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Bo Hopkins from "American Graffiti" smiles and chats with some of the media personnel. He is still a sweetheart, ladies! :-)


All photos by Sue Sue....


More later, friends.. The USPS Stamp Ceremony honoring Charlton Heston is about to begin in the TCL Chinese Theatre. Ben Mankiewicz is hosting Director Fraser Heston, and Heston's wife Lydia. More later....

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Have been immersed in movies and everything TCM since Thursday and this is the first chance I have had to come up for air!


Lots of stories to tell if I can decipher all my notes!


And some pictures to share!


But, that will be during the week as I have to get ready to head to Hollywood for the last day of the Fest!


Stay tuned and watch this space!!!!

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Ben Mankiewicz seemed like he was everywhere at the festival...


Group photo with the Going to TCM Festival social page members...



With Texas passholder Theresa Madere in Club TCM...



Interviewing passholders by the pool...



At the stamp ceremony...


With Alec Baldwin...

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Jerry Lewis' Footprint Ceremony on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. in the forecourt of the TCL Chinese Theatre...


Illeana Douglas greets Robert Osborne as Ben Mankiewicz looks on.


Robert Osborne introduced Quentin Tarantino, who extolled Jerry's virtues, before Jerry Lewis arrived on the stage.





With Quentin Tarantino...



With Richard Lewis and Illeana Douglas....



Guest with Ben Mankiewicz and Illeana Douglas...



George Schlatter (Laugh-In!)



TCM General Manager Jeff Gregor and Senior Vice President Dennis Adamovich...


(All photos by Sue Sue)

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I'm just settling in from my wonderful TCMFF 2014 festival trip and a jaunt to Palm Springs, and I'll begin posting soon. In the meantime, savvy TCM Message Board members will love lzcutter's fabulous accounts on her Festival Forums thread here: http://forums.tcm.com/index.php?/topic/44242-seen-and-heard-on-the-blvd-of-dreams/

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I was thrilled to meet actress Carol Arthur, widow of comedic actor Dom DeLuise, at Friday night's screening of Blazing Saddles. Both Arthur and DeLuise appeared in Mel Brooks' iconic western satire, and Arthur was introduced by Mel Brooks at the screening.


Here's my latest article about Carol at the screening: http://www.examiner.com/article/actress-carol-arthur-attends-sceening-of-blazing-saddles-at-tcmff-2014



Dom and Carol at a screening in Hollywood...



Slim Pickens and Dom DeLuise in a scene from Blazing Saddles....



Carol with Dom and their three sons...



Dom DeLuise with sons Peter, David, and Michael...

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Miss Applegate.. you really got some good shots of all the folks "hanging out" there at the festival. So many smiling faces. And I never ceased to be amazed at how you are able to get a chance to meet so many of the people who are a part of the festival too.. especially the celebrities! Way cool. 

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Pass holders waiting in line for Robert Osborne's Q & A/Surprise Tribute...imagejpg13_zps5ad7a588.jpg





All these lovely folks from all over the US, Canada, and a few European countries were enthusiastic and excited about the advertised question and answer session to take place with Robert Osborne at 2 p.m. Friday at the Montalban Theatre. Little did they all know that they would be treated to a star-studded spectacular and the first version of "Robert Osborne, This is your life!" TCM is planning to air selected excerpts from the surprise tribute at a later date.


TCM's Tom Brown warmed up the audience, had us all smiling, and then Robert Osborne arrived!



Alex Trebek preparing to spring the surprise....


Alex Trebek was the first surprise guest to grace the stage, and comments by Osborne pals like Eva Marie Saint, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John, Diane Baker, Michael Feinstein (tinkling the ivories with Robert Osborne's favorite song,"The More I See You,"), Alec Baldwin, Osborne's cousin Susan and family members from all over the US, Tom Barbon (Osborne's first director) TCM Senior Researcher Alexa Foreman, and many other members of the TCM family paid tribute and toasted to Robert Osborne's career.


Video tributes from Cher and Bill Cosby were charming, and the funniest moment was a series of clips of Osborne on the TCM set trying to say " La Cienega, " but he finally gave up and just said "Hollywood" or "LA." Everyone laughed at this cute montage of clips.


