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Tiffany Vasquez!


Tiffany introduced *Naked City*(1948), directed by Jules Dassin and narrated by Mark Hellinger, starring Barry Fitzgerald, Howard Duff, Don Taylor, and Dorothy Hart. Tiffany was fascinated with Naked City because it was filmed on location in all five boroughs in New York City!



Comments from TCM on the site:


Judges were impressed with Tiffany's content, staging and creative use of effects, which resulted in the video looking like the movie she discussed. As the grand prize winner, Tiffany will have the opportunity to co-host a film on air with TCM host Robert Osborne, as well as introduce a film at the TCM Classic Film Festival in April 2014.


The response to this contest was tremendous, and the panel of judges was thrilled to see the passion and creativity of TCM fans. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to Tiffany!


Congratulations on a job well done! :-)


FESTIVAL NEWS: Essential Passes have been sold out for several days, and Spotlight Passes are no longer available on the website, but you can call the Festival Box Office at 877-826-5764 M-F from 10 am to 5 pm (ET).


I am wondering when they will formally announce the 20 Guest Programmers. I have been so lucky to meet so many wonderful people from around the world who have attended the festival in the last 4 years.


Maybe someone I've met or written about will be one of the lucky 20.... :-)

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I got my matinee pass, wish it was more but circumstances won't allow this year. Last year was my first year and I did standby(i live local), that was brutal. Never knew if you'd get in after a long wait.


I cannot wait to go and hear what films will be presented. So fun

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"Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Cary Grant...even Bogart...all played themselves. I always played the character." - Fredric March


Fredric March was a leading figure on stage and screen for half a century, yet only recently has author Charles Tranberg produced the kind of biography that this actor deserved. On Sat., Nov 23 and Sun. Nov. 24, The Silver Screen Oasis will have the pleasure of discussing his book, *Fredric March: A Consummate Actor,* published by Bear Manor, with the author.




Remarkably versatile, and able to play both drama and comedy with style and skill, March was a leading man whose career began on film at the end of the silent era with The Dummy in 1929 and ended with his appearance in The Iceman Cometh in 1973. In between those appearances, March's best remembered films include *Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Death Takes a Holiday, Design For Living, Les Miserables, A Star is Born, Nothing Sacred, One Foot in Heaven, The Adventures of Mark Twain, The Best Years of Our Lives, Death of a Salesman* and *Inherit the Wind.* Along the way he was nominated five times for an Academy Award and won the coveted statuette twice. On stage, he earned two Tony Awards, for his work in *The Skin of Our Teeth* and for the role of his lifetime in Eugene O'Neill's *Long Day?s Journey Into Night*?winning two Tony Awards and earning another nomination for his role in *Gideon*.


Despite a working schedule that never seemed to ease, March also found time to be an active American citizen, eventually facing criticism from those who felt that his early work against Fascism was ill-advised and later he and his wife Florence Eldridge fought against unfounded accusations in Red Channels during the HUAC years. A remarkably full life, and an intriguing individual whose own personality seems to have eluded detection thanks to his many varied roles.


Charles Tranberg's six well-researched previous books spotlighted little-known corners of entertainment figures' lives in *I Love the Illusion: The Life and Career of Agnes Moorehead, Not so Dumb: The Life and Career of Marie Wilson, Fred MacMurray: A Biography, The Thin Man Films: Murder over Cocktails, Robert Taylor: A Biography[*/b] and *Walt Disney and Recollections of the Disney Studios 1955-1980.*


For those of us who feel we "know" Fredric March and especially those who have only recently discovered this actor, please accept this invitation to join us to discuss this gifted actor with the author here on 11/23 and 11/24.


After all, as Fredric March once said,


"Keep interested in others; keep interested in the wide and wonderful world. Then in a spiritual sense you will always be young."



Follow the link to THE SILVER SCREEN OASIS: http://silverscreenoasis.com/oasis3/index.php


To read an archived blog on the MOVIE MORLOCKS with author Charles Tranberg concerning his Agnes Moorehead biography, follow the link: http://moviemorlocks.com/2008/12/10/5687/



wittc1, Glad you will be able to attend this year! It will be so much fun! :-)

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Well, just finished having a wonderful discussion with a festival friend and we were still trying to determine what film might be the opening night premiere for the TCMFF 2014. We reminded ourselves that all of the opening night films had been musicals filmed in color:


2010- *A Star is Born*

2011- *An American in Paris*

2012- *Cabaret*

2013- *Funny Girl*

2014- ?????


