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Thank you, Alan. It is a great deal of fun, fabulous cinema, celebrities, and dear friends! I hope you might be able to come. The footprint ceremony is always exciting. So far, TCM has arranged to have ceremonies for Peter O'Toole, Kim Novak, and Jane Fonda. TCM might rerun the interviews filmed with Peter O'Toole in 2011 and with Kim Novak in 2012 sometime in the near future.

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*Saturday afternoon of the TCMFF 2013 at the Egyptian held a delightful surprise for festival-goers who enjoy Frank Capra films, live theatrical performances, and unique ways of restoring lost dialogue.*

*The Donovan Affair(1929),* the first talkie released by Columbia Pictures!

The lights go out at a high-society dinner party and one of the guests is murdered. The police are summoned and Inspector Killian shows up, with his assistant Carney. In order to get a clear picture of what took place, Killian decides to have the crime re-enacted (with a substitute for the murdered man.) The lights are turned out, and another man is murdered. This doesn't faze the Inspector one little bit, and he asks for a third re-enactment. The suspect list dwindles.

Well, the suspect list does indeed "dwindle," but not the audience delight. Saturday afternoon of the TCMFF 2013 at the Egyptian held an unusuaL surprise for festival-goers who enjoy Frank Capra films, live theatrical performances, and unique ways of restoring lost dialogue.

Bruce Goldstein, director of repertory programming at New York's esteemed Film Forum, a venue responsible for classic film festivals and long-awaited restorations, had been preparing a classic for it's resurrection on the big screen. Goldstein, also the popular founder of Rialto Pictures, which has been able to reissue scads of international classics, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the George Eastman House, the International Museum of Photography and Film.


Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, and Frank Capra

About 21 years ago, Goldstein wanted to include this early Capra film in a retrospective film series about the director, famous for *Meet John Doe, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,* and *It's a Wonderful Life.* The only existing copy of *The Donovan Affair* in the Library of Congress was lacking one important element--it's soundtrack. So what to do?

Back in the late 20's, one 16' Vitaphone disc would contain all the dialogue/soundtrack for one reel of film stock. But not one of the eight discs that accompanied the film were to be found. Goldstein could show the film in its "silent" condition, but he chose another path. He decided to "get some actors together to dub all the dialogue."

But a script was nowhere to be found. The Library of Congress didn't have it. Columbia Pictures didn't have it, and Wesleyan University, the guardians of Frank Capra's papers only had a "continuity" script used for the silent version of the film which would be shown in theaters which did not yet have full sound systems installed. Such a challenge did not deter Bruce Goldstein, however.

In the archives of the New York State Board of Film Censors was found a "dialogue list." From that, Goldstein began to lip synch the dialogue to the film, "created a proper script from the dialogue list by adding scene breakdowns and stage directions," and then found actors who could recreate the rhythm of speech and idiosyncrasies of film dialogue from the late twenties.

In this first incarnation of *The Donovan Affair,* Glenn Taranto, screenwriter (STOLEN) and character actor who has appeared in film and television most notably as Gomez in *The New Addams Family,* played Killian, the detective investigating the murder. In the recent TCM presentation, he portrayed both the murderer and his victim!


Glenn Taranto with an enthusiastic passholder.

One of the most iconic lines from the production was the statement by a hapless homemaker and stay-at-home-Mom," I can't be the murderess, I'm the mother of twins!" During the course of the festival, passholders here and there, in line, at lunch, or waiting for a Club TCM event to begin would spontaneously repeat the line because it received lots of laughs during the production, and seemed to lend a little gaiety to the moment.

I was able to have a quick phone chat with Glenn Taranto, and he told me one of his favorite lines that never fails to jostle the crowd into hysterics is the phrase,"Next time there's a murder in this house, don't move the body! " "This line always gets a big laugh," he said.

Glenn was "happy it was a success, we were still discovering parts of the script that were missing each day so we kind of had to wear two hats while rehearsing as we were still in discovery mode. It was a great group of people to work with and TCM was happy it was such a success. Everybody worked hard to get it right, and it seems to have paid off.


