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The Turner Classic Film Festival yearly announcement is close at hand. The 2011 festival was announced on September 28 and the 2012 announcement came on September 25.


Get ready for TCMFF 2014!


THIS JUST IN: Facebook friend Linda Weigman just stated that Robert Osborne announced at the screening of *Gone With The WInd* in Austin that he is travelling to Paris soon to film a Private Screenings with Olivia de Havilland!


TCM Research whiz Alexa Foreman's visit at The Silver Screen Oasis ends tonight, so if you have any questions for her, follow the link:


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In addition to the exciting Private Screenings with Olivia de Havilland sometime this year, Mother Dolores Hart *(Where The Boys Are,* Nellie in *King Creole)* who is prioress of Regina Laudis (Queen of Praise) Abbey in Bethlehem, Connecticut, will co-host and one of her choices is *Laura!*


Just heard this SCOOP on The Silver Screen Oasis!

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SueSue, this is great news. Concerning *Laura*: for some time it was believed that Fox would not license certain of those most famous titles, such as *Laura*. I now wonder if there are any Fox titles off limits, if they are letting TCM show *Laura*.


RO interviewing Olivia. Mother Dolores Hart as a guest programmer. Mary Astor as January Star of the Month. Wow!

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Author of *Lee Marvin: Point Blank,* Dwayne Epstein, appears on NDB Media's Monday Night America with host Roger Noriega for an in-depth Q & A about Lee Marvin:



Epstein discusses Marvin's good friend Woody Strode, the Lee Marvin connection to The Beatles, Marvin's Oscar win, finding a treasure trove of Lee Marvin letters, and much more...


And don't forget that all important TCMFF 2014 announcement is imminent..

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I loved seeing *Giant* on the big screen this past year at the TCMFF 2013 and listening to all of Jane Withers's stories about the making of that legendary film, and this summer I was able to do a little bit of traveling Texas myself.


In August I made my annual summer trek to the hill country to see my last living aunt who is 92, and visited friends and family in the area. We woke up in the morning and had coffee while we fed the deer off of the back porch and talked about what lovely animals they are.


One special deer came up very close...


While driving through Dripping Springs, I saw this lovely pair of horses enjoying a summer nibble...


And I also attended the Blanco County Rodeo in August in Johnson City...


Where I took this blurry action shot of the legendary African-American Leon Coffee, a rodeo clown who has been entertaining audiences and challenging the roughest rodeo circuits for 44 years and counting...


Read more about wonderful Leon Coffee here and see some live action video: http://www.khou.com/entertainment/rodeo-houston/Rodeo-clown--196637291.html


The excitement of cowgirl heaven also reminds me that Hollywood stuntwoman Martha Crawford Cantarini will be visiting The Silver Screen Oasis this weekend, September 28th and 29th, to discuss her work for such luminaries as Jean Simmons, Rhonda Fleming, and Carroll Baker.


To learn more about Martha Crawford Cantarini, or learn about her autobiography, *Fall Girl: My Life as a Western Stunt Double,* visit us here:



Eleanor Parker and Martha Crawford Cantarini

Aren't they amazing?

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Miami, last year's Turner Classic Film Festival Announcement came on 9-25-2012, so we don't have much longer to wait. I just spoke with the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and they are warming up their reservation lists as I type. They are expecting formal reservations for the fest to commence by "sometime next week" at the latest. And there are thousands of us waiting for that heralded announcement! :-)

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Sue, I just found out I missed your birthday last week. I hope it was a great one.


I started out the spring hoping I could save enough each month to make it out there in April but after doing some realistic evaluation of my financial situation it will take a visit from the Prize Patrol or other such bolt of luck to be able to do it properly. Right now I don't have anything in my life that qualifies for a settlement as I did in 2011. Oh well like Rick and Paris I still have 2011.