Possibilities we discussed:


Shirley Jones and *Oklahoma* (and Jones could have a book signing)

Shirley Temple Black and one of her musicals (in color)


Possibilities I just thought of after our phone call(and some are just plain silly):


Stella Stevens and Leslie Parrish in *Lil'Abner* (then Angela Lansbury and Parrish could also introduce *The Manchurian Candidate*, but unlikely)


Shirley MacLaine in *Sweet Charity*


Liza Minelli and/or Lorna Luft introducing *Meet Me in St. Louis* (always a crowd-pleaser)


Olivia de Havilland and *Gone With The Wind* (not a musical, so maybe

it's an unlikely choice)


Joan Collins and Barrie Chase in *The Opposite Sex* ( very unlikely, but

I can always give it a plug! :-) )


Rock Brynner and Rita Moreno and *The King and I*


Doris Day and *Calamity Jane* (unlikely because of Day's reluctance to appear in public)


*Annie* and members of the Huston family with Aileen Quinn, Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters and Tim Curry ( unlikely because it does not seem to be a popular choice of pass holders.)


Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in *Mary Poppins* (50th anniversary)**


Ann-Margret and *Viva Las Vegas*


Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor in *Sunday in New York* (unlikely as it isn't a musical, just great Peter Nero tunes and score)


Angela Lansbury and *The Harvey Girls*


Maybe this could be the year of the three Shirleys...Jones, MacLaine, and Temple Black?


Other screenings that I might like to see :


Dwayne Epstein, author of *Lee Marvin: Point Blank* and any Marvin film like *The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance* or *Operation Pacific*


Author Carl Rollyson and any Dana Andrews' film


Author Charles Tranberg and any Frederic March film


Author Kendra Bean and any Vivien Leigh film


Mick La Salle and any precode


Rachel Hamilton and any Florence Bates' film


*Fun Fact: Out of the four films chosen for the premieres since 2010, Gene Kelly was connected to two of them: *An American in Paris* and *Hello, Dolly.* And LIza Minnelli was connected with the other two, one by performance, and the other by arrival. :-)


Whatever the final choice is, we are all sure to have some fabulous fun!


**Here's a link to *Mary Poppins* star Karen Dotrice discussing the fact that she'd never seen the entire film: http://arts.nationalpost.com/2013/11/21/mary-poppins-child-star-karen-dotrice-finally-sees-entire-film-50-years-after-its-release/

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The matinee pass is great! I've done classic (first year), matinee (second year), then standby (third year), and standby again. The matinee pass was perfect. I got into the smaller theaters and had somewhere to sit in between flicks (Club TCM). Yes, I felt left out of evening events and had to pay standby for a couple of night flicks I refused to miss, but my days were much easier than the two years I did standby.


The one huge benefit to the Classic pass is getting to go to the opening reception in Club TCM the first night. Not the gala. Just the opening "Welcome" shindig. It's a good party! And, if you want to do EVERY time slot, as I did the first year, it was great to be able to hang in Club TCM until the midnight showings. Otherwise, I know for sure you will find the matinee pass a serious improvement from standby.


Have fun!

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Thank you, FredericMarchFan!


Yes, the first get-together in Club TCM is always fun! I love meeting folks there that I haven't seen since the last festival, and there is always a fabulous photo op somewhere waiting for just the right lens! :-)


If you have not yet had a chance to read the marvelous Q & A with author Charles Tranberg concerning his new book, *Frederic March: A Consummate Actor,* I urge you to visit The Silver Screen Oasis: http://silverscreenoasis.com/oasis3/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=6420

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Hi Sue Sue and all,


After reading Lou Lumenick's article in the New York Post, I think TCM is hoping that the opening night film will be Gone with the Wind IF they can get Olivia. And at 97 years of age, she probably wouldn't commit to going until February or March. If she can't, they probably have a back up. But of course this is all pure speculation on my part, but it would be a total dream come true for me to see her introduce GWTW.


I LOVE the idea of Shirley Temple Black. It would be another dream come true!



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Andy, lots of folks are hoping Olivia de Havilland will be part of the 2014 festival!