Yelena Schmulenson, Emma Horvitz in *Boardwalk Empire,* and currently in post-production with *The Chinese Puzzle!,* Glenn Taranto, and Steve Sterner, actor and pianist. All three of these talented artists were part of *The Donovan Affair...*

Sources: TCMFF 2013 Festival Magazine, edited by former Silver Screen Oasis Guest Star Shannon Clute, the IMDB, and personal interviews...

For more information about Frank Capra, check out the TCM Database: {size:15px}http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/person/28439%7C53185/Frank-Capra/

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Monika Henreid, daughter of Paul Henreid, visits The Silver Screen Oasis!

Currently working on a documentary and a biography of her father, Monika's

tribute to her father is currently airing on Turner Classic Movies as the

popular cable channel helps celebrate Paul Henreid as Star of the Month for July.

Actor, Director, and Producer Paul Henreid

In preparation for a discussion of the life and work of Paul Henreid, enjoy this collection

of Henreid's film appearances:


Paul Henreid, a suave, romantic leading man who, in the 1940s and 50s, represented the epitome of continental charm. Henreid is best remembered as Ingrid Bergman's husband, the stoic Resistance leader Victor Laszlo, in *Casablanca*(1943) and for his classic romance in *Now Voyager*(1942) with Bette Davis in which he lit two cigarettes at the same time and handed one to Bette Davis.

The scion of an aristocratic Austrian family, Henreid first worked as a designer and translator at a Vienna publishing firm until he was discovered in an acting school performance by Otto Preminger, who was then Max Reinhardt's managing director. Henreid became a leading man with Reinhardt's theater company and appeared in two Austrian films in the early 1930s before he moved to England because of his anti-Nazi sentiments. There he starred on the London stage and in films, ironically being cast as a Nazi officer in *Madman of Europe* and as a Gestapo agent in Carol Reed's *Night Train* (both 1940). Moving to the US in 1940, he was again cast as a German in the Broadway production *Flight to the West.*

Signing with RKO Radio Pictures in 1941, Henreid played his first heroic role as a Free French R.A.F. pilot in his Hollywood debut, *Joan of Paris* (1941). It was the first of many films in which he would dramatize the wartime plight of sympathetic Europeans.

In the 40s and 50s, Henreid starred in the swashbucklers such as *The Spanish Main*(1945), *Last of the Buccaneers* 1950), and *Thief of Damascus* (1952), and melodramas like *So Young, So Bad* (1950) and *Stolen Face*(1952). With his career opportunities as a romantic lead dwindling, he switched to producing and directing, especially on TV, where he directed numerous episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Schlitz Playhouse", "G.E. Theater", "Maverick" and "Bracken's World". In 1964, Henreid reteamed with his "Now, Voyager" and "Deception" (1946) co-star Bette Davis, directing her in the dual roles of homicidal twin sisters in the suspense melodrama *Dead Ringer.*


Richard Conte, Paul Henreid, June Havoc, Lauren Bacall, and Humphrey Bogart preparing to attend HUAC hearings...

Blacklisted in Germany in the 30s, England in the 40s, and America in the 50s, Henreid's life in some ways mirrored that of his iconic character Victor Laszlo in *Casablanca*, but even surpassed those struggles in his private life.

The Silver Screen Oasis is proud to welcome Monika Henreid!


Monika Henreid in Club TCM at the Turner Classic Film Festival 2013...
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Monika Henreid wanted me to share this photo and comment with our TCM Message Boards Community today...

"This photo was taken as my father took the oath to fulfill his dream and become an American citizen. As fate would have it, shortly thereafter he was caught up in the McCarthy/HUAC blacklisting. As outspoken in life as he was on the screen, this was not new to him. It had already happened twice before in two other countries. However, he returned to Hollywood and made the USA his home until he died in 1992 at the age of 84. Long live freedom and the home of the Brave!"