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TCM is looking for the ultimate fan and also gave a big clue as to when the Festival is going to be:


As Turner Classic Movies (TCM) celebrates its 20th year as a leading authority in classic film, the network is launching TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest. TCM is calling for fans to submit videos of themselves introducing a favorite movie, much in the same way TCM hosts Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz introduce films on TCM. One entrant will then be chosen to win a trip to the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival and the chance to introduce a movie at the festival and co-host a film on-air.


TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest is one of several initiatives being rolled out during the buildup to TCM's 20th anniversary, which will take place in conjunction with 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival in April. "The biggest factor driving TCM's success over the past 20 years is the passion our fans have for classic film," said Jeff Gregor, general manager of Turner Classic Movies and chief marketing officer of TCM, TNT and TBS. "Through TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest, we're giving one member of the TCM community the chance to share his/her devotion to classic movies in a big way."


Fans who wish to participate in TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest should create a 90-second introduction to a classic film of their choice. Fans can create an introduction for a movie they've never seen before, or a beloved classic that can be introduced in a new way. Fans submitting videos are encouraged to be creative, informative and have some fun as they take on the role of a TCM host.


In order to be considered for TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest, videos must be submitted through online via http://fancontest.tcm.com between Oct. 1 and Oct. 31, 2013. Complete rules for the contest and detailed instructions regarding videos are included on the website, as well.


After the submission period closes, one winner chosen from eligible submissions will get the opportunity to co-host a film on-air with Robert Osborne and introduce a film at the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. Also included in the prize package is a trip for two to Hollywood for the festival, plus accommodations, a pair of festival passes and more.




Sounds like the Festival will be April 10th - 13th.

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Thank you, wouldbestar. You are so sweet! I appreciate the kind thoughts, and, yes, I am glad I met you in 2011. Think about creating a 90-second video for the contest!

Read lzcutter's earlier post.


Here's the link:http://news.turner.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=6486

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So, if everyone's paying close attention, since the 20th anniversary is on April 14th, that means the festival will be the weekend prior to that, April 10-13, and maybe the 14th too!


Here's an excerpt from the contest email lzcutter posted earlier:


TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest is one of several initiatives being rolled out during the buildup to TCM's 20th anniversary, which will take place in conjunction with 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival in April. "The biggest factor driving TCM's success over the past 20 years is the passion our fans have for classic film," said Jeff Gregor, general manager of Turner Classic Movies and chief marketing officer of TCM, TNT and TBS. "Through TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest, we're giving one member of the TCM community the chance to share his/her devotion to classic movies in a big way."

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Since the official festival announcement earlier today, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Reservations Desk has been busy. I just confirmed my reservations, and my agent said they are almost sold out. So if you want to stay at the HRH, you might want to call: 323-466-7000.


Personally, I'd like to thank everyone who has called and emailed me about the festival excitement! Time to recharge my phone already! :-)

The fever has started!


On another note, Hollywood stuntwoman Martha Crawford Cantarini's Guest Star visit at The Silver Screen Oasis has been postponed until next weekend, October 5 and 6, due to a death in her family.




Visit The Silver Screen Oasis here:


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Annie Laurie Starr,


How could you ever become mixed up with a no good loser like Barton Tare?


Then it started something that nobody could stop!


A road trip.....


A woman he would do anything for...and I mean anything!


That first touch, that moment of love?s first blush?.


The steamroller of passion. ?



If you love noir and want to indulge the hidden pulp-novel voyeur lurking around in your cinematic soul, check out Peggy Cummins and John Dall in Gun Crazy on Saturday during The Essentials on TCM. It's amazing what they did on the reported $400,000 budget, and if you've never seen it, it's a must!


Miss Cummins flew in from London for the TCM Film Festival 2012, and I hope she knows how much we appreciated it!