Having Shirley Temple introduce one of her films would also be a dream come true for many of us. I think this year's festival is going to be a blast. Since it is the 20th anniversary of the channel and also the 5th festival, there will be lots of surprise screenings and plenty of special guests to make the price of admission worthwhile. Hope to see you there, Andy!


Bonham's Auction Update: $4,085,000.00 for THE FALCON! WOW!

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  • 2 weeks later...

With Suex2 enjoying a travel day, she asked that I post this latest update announcement for the TCM 2014 Film Festival:


TCM will pay tribute to one of the entertainment industry's most celebrated figures ? Quincy Jones ? during the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival next spring. Jones will appear at multiple events during the festival, including a 50th anniversary screening of Sidney Lumet's powerful drama *The Pawnbroker* (1964), which marked Jones' debut as a film composer. Entering its fifth year, the TCM Classic Film Festival will take place April 10-13, 2014, in Hollywood. The star-studded event will coincide with TCM's 20th anniversary as a leading authority in classic film.


In addition to the Quincy Jones tribute, the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival will feature three world premiere restorations. The slate includes two movies considered to be among the greatest films noir ever made: Billy Wilder's *Double Indemnity* (1944), which will be celebrating its 70th anniversary, and Orson Welles' *Touch of Evil* (1958). Also joining the festival lineup is the world premiere restoration of William Wyler's Best Picture Oscar? winner *The Best Years of Our Lives* (1946).


Previously announced films on the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival lineup include the recently restored *Gone with the Wind* (1939) and a presentation of *The Wizard of Oz* (1939) in its stunning new IMAX? 3D format. Both films are celebrating their 75th anniversaries in 2014. The festival will also include a screening of the Harold Lloyd comedy classic *Why Worry?* (1923), with legendary silent-film composer Carl Davis conducting the live world premiere performance of his new original score.

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This is fantastic news. I've never seen *The Pawnbroker*. The opportunity to see versions of *Double Indemnity*, *Touch of Evil*, and *The Best Years of Our Lives* as good as you'll ever see. Wow!


I usually go for the obscure films that are announced at the last minute. There may be even more agonizing choices to make this year than usual.

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Kingrat said:

"This is fantastic news. I've never seen *The Pawnbroker.* The opportunity to see versions of *Double Indemnity,* *Touch of Evil,* and *The Best Years of Our Lives* as good as you'll ever see. Wow!"


And I couldn't agree more, Kingrat!

Thank you, lzcutter, for updating everyone while I had my travel days! :-)


This weekend I was lucky enough to visit the inner sanctum at Turner Studios...


And spend the day in the Turner Classic Movies' studio....


So I will be able to write about my day with Ben Mankiewicz and his crew while they film some of his segments for our favorite channel....


More about my adventures a little bit later, after some of my work obligations have been attended to...



The latest Robert Osborne news from Stephen Whitty at *The Star Ledger* at NJ.com:



(Mr. O. is currently aboard the USS TCM powered by Steamboat Willie...)


Don't forget to have fun! :-)

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It's a lovely tribute, and I enjoyed the set they used with the theater, and the long hallways and the photos. The music really set the mood, and it's entitled "In the Embers" by Sleeping At Last.


Some of the folks featured in the tribute include Eleanor Parker, who just recently passed away in Palm Springs, TCM friends Esther Williams and Ernest Borgnine, Eileen Brennan, Karen Black, and Julie Harris.


Here's the TCM Media Room link: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/935327/TCM-Remembers-2013-TCM-Original-.html

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Though there has been formal announcement from TCM, over on Facebook, there is talk (more than speculation and rumor apparently) that Jerry Lewis (who had to cancel his appearance at the first FF) will be one of the in-person guests at the 2014 FF.


Perhaps to intro *The Nutty Professor* or *King of Comedy* ?

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Yes, lzcutter, it does seem that Jerry Lewis may be one of the guests at this year's festival according to that report. I know that many of his fans were disappointed when he wasn't able to attend the first festival.


And this has indeed been a sad week for classic film fans.


I was lucky to meet Peter O'Toole and his daughter, Kate, at the 2011 TCM Film Festival and told him how much I admired his acting and his body of work, and Mr. O'Toole shook my hand. Both he and his daughter were very gracious to me and other festival fans who were privileged enough to meet them. All festival pass holders in 2011 also had the opportunity to see Mr. O'Toole's footprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.


