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I, too, read a few months ago that Osborne was to travel to Paris and record an interview with De Havilland for TCM on Oct 23rd. But I've read nothing that confirms that the interview took place, and find it strange that it's not mentioned in the article about De Havilland possibly attending next year's festival. The same article that mentioned the interview also said that De Havilland had no intention of attending the festival, period, but she now seems to have had a change of heart. It may be the NY Post, but Lou Lumenick is highly respected, and quotes Osborne. I can't see him saying this unless Olivia was seriously considering attending. But the woman is 97 years old, and while she's apparently in good health at the moment, anything can happen over the next 6 months. I've never attended the festival before, but with GWTW, The Wizard of Oz, and the possibility of Olivia attending, it certainly seems like the year to go!

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It does seem, abudgell, that this would be the year to attend.


As for who is going to be a Guest Star at the festival, I would wait until an official announcement from TCM before shouting "Hallelujah, C'Mon Get Happy..."


While the author does quote Robert Osborne, and many TCM Festival participants are hopeful that Olivia de Havilland will attend, none of us really knows what will happen in 6 months.


When it is time to purchase passes, all we really are certain of are the films previously announced, and that we are loyal to TCM and trust them to prepare an entertaining group of screenings, panels, and events that will meet our interests and entertain us.


I personally have never been disappointed.


Cinecrazy, those are definitely theories! :-)

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>But I've read nothing that confirms that the interview took place,


The week of the interview, some of the TCM staffers and crew members who accompanied Robert O to Paris to tape the interview posted about being in Paris (some included photos) on Facebook.


So, it did take place.

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That's great news, lzcutter. Thanks for letting me know!


I really look forward to the interview. Olivia is an absolute favourite of mine.


Sue, you're absolutely right. I've never attended the festival before, so I'm hoping to fix that and attend the 2014 festival. :)


Edited by: abudgell on Nov 4, 2013 5:25 AM

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Cinecrazy, I'm chortling about Olivia and Joan fighting to inherit the tontine in *The Wrong Box*. Too funny.


Abudgell, I hope you'll come to the festival and have a great time. There are sure to be films, panel discussions, and other events which will appeal to you, and it's easy to chat with strangers in line or at Club TCM because you have a big common interest.

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Olivia has not been announced to participate in the cruise, and many of the Guest Stars on the cruise have participated in the Turner Classic Film Festival in some capacity like: Debbie Reynolds, the late great Ernest Borgnine, and more. If you have already paid to go on the cruise, I know you will have a wonderful time.

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King and Sue Sue:


Glad you guys got a chuckle with my warped sense of humor !!


As for the festival, I've always had a great time (have missed only one -- last year's) and have also been on one cruise. There is an instant rapport among the TCM fan community which is unlike anything either on television or, dare I say, in the film festival world. Anyone attending is sure to enjoy and want to come back !!


Crazy DC

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Kingrat, thank you very much, I hope I can attend, too!


I have a few friends that attend every year, and it would be nice to meet other classic film fans.


I'm really thinking I'll get a pass when they're on sale. Besides, I miss LA, which is one of my favourite cities.



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Evidently, TCMFF Guest Star Jane Withers has been cleaning her closet. Many items from her fabulous collection of memorabilia have been offered by Julien's auction house including such lovely costumes as Julie Andrew's wedding dress from *The Sound of Music,* Disney animation seriographs, celebrity signed posters and autographs, a check Clark Gable wrote for his gas bill, and former stripper Gypsy Rose Lee's fancy Art Deco toilet cover emblazoned with gold leaf swans.


Wither's purchased the cover for $160 from the estate sale of Miss Lee's personal effects in 1971 and stated at the auction that "I love the unusual." And it surely is!


Also included in the auction catalog are many Laurel and Hardy related items from the collection of Lois Laurel Hawes, Elizabeth Taylor clothes, jewelry, photos and kitsch, TCMFF 2010 Guest Star Esther Williams' swimsuits and ensembles, and fabulously stylish surprises from the estate of Miss Cyd Charisse.


Flip through the virtual catalog! It's so much fun:


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TCM Announcement:




Turner Classic Movies and Citi, Official Card of the TCM Classic Film Festival, are pleased to announce a limited quantity of 2014 Festival passes will be available for advance purchase for Citi cardmembers.


This online only presale is available exclusively through citiprivatepass.com from 10am (ET), Tuesday, November 12 until 10am (ET), Thursday, November 14, 2013.

Follow the link for access:



Last year it was possible to purchase a pass from the website with any credit card or check card, but I am unsure if this will be true for 2014 passes.


To purchase during this presale Citi cardmembers should visit citiprivatepass.com, find the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival page, and click through the special storefront. As pass quantities for this exclusive presale are limited, we encourage Citi cardmembers to act quickly to purchase their pass(es).


As a reminder, passes go on sale to the public at 12pm noon (ET), Thursday, November 14, 2013 at tcm.com/festival.

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Hmnnnn...What will the Gala Premiere Screening be on Thursday night?


