* party, bidding each other adieu as Anne had to leave a little earlier than Jane.

Jeffrey's last role was as Susanna in 2012's *Sins Expiation,* and she and Jane have known each other for quite a while. Jeffreys, Amanda Croft on *Falconcrest* , Marion Kerby in the *Topper* series, Irene Buchannon on *Baywatch,* and the Duchess of York in 2008's *Richard III,* has also had a busy and varied career, and has always enjoyed attending the TCMFF Vanity Fair parties.

More about Jane Withers, Hollywood Presbyterians, Diana Lynn, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and George Stevens a little later....

All photos courtesy of Sue Sue.

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During her introduction to *Giant* in The TCL Chinese Theatre with host Ben Mankiewicz,
Jane Withers talked a great deal about James Dean and her activities on the set of *Giant*
in Marfa, Texas. Evidently she had a house, and would have parties almost every night with
food, cards, Monopoly, and bridge, and "almost everybody" from the crew would come and
enjoy the evening. She said that Rock Hudson came most of the time, but Elizabeth Taylor
only came once because she liked to go to a country club about sixty miles away. The only
night she did drop by, she said how much fun it was, and why didn't she come by more often.

But Withers did seen to form a bond with James Dean. One night after almost everyone else
had left, she went into her bedroom, and he was lying down with his hat over his head. "Is
that you, Jimmy?" Withers asked. She wanted to know why he hadn't come through the front
door, and he said he didn't want to see all those other people, that he came just to see her.
Well, Withers claimed she always carried a tool kit with her, and took her hammer, and nailed
the window shut while Dean was watching so that the next time he came, he had to come
through the front door.


When Withers left California for Marfa, Texas, she knew that she might be gone for over a
year, so she brought lots of books to read, as well as her tool kit, and Dean would come over
and read books from her makeshift "lending library," and they would read aloud to each
other, many times it would be plays. One night she was reading *The Bible* and quoted
Matthew 21:22 to him, and told him that she tried to live by that verse: And all things,
whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. She repeated this verse
to me during our conversation, and said that it was one of her favorites.

Long before Withers ever signed a contract for *Giant*, she suffered a debilitating
case of rheumatoid arthritis, and had to be hospitalized for a lengthy stay. While she
was cared for at the hospital, she became friends with a young orderly, and he invited
her to his graduation. Once Withers was well enough, she was able to attend his
graduation ceremony, and after the ceremony, a man tapped her on the back, and
as she turned around, director George Stevens introduced himself, and said that he
had wanted to talk to her about a part in his next movie, *Giant*. Well, the next
week, Stevens called, but Jane was busy fixing lunches for her children to take to
school, and said, something like, "right, you are George Stevens. Well, I have to finish
fixing these lunches. I can't talk right now." Later the next day, Stevens secretary called
and told her that Stevens wanted to take her to lunch to discuss with her a part he had
in mind for her. It turned out to be Vashti Snythe, the quintessential no-holds-barred
Texas gal from *Giant*. And she again stated how she knew God had a hand in
her career and her life.

Part of Jane Withers' interview with Ben Mankiewicz can be viewed here under the heading 4/27:

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~Dear Butterscotchgreer! Thank you so much. We all miss you so already!~

~Cinecrazy, you were missed this year! Thanks for the link about the Marfa update on 60 Minutes. I think everybody will enjoy it!~

~See you in 2014!~

Family friend Ryan Lakich wrote this lovely article about the Austin Film
Festival 2013 for Austin Culture Map:

http://austin.culturemap.com/author/rya ... /articles/|http://austin.culturemap.com/author/ryan_lakich/articles/

Here's an excerpt:

Paramount’s Summer Classic Film Series has a scope and depth that must be experienced. Film Programmer Stephen Jannise certainly had his work cut out for him when curating this year’s selection of cinema.

“I think when you’re programming a calendar of films as long as this one, you have to treat it like a puzzle that requires a number of varied pieces to fit together perfectly,” says Jannise. “After you put a first draft of a schedule together, you can look at it as a whole and realize that maybe you have too many films from a particular genre or too few of another category.”

The lineup features a nearly perfect blend that caters to multiple preferences, whether it’s a big screen epic likeLawrence of Arabia projected in 70mm, a classic westerns like Shane, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s event complete with martinis and manicures, or a full week devoted to Hitchcock.

“I don’t stop tinkering with the schedule until I feel like I’ve put something together that would satisfy the wonderfully diverse audience that is Austin," Jannise continues.

Not only will the Paramount screen time-honored films, many of them will be shown in their original 35mm prints alongside the series’ other digital screenings. Though film fans lament the rise of digital cinema, Jannise is more than happy to screen both the past and present of cinema side-by-side.

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In honor of *Ride the High Country (1962)* just being aired on TCM, a small homage

to the actress who portrayed Elsa Knudsen with Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea....


Just had to add this adorable photo of stunning actress Mariette Hartley

and her husband, Jerry Sroka, as they were leaving the Vanity Fair party.

They were both so cute and so much fun, and Hartley's husband kept

laughing at everything she said. Hartley, known for her acting in films and

popular television programs like *MASH*, Polaroid commercials with

James Garner, and her recent stint on *The Mentalist* as Elise Vogelson,

is currently involved with stage work, acting for film and television, charity

work and enjoying her life with Sroka. Hartley still keeps in contact with

former actress, current nun Dolores Hart, who sometimes advises

her in spiritual matters. Hartley's best-selling biography, *Breaking*

*the Silence,* was the basis for her one-woman show, *If You Get to*

*Bethlehem, You've Gone Too Far.* She is national spokesperson

for the American Foundation on Suicide Prevention, and feels "privileged

that her celebrity has allowed her to make contributions to society."


For more about lovely Mariette Hartley, check out her website: {size:15px}http://www.mariettehartley.com/Mariette_Hartley/Mariette_Hartley.html

Back to our regularly scheduled interview a little later this week...

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Sue: Thank you for the photo and mini-bio on Mariette. Those of us who have admired her all these years for her work now have even more reason to as a person. I've read about her early tribulations and am delighted that things turned around so well for her. Mr. Sroka looks like a great guy.



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Woulbestar, you are so welcome! I am so glad I got to meet you at the festival during the year you attended. I love your energy! Mariette Hartley and Jerry Sroka are an adorable, fun couple. I'm glad you liked the photo!


Jeff, I miss you already, but I can always see you again here in the recap video for TCMFF 2013. as well as passholders Ed, Theresa Madere, Marya Gates, and many others:




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Oh man, I blew it.


I love Mariette Hartley and I agree with Moira that she has a great voice. She had a wonderful friendly persona. ( Remember her in "MARNIE"? ) If I knew Hartley was there I surely would have gone to the Vanity Fair party. Great pix and good you got to meet her.

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