Tuesday evening's screening of *Gun Crazy* on May 16, 2012, on TCM was a delight, and Robert Osborne's introduction included comments that I heartily agreed with. When Peggy Cummins attended the Turner Classic Movies Festival 2012, Mr. Osborne stated that she was "beautiful, trim, and a great guest" and I completely concur. During my chats with Ms. Cummins, she revealed how she was still so personally surprised at the continued popularity of Gun Crazy, but was totally delighted about the fun she has had talking about it at festivals and screenings through the ensuing years since it?s first release.


At the 2012 festival, Ms. Cummins was bubbly, personable, and visited amicably with passholders, and always seemed to be cheerful and smiling every time I saw her (3 or 4 times). Film Noir Foundation CEO Eddie Muller interviewed Ms. Cummins prior to the screening of *Gun Crazy* at the 2012 festival.


Senior TCM Researcher Alexa Foreman, Miss Peggy Cummins, and TCM Talent Coordinator Darcy Hettrick at the closing party in Club TCM, 2012...




Pay special attention to the continuous long shot right before and during the robbery because it is amazing. And I read somewhere that Joseph Lewis, the director, wanted an actor who was openly homosexual as John Dall was in order to emphasize the ambiguity and emasculation of the character of Bart Tare. During the first few moments of *Gun Crazy* when Bart is out in the yard and shoots the BB gun, and the little chick falls over, it sets up the entire scenario that reveals that when he has a gun, he achieves the ultimate in masculine power. And if he reaches the pinnacle of macho, he needs a dangerous equal like Peggy Cummins as Annie Laurie Starr.


But I always enjoy watching John Dall because he seems as if he's concealing something that other characters present in his scenes never seem to realize, and he continually appears as if he knows the score, and everyone else is clueless. Ever notice all his screen moments in *Spartacus?* I can't help but watch his e-ver-y move. Even the role he played in *Rope* seems tailor made for his abilities.


So stay tuned Saturday night. A better "Bonnie and Clyde" noir just doesn't exist in classic filmdom.


Read more about Peggy Cummins here:


And John Dall here:





FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @suesueapplegate

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Cable One has dropped the Turner Classic Movies Channel in 19 states. Read all about it in Will McKinley's latest article on his Cinematically Insane Blog:



TCM fans can always express their displeasure to CABLE ONE, owned by the Washington Post Company, on their website:


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Create a ninety-second video If you want to be considered as TCM's Ultimate Fan and win the opportunity to host a film with Robert Osborne on the cable channel and enjoy the delights of the Turner Classic Film Festival where you will also be introducing a classic film in L.A.!


CONTEST RULES: http://fancontest.tcm.com/entries

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It's a lovely compilation of previous years' action, and TCM Message Boards beauty Theresa Madere is on the red carpet!




Highlights also include a multitude of passholders smiling and proudly displaying their passes. See if you are featured!


Original 2014 Festival Announcement: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/pdf/dates.pdf

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Rest in Peace, Mr. Lyles. I am very grateful I was able to meet you and visit with you in 2012


What a sad day! I loved hearing this man talk of the industry he so loved as he always did it with class and dwelt on the business rather than the scandals.


His article in *imdb* said he was also born in Jacksonville. At least one of us made it out there; I'd say it the right one.

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Wouldbestar, that was so sweet. :-)


And he did dwell on the positive, and was always fashionably attired with a stylish suit, a silk tie, and a smile!


If you haven't read Leonard Maltin's "Adios to A.C. Lyles" on his Indiewire blog, I think you'd enjoy it. Here's the link:


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Woody Strode fans shouldn't miss the fabulous, archived article posted by SSO Guest Author Dwayne Epstein *(Lee Marvin: Point Blank)* on his blog: http://pointblankbook.com/my-interview-with-the-late-great-woody-strode/#comment-473


Tomorrow and Sunday, October 5 & 6, author and Hollywood Stuntwoman Martha Crawford Cantarini visits The Silver Screen Oasis, so get ready, cowpokes, to canter around the cinematic corral as she discusses her book, *FALL GIRL: MY LIFE AS A WESTERN STUNT DOUBLE.*


Visit the Q & A here:http://silverscreenoasis.com/oasis3/viewtopic.php?f=99&t=6356


Read the announcement here: http://silverscreenoasis.com/oasis3/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=6343


Have you made your video for TCM's Ultimate Fan Contest? You could win a free trip to the Turner Classic Film Festival 2014 in LA in April and introduce a film with Robert Osborne!