Anyone see CBS SUNDAY MORNING today? Maybe Anjelica Huston will return to the TCMFF 2014 to introduce a family-themed movie and sign her new book:http://www.amazon.com/Story-Lately-Told-Coming-Ireland/dp/1451656297/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1384112673&sr=1-1


Or possibly Kendra Bean might attend to sign her new book about Vivien Leigh since *Gone With The Wind* has been announced for a screening: http://www.amazon.com/Vivien-Leigh-Intimate-Kendra-Bean/dp/0762450991/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1384112844&sr=1-1&keywords=kendra+bean


Lots of possibilities, and lots of announcements to come...

so don't forget to have fun thinking about it!

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Here's my latest blog entry about fabulous character actress Florence Bates who appeared in *Rebecca* as Mrs. Van Hopper, and other films like *A Letter to Three Wives, Saratoga Trunk, I Remember Mama,* and many more: http://suesueapplegate.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/florence-bates-its-a-grand-feeling/


I was able to interview Florence Bates' granddaughter and great-granddaughter, comedian Rachel Hamilton. Enjoy!


Maybe one of Florence Bates' films will be featured at the Turner Classic Film Festival in 2014.


Don't forget to have fun!

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Life is good, this morning purchased my pass and am looking forward to seeing old & new friends alike, we are that rare breed that truly understands and appreciates the classic film. See you in April, and wouldn't it be an honor and a privilege if our wishes come true and Olivia De Havilland returns to Hollywood once more.

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Yes, WRJ, life is indeed good! I hope to see you there, too!


This just in from TCM's Genevieve McGillicuddy concerning the Thursday night premiere:


"While our opening night film is still to be determined, our programming team is very excited about what they are working on for the Opening Night event. However, as with any large event, several pieces need to fall into place (I'm sure you know.). It may be some time before we are able to confirm and announce what the program will be.


I am sorry that I don't have more information to share, but we are hard at work to ensure that Opening Night will be just as special as our last four....


I appreciate your sharing this--definitely want to alleviate any concerns if we can, and inform."


Thank you, Genevieve! We appreciate your comments. :-)

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Follow the link to purchase yours: http://festival.tcm.com/tcm/


There are several different types of passes to purchase for the festival, and each one offers a different level of accessibility to events and screenings. Read more about each one on the festival website by clicking on the link above.



They are on sale right now!


Choose from the following:


Spotlight: $1599

Essential: $699

Classic: $549

Matinee: $349

Palace: $249

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Great news, Rhonda! I'll see you there!


Izcutter, I cannot believe that Essential passes are sold out already! It hasn't even been 24 hours since they have gone on sale to the public, and it's been about 55 hours since the Citibank site began selling passes. Wow!


And there's a new promo video for the TCMFF 2014: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/714941/TCM-Classic-Film-Festival-2014-TCM-Original-.html

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Sue, you wrote Lynn:

Izcutter, I cannot believe that Essential passes are sold out already! It hasn't even been 24 hours since they have gone on sale to the public, and it's been about 55 hours since the Citibank site began selling passes. Wow!


I'm not after seeing that great promo that's been running lately. I'm betting all passes will be snapped up before long. I wish one could be mine but the "Prize Patrol" lost my address and my lawyer says I can't get away with going and declaring bankruptacy afterwards. I know it will be great festival.


Is that "Scotchie" on the runway in that beautiful long beige gown? I'll bet people are wondering who that "Star" is.

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Yes, our "Scotchie" is the gorgeous gal on the runway in the first festival promo this year!


Miss Butterscotchgreer....


I wish you could be there, too, but I'll try to chime in with reports from time to time at the festival this year. I am so glad we got to meet in 2011!

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First, on *The Essentials* tonight with Robert Osborne and Drew Barrymore, it's 1939's *The Women* with Norma Shearer, Paulette Goddard, Rosalind Russel, and Joan Fontaine.



And the second cat fight of the night! Tah-dah....tah-dah! One of my guiilty pleasures, 1956's *THE OPPOSITE SEX!* Watch June Allyson be horribly miscast, but sweet! See Leslie Nielsen struggle not to say "And don't call me Shirley!"



A little Gownzo journalism...


Watch Dolores Gray turn down a full-course meal in lieu of watercress! Luxuriate as gorgeous gals parade around in stylish Helen Rose gowns! Carolyn Jones buying "oats for a dead horse!" Gladys Pearce revealing more secrets than just the popularity of 'Jungle Red,' Ann Miller at her cutest, Agnes Morehead at her most fashionable, Joan Collins cutting her 'Alexis Colby' teeth on Joan Crawford's role in *The Women,* and sexy former baseball player Jeff Richards singing Western swing...


Yes, Ma'am!

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Photo courtesay of USA Today


TCM host Robert Osborne presents Angela Lansbury with her honorary Oscar: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/governors-awards-a-moving-affair-656780



"Sue Sue" book news: Author Christna Rice visits The Silver Screen Oasis to discuss her biography of Ann Dvorak: http://silverscreenoasis.com/oasis3/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=6411


"Sue Sue" blog recommendation: Check out the fabulous articles posted during the "What A Character!" Blogathon if you love reading about character actors and actresses: http://aurorasginjoint.com/2013/11/06/what-a-character-blogathon-schedule/


Over 40 of your favorites: Edward Arnold, Florence Bates, Jane Darwell, Lionel Jeffries, Martin Balsam, Jesse Royce Landis, Edward Everett Horton, and many more are featured!

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