Monika Henreid has generously consented to continue responding to questions on Wednesdays during July with Silver Screen Oasis members who wish to further the discussion of her father's films screened on our lovely TCM during Tuesday evenings in July. Come join us!
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Paul Henreid's Star of the Month Celebration continues tonight:


*Never So Few (1959)*

*Siren of Bagdad (1953)*

*Hollow Triumph (1948)*

*Joan of Paris (1942)*

*Thief of Damascus (1952)*

*So Young, So Bad (1950)*


Monika Henreid will be responding to questions about her father on Wednesday, July 17, at The Silver Screen Oasis:


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Technical glitches have prevented Monika Henreid from answering questions on The Silver Screen Oasis, but she will return soon when the site issues are resolved, and I will post a notice for everyone at that time. Thank you!


I thoroughly enjoyed last night's films featuring Paul Henreid during his Star of the Month Celebration and hope you all did, too! :)


If I had to choose a favorite, it might be *Joan of Paris* featuring Paul Henreid's and Michelle Morgan's American film debuts.

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*Of Human Bondage (1946)* 7:00 PM (CST)

*Between Two Worlds (1944)* 9:00 PM (CST)

*Hollywood Canteen (1944)* 11:00 PM (CST)




*Pirates of Tripoli (1955)* 1:15 AM (CST)

*Last of the Buccaneers (1950)* 2:30 AM (CST)

*Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962)* 4:30 (CST)


Monika Henreid has a Facebook page devoted to her father that you might want to visit and "like":



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Paul Henreid's Star of the Month Celebration continues...


Tuesday, July 30
*THE CONSPIRATORS* – 5pm with Hedy Lamarr
*CASABLANCA* – 7pm with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman
*TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS* – 9pm with Dean Martin
*OPERATION CROSSBOW* – 11pm with Sophia Loren, George Peppard and an all-star cast...

Wednesday, July 31

*GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS* – 1AM - with Robert Donat and Greer Garson

The Silver Screen Oasis is updating and will be available soon.

Monika Henreid, who will continue her visit with SSO members at the new site,
has a Facebook page dedicated to the memory of her father entitled Paul Henreid,
Beyond Victor Lazlo.

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This lovely montage was created by Theresa Brown, also known on the

TCM Message Boards as Cinemaven, and celebrates all the actors and actresses

who are having their films highlighted during the month.







Today is Humphrey Bogart's celebration...

I'm watching *Treasure of the Sierra Madre* right now!

You might also want to visit this website:


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*Turner Classic Movies (TCM)*, which is in the midst of its 20th year as an authority in classic film, is giving fans a new way to connect with the movies they love. The network has partnered with *On Location Tours*, one of the world's largest TV and movie tour companies, to create the *"TCM Classic Film Tour"* in *New York City*. Featuring stops at some of the most famous movie locations throughout the city, this sightseeing bus tour is one of several initiatives TCM is launching as it prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary in April 2014.


"Over the past two decades, TCM has evolved into a highly respected brand that goes beyond the television screen to provide fans with such real-life experiences," said *Dennis Adamovich, senior vice president of digital, affiliate, lifestyle and enterprise commerce, TCM, TBS and TNT*. "The 'TCM Classic Film Tour' in New York is a terrific opportunity for movie lovers to connect with the TCM brand and share their passion for great films in a unique way."



The "TCM Classic Film Tour" features an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide, extensive trivia about each location and a special video introduction by *TCM host Robert Osborne*, a longtime resident of New York. "As a kid growing up in a small town in Washington State," Osborne says in his introduction, "my only exposure to New York City was through the movies. The town with its towering skyscrapers, fascinating people and teeming energy absolutely captivated me. Seeing New York in the movies is what made me want to live in Manhattan one day. I eventually got my wish, and the city has never disappointed me.”



Set to launch on *Thursday, Aug. 22*, the "TCM Classic Film Tour" will run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, beginning at 11:30 a.m. The three-hou sightseeing bus tour will take movie fans to some of the city's greatest filming locations, including the Empire State Building (*King Kong*); Zabar's market (*Manhattan*, *You've Got Mail*); Holly Golightly's brownstone (*Breakfast at Tiffany's*); the famed subway grate that blew Marilyn Monroe's skirt (*The Seven-Year Itch*); Grand Central Terminal (*North by Northwest, Superman*); and, of course, Central Park.