Linktime: http://fancontest.tcm.com/

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The Baroness of Arizona (portrayed by the lovely Ellen Drew in the film *Baron of Arizona* )


Dona Sofia Micaela Maso Reavis y Peralta de la Cordoba....



Miss Ellen Drew



*The Baron of Arizona* was shot in 15 days! Vincent Price must have been busy because he is in almost every scene...


For more information about James Reavis, the real Baron of Arizona, follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Reavis


Don't miss *His Kind of Woman* tonight with Robert Mitchum, Vincent Price, and Jane Russell. Vincent Price is a hysterically hammy treasure.


"If you did a little sewing with that needle, you'd be a much happier woman!" is one of my favorite film quotes!


Also look for a young Mamie Van Doren!



Jane Russell sings an adorable song called "5 LIttle Miles From San Berdoo," and Mitchum says of her, "She's beautiful, and that's always interesting..."


I wish they'd show *His Kind of Woman* at the TCMFF 2014!

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Opening day for pass purchases began on Thursday, November 15, 2012, at noon, so opening day for pass purchasing for the Turner Classic Film Festival 2014 is coming up in little over a month, and it might even be November 1st. Previous pass holders usually receive an email reminding them of the upcoming day.


Here's a recap concerning prices and amenities:


The *Spotlight* Festival Pass: $1,599 ? Includes all privileges available to ?Classic? and ?Essential? passholders, priority entry to all screening events; plus entry to the exclusive Vanity Fair opening-night party following the red-carpet gala screening at TCL Chinese Theatre; meet-and-greet events with TCM friends, including Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz; and an official TCM Classic Film Festival poster signed by Osborne.


The *Essential* Festival Pass: $699 ? Includes all privileges available to ?Classic? passholders, plus entry to the opening-night red-carpet gala screening at TCL Chinese Theatre and official TCM Classic Film Festival collectibles.


The *Classic* Festival Pass: $549 ? Includes access to all film programs at festival venues Thursday, April 10 ? Sunday, April 13 (does not include admittance to the opening-night red-carpet gala screening at TCL Chinese Theatre or the Vanity Fair opening-night party); access to all Club TCM events, panels and poolside screenings at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel; an opening-night welcome reception at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel; the closing-night event; and a commemorative festival program.


The *Matinee* Festival Pass: $349 ? Includes access to all film programs starting prior to 6 p.m. (PT) at all festival venues Friday, April 11 ? Sunday, April 13; admission to Club TCM events and panels at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel until 6 p.m. daily, Friday, April 11 ? Sunday, April 13; and a commemorative festival program.


The *Palace* Festival Pass: $249 ? Includes access to all screenings and events at the TCL Chinese Theatre (excluding the opening-night red-carpet gala) and the Egyptian Theatre Friday, April 11 ? Sunday, April 13, as well as a commemorative festival program.



Maybe Robert Osborne's interview with Olivia de Havilland will have it's premiere screening at the festival! Classic film fans everywhere have been looking forward to the momentous chat since Mr. Osborne made the announcement in September!



Evidently their friendship has lasted a while...


Here's the festival promo video: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/714941/TCM-Classic-Film-Festival-2014-TCM-Original.html


If you are interested in Joan Fontaine's upcoming birthday tribute interview, follow the link to read her Q & A on October 22:



Latest Classic Film Book News:

Author Kendra Bean will visit The Silver Screen Oasis to discuss her book, *Vivien Leigh: An Intimate Portrait* beginning October 18:


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