Here is the Daily Mail link for his obituary : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2524166/Peter-OToole-dies-81-Film-legend-Hollywood-hellraiser-shot-fame-Lawrence-Arabia-suffered-long-illness.html


Link to the Promo for Peter O'Toole's Interview with Robert Osborne at the 2011 TCM Film Festival: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/481582/Peter-O-Toole-TCM-Promo-Live-From-The-TCM-Classic-Film-Festival.html

No word yet on when TCM will honor Peter O'Toole...



Audrey Totter, femme fatale of classic noir films, passed away on Thursday, December 12th: http://variety.com/2013/film/people-news/actress-audrey-totter-femme-fatale-of-classsic-noir-films-dies-at-94-1200957115/



Also, Eleanor Parker's legacy will be honored on Tuesday, December 17th, with several films during the day:


5:00 AM

*The Very Thought Of You (1944)*


6:45 AM

*Of Human Bondage (1946)*


8:45 AM

*The Woman In White (1948)*


10:45 AM

*Caged (1950)*


12:30 PM

*Scaramouche (1952)*


2:30 PM

*Interrupted Melody (1955)*


4:15 PM

*Home From The Hill (1960)*


And a link to her obituary in the L.A. Times: http://www.latimes.com/obituaries/la-me-eleanor-parker-20131210,0,454195.story#axzz2nbBrBujO




Joan Fontaine's obituary:




No word yet on when Miss Fontaine will be honored on TCM...


More later....

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This just in from the Turner Newsroom:


*TCM to Remember Joan Fontaine and Peter O'Toole*

*with Programming Tributes Dec. 29*


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will pay tribute to Oscar? winner Joan Fontaine and eight-time Oscar? nominee and honorary Academy Award? recipient Peter O'Toole with tributes on Sunday, Dec. 29.


The Fontaine collection features *Blonde Cheat (1938), The Women (1939), Born To Be Bad (1950), Ivanhoe (1952),* Fontaine's Oscar-nominated roles in *The Constant Nymph (1943)* and *Rebecca (1940),* and her Oscar-winning performance in *Suspicion (1940).*


In the evening, TCM will pay tribute to O'Toole with his Oscar-nominated performances in *Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969)* and *My Favorite Year (1982).* Also featured will be a special encore telecast of Peter O'Toole: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival, a one-hour extended interview with TCM host Robert Osborne taped before a live audience at the 2011 TCM Classic Film Festival.


In addition to TCM's on-air tributes, short memorial videos are available on the TCM website and YouTube channel:


TCM Remembers Joan Fontaine

TCM Media Room: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/938673/Joan-Fontaine-TCM-Original-TCM-Remembers.html

TCM YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/KEGoH5QcnEg


TCM Remembers Peter O'Toole

TCM Media Room: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/938676/Peter-OToole-TCM-Original-TCM-Remembers.html

TCM YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/lRjITqahTbA


The following is the complete lineup for TCM's on-air tributes to Joan Fontaine and Peter O'Toole:


Sunday, Dec. 29

All times are ET/PT.


TCM Remembers Joan Fontaine

6:30 a.m. ? Blonde Cheat (1938)

7:45 a.m. ? The Women (1939)

10:15 a.m. ? Born to Be Bad (1950)

Noon ? Ivanhoe (1952)

2 p.m. ? The Constant Nymph (1943)

4 p.m. ? Suspicion (1941)

5:45 p.m. ? Rebecca (1940)


TCM Remembers Peter O?Toole

8 p.m. ? Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Midnight ? Peter O'Toole: Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival (2011)

1 a.m. ? Goodbye Mr. Chips (1969)

3:45 a.m. ? My Favorite Year (1982)


THE TCM REMEMBERS (2013) has been updated to include Peter O'Toole, Joan Fontaine, Audrey Totter, Tom Laughlin, and Jean Kent.

Gracious thanks to the TCM team!


Review it here:




TCM REMEMBERS ELEANOR PARKER: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FsyHrxPR7r0


TCM REMEMBERS JOAN FONTAINE: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KEGoH5QcnEg


TCM REMEMBERS PETER O'TOOLE: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lRjITqahTbA

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