In addition to seeing the real locations, visitors will get to see clips of the sites from the movies. "It's a great way to see how much – and how little – the city has changed over the years," Osborne says, "and how the history of New York and the history of the movies are so intertwined."



Fans can book reservations for the "TCM Classic Film Tour" online athttp://www.tcm.com/tours

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Just settling in from holiday travels and enjoying Lana Turner, John Garfield, and Cecil Kellaway in *The Postman Always Rings Twice.* Summer Under The Stars has a fabulous slate of films to beat the 100-degree heat.


The Silver Screen Oasis has migrated to a new home and can be found at silverscreenoasis.com. for those of you who have expressed interest in visiting the site.


It won't be long until the September notice about the initial purchase of passes for the Turner Classic Film Festival 2014, and I know that former passholders have already begun contacting me about this year's festival. Can't wait for the 20th anniversary bash in L.A. in April!


More later. Don't forget to have fun! :)

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Summer travels found me walking along the cool sands of Sanibel and Captiva Islands and their beautiful beaches in Southern Florida.....


Searching for the abundant varieties of sea shells is a favorite activity if a vacationer is not on or in the water...


One of the lesser-known attractions of the islands besides the beauty, the dolphins, and the whoosh of the waves is....


The Shell Museum....


And one of the most important benefactors is actor/philanthropist Raymond Burr!


One of the shells donated by Raymond Burr found during his many travels, and possibly discovered on his own personal island near Fiji...


Memorial dedicated to Raymond Burr and his generous gifts to the museum...


Another image from the museum's collection....


A valentine made from seashells...



It's always difficult to sail away from a lovely place. Maybe next year, the TCMFF 2014 will feature *Macao* or *Rear Window,* two classic films featuring Raymond Burr, who later became famous as television's Perry Mason.


After I left Sanibel, I also was lucky enough to visit delightful festival friends in Orlando, and greatly appreciate their hospitality! :-)

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This is another favorite photo of mine from Fort Myers, Beach, Florida. It reminds me of all the beautiful beaches in *Where The Boys Are.*



I also wanted to remind TCM Message Board Members that Steve Taravella, journalist and author, will be visiting The Silver Screen Oasis on August 31 and September 1 (Labor Day Weekend) to discuss his biography of Mary Wickes. There is a complete announcement in the ever popular Hot Topics Forum...

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A Definitive Recreational Vehicle...




(Photo Courtesy of Will McKinley)

Jane Powell and Dennis Adamovich, SVP at Turner, join TCM Host Robert Osborne as he performs the traditional ribbon-cutting to mark the beginning of the TCM Classic Film Tour...


Three faithful fans of Turner Classic Movies cruised in style on the initial voyage of the "Starship Big Apple" as the official TCM Classic Film Tour Bus ventured to classic film locations on the Eastern Seaboard to the tune of "New York, New York, It's a wonderful town!" Joined on the first segment of the journey were TCM host and author Robert Osborne, and film star Jane Powell.


Invited to participate because of their skill, expertise, and film fervor, Theresa Brown, Aurora Bugallo, and Will McKinley joined other classic film devotees on the first tour of the TCM bus. All three have attended Turner Classic Film Festivals, and have written about their experiences on blogs, classic film websites, and/or Facebook pages as they use social media to extoll the virtues of classic creative film projects.


Visiting famous locales in New York, participants were shuttled to Central Park, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, and other sites. For more specific information, follow the link to read more about the tour: http://onlocationtours.com/tour/tcm-classic-film/



Obviously the most exciting aspect of the first day of the tour was meeting Robert Osborne and Jane Powell...


Will McKinley has a passion for classic film, and he feels that "a key component in live, TCM-sponsored events is the opportunity to interact with other people who don't think it's weird to quote 80-year-old movies." McKinley writes with passion and expertise concerning classic film and often attends film festivals in and around New York where he lives. "Obviously, you can find most of these locations on your own," he claims, " but visiting hallowed ground with other acolytes has the potential to be something very special, like making a pilgrimage to movie Mecca." And Sue Sue agrees with this comment wholeheartedly. Traveling to the Turner Classic Film Festival, and enjoying all the events with people who have the same interests in classic film heritage has gifted me with many new friends and life-changing experiences that I will treasure forever.