Alex and Alec teased Robert about "What is my name? Alec or Alex?" and obviously Osborne was tickled about the joke at his expense. Eva Marie Saint turned the tables on Robert, as he tried to discuss her fabulous career, and she wouldn't let him! Saint continued to extoll Osborne's virtues even though he tried to divert attention from himself. It was obvious that he was surprised by all the attention from his Hollywood "insider" pals, his TCM family, TCM General Manager Jeff Gregor, and Osborne's extended family as he was truly honored by all the surprises.


Another nice TCM 'touch' included a glass of sparking apple juice for every audience member so that they could join in the toast!


All these sweet pass holders thoroughly enjoyed the initial moments when questions were really answered by Robert, and were just as surprised as Osborne at all the special guests. I know I was! :-)


Enjoy John Wayne films all day and night on TCM this lovely Tuesday!

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The Red Carpet fan gallery clamoring, clicking, and calling out "We love you, Shirley!" as TCM's Tom Brown does the introduction honors. A moment later, Jones entered the TCL Chinese Theatre for her interview with Robert Osborne to introduced the restoration of "Oklahoma!" on the big screen....

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Ginger Rogers passed away 19 years ago today, and her hilariously memorable performance in "The Major and The Minor" is the reason this column has been named "Sue Sue Applegate." Her character in the film was named " Susan "Su-Su" Kathleen Applegate, and I added an "e" so as not to infringe on any copyrights to the official character name.


I was lucky enough to see Miss Rogers performing in Houston at a dinner theatre, and she was still a triple threat in her 60s: singing, dancing, and acting!

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Thank you so much, Miss Lavenderblue!


Here are some more photos from the Red Carpet Rumba prior to the Gala Restoration screening of "Oklahoma" in the TCL Chinese Theatre where Robert Osborne interviewed Shirley Jones...



Margaret O'Brien, who attended the festival to introduce "Meet Me In St. Louis," was very popular on the red carpet...



Ms. O'Brien was kind enough to autograph my original sheet music from 1942's "Meet Me in St. Louis" when I ran into her in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Lobby. Thank you, Ms. O'Brien! :-)



Robert Osborne pal Diane Baker, who chairs programs at San Francisco's Academy of Art and is executive director of Motion Pictures and Television, jokes with a reporter as Alec Baldwin is in the background...



Arts Meme journalist Debra Levine and Oscar-winner George Chakiris...



Elizabeth and Richard Sherman are a delightful couple, and spent quality time with media on the red carpet. They "loved" being at the festival. Sherman was a special guest at the screening of Mary Poppins. The film "Saving Mr. Banks" chronicled some of the struggles Walt Disney experienced in ushering Poppins to the screen, and featured the Sherman brothers' contributions in the creation of the iconic film. Richard Sherman spent a lovely hour in Club TCM playing songs he created from "Mary Poppins," "Winnie The Pooh," and "The Jungle Book," as well as Annette Funicello's first big hit, "Tall Paul." Sue Sue votes Mr. Sherman as the energizer bunny of the TCMFF 2014!



Charles Tabesh (Senior VP of Programming), Dennis Adamovich (Senior VP of Digital Activation), Oscar-winning actress Shirley Jones, TCM General Manager Jeff Gregor, and Genevieve McGillicuddy (Managing Director of the TCM Film Festival) in their best Red Carpet poses....


(All photos courtesy of Sue Sue...)

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Dallas communications scion Merrie Spaeth said she was "thrilled" to be invited to help introduce her one and only film, "The World of Henry Orient," with Paula Prentiss, still loves living in Dallas, and was accompanied by her daughter on the TCMFF 2014 Red Carpet...

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Delightful Ultimate Fan Tiffany Vasquez was excited about being at the festival to introduce "Naked City," the film she described in her prize-winning entry to the TCM Ultimate Fan Video contest in October. Her vintage gown is just as adorable as she is!

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Lovely choreographer Miriam Nelson was all smiles and hung out at the Vanity Fair party after the screening of "Oklahoma