(Photo courtesy of Theresa Brown)

Writer and filmmaker Theresa Brown also lives in New York and has a passion for classic film, the Turner Classic Film Festival, traveling and touring. She has taken a cross-country train trip before attending one of the festivals in L.A., and was thrilled to get "up close and personal" with TCM Host Robert Osborne.


Brown was also one of the Guest Programmers for the 15th anniversary of TCM, along with TCM Message Boards posters lzcutter, Filmlover, and the late Kyle Kersten, known to Message Board Members as Kyle in Hollywood.


View Theresa's Fan Retrospective here:


Visit talented Theresa Brown's web-based series:http://megramsey.com/



(Photo courtesy of Aurora Bugallo)

Aurora Bugallo and Robert Osborne


Aurora Bugallo also lives in New York and is an educator/administrator in higher education, teaching mass media courses. Aurora Bugallo's blog has an in-depth article about her experiences on the TCM Classic Film Tour: http://aurorasginjoint.com/

Follow Aurora on Twitter:https://mobile.twitter.com/CitizenScreen


Will McKinley's blog has photos, and a more in-depth article will be posted soon:



Follow Will on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/willmckinley


Right now, I am just adoring Maggie Smith's Summer Under the Stars Celebration!

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Sue, those vacation pictures were stunning. I'll have to check out that shell museum as I enjoy finding them too.


I wish I had known that you were just down the road from me at Captiva and Sanibel. I would have loved to show you my Ybor City and let you discover my favorite restaurant here, *James Joyce's Irish Pub.* I trust you are back home safely. Maybe next time!


The photos of Theresa and Robert are priceless. Her beautiful face never ceases to cheer me up. Thanks a lot!

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Wouldbestar, I will let you know the next time I come for a visit! I used to live in Tampa, and visited friends there and in Orlando. I will send you a private message soon. So sorry I missed you. Thanks for the lovely comments. :-)

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:D With all the complaints-including mine-about the new format one good thing has come out of it; I can now access your thread with just a click. I've quit asking about why things happen when programs or "upgrades" make my PC act screwy. As long as I can get on the Board it's all okay if a royal pain.

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Hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day holiday!


Author Steve Taravella is discussing his favorite character actress, Mary Wickes, the subject of his new biography, on The Silver Screen Oasis.Stop by if you have the chance because he has already made some wonderful comments about Mary Wickes, classic Hollywood, and some of the more well-known personalities often featured at the Turner Classic Film Festival and on TCM, our favorite channel!



I wish for you all safe travels and a blessed weekend!

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Senior TCM Researcher Alexa Foreman will be our Guest Star on September 7th and 8th at The Silver Screen Oasis. I was lucky enough to meet her at the Turner Classic Film Festival!


She will share with SSO members her expertise and experiences working at TCM. Come join us!


As a guest you will be able to read all the questions and responses, but if you have a question for Alexa Foreman, you must register. The Silver Screen Oasis is a free, non-profit website devoted to classic film.


Click on the "REGISTER" icon in the top righthand corner. Here's the link:


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The Silver Screen Oasis welcomes Alexa Foreman, Senior Researcher at Turner Classic Movies this weekend!


Alexa Foreman has been employed as a researcher at TCM since the network began airing uncut and commercial free classic movies in the 1990's. She works with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz on a daily basis, and when someone can't find some information or needs to know how many Oscar nominations a film has earned, or how many husbands Elizabeth Taylor had, she is the perky go-to-gal.


Foreman, whose motto just might be Sergeant Joe Friday's most popular sound byte "Just the facts, Ma'am," has been an employee of Turner Classic Movies since its initial broadcast in 1994.


When writer Paul Booth featured Foreman a few months ago in his six-part series honoring prominent WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT in INFLUX Magazine, he shared his fascinating interview with Foreman, and what follows is an excerpt:


"This week we have a special treat for movie lovers. I had the pleasure of interviewing Turner Classic Movie?s Senior researcher Alexa Foreman. I think all classic film lovers enjoy TCM hosts Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz as they introduce our favorite classic films with a great story about actors like Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen, or behind the scenes tales of a movies turbulent production.


I met her last year at TCM Classic Movies Film Festival 2012. At the same event this year we got together for a nice long talk about movies. So when it came time to do this ?Women in Entertainment? series, I asked Alexa and she quickly (and graciously) agreed to be part of it.


Paul Booth: What movie made you know you wanted to spend your life involved with the history of film?


Alexa Foreman: There was no single movie that did it for me. I saw classic movies on tv in Atlanta growing up and loved stars like Bette Davis, Paul Muni and Tyrone Power. Since those movies were not on video or playing in theaters at that time, I read everything I could on the history of the movies.



ABOVE:Robert Osborne and Alexa Foreman during her Guest Programmer appearance.


PB: Is there a Film you feel everyone should see? Even if they don?t like it, meaning the movie holds such a significant achievement in filmmaking?


AF: Again, there is no single movie but for significant achievement in filmmaking take a look at CITIZEN KANE (1941), NAPOLEON (1927), BLACK NARCISSUS (1947), SUNRISE (1927), GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 (1933), and THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939). And please see these on a big screen if possible.


PB: Do you have a favorite Genre/Studio/Studio-head or old studio director like Wilder, Capra, Ford or Hawks?


AF: Screwball comedy is my favorite genre. *THE AWFUL TRUTH, LIBELED LADY, BRINGING UP BABY, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, BALL OF FIRE.* I can watch them over and over.


RKO is my favorite studio -? and not because of Astaire and Rogers. The filmmakers and technicians did so much with so little. Producer Val Lewton and others paved the way for film noir with pictures set in night time and/or rain. They did it out of necessity to hide the fact that there was no big background set behind the action.


Directors that I love include William Wyler, Orson Welles, John Cromwell, Fred Zinnemann, Terrence Malick, John Frankenheimer, and I am sentimental about Ida Lupino?s efforts.


PB: With the progression of digital cinema, do you ever feel it makes TCM?s job more important or do you feel TCM will transcend?


AF: We need to save and preserve older movies before we worry about the industry?s new formats. TCM will go on no matter which source we mine our jewels from ? print paper, celluloid nitrate, videotape, DVD, etc. We show movies from the silents all the way to the present. Along with our most popular movies, we are always looking for lesser known gems to show, and thereby generating interest and reaction from our TCM audience. As to digital technology, our sharp eyed viewers appreciate the quality and texture of film ?- from the dissolves and the scratches all the way to the circle in the right hand corner of the frame signifying a coming reel change. I know movie theaters are facing a challenge with this and I hope they will survive this latest technology.


PB: What quote or message would you like to give your fellow ?Women in Entertainment? out there pursuing a goal or in the business already?


AF: It is a quotation from a telegram from Katharine Hepburn to director Dorothy Arzner (who was being honored by the Directors Guild in 1975): ?Isn?t it wonderful you?ve had such a great career when you had no right to have a career at all??


In addition to Booth's wonderful article about Foreman's background and experiences with the network, I was able to find out a little more information about her varied trials and tribulations. As I was chatting with Foreman earlier this month, she revealed to me even more about her experiences with Turner Class Movies.


"Movie research," Foreman claims, "is like a puzzle or a mystery that I have to solve every day." So it would seem her experiences are not that far removed from a detective like Sgt. Joe Friday, Sam Spade or Torchy Blane.



One of her favorite film quotes "is from one of my top ten (or 20) favorites, The Awful Truth in 1937. Irene Dunne says to Cary Grant after seeing his not-so-talented girl friend perform at a night club: "I guess it was easier for her to change her name than for her whole family to change theirs."



ABOVE: Foreman often attends the Turner Classic Film Festival and works behind the scenes where Robert Osborne interviews classic film celebrities like Ann Blyth.


The Silver Screen Oasis is proud to welcome esteemed archivist Alexa Foreman, Senior TCM Researcher, who has been part of the award-winning behind-the-scenes team of Turner Classic Movies. If you want to read more behind-the-scenes exploits, follow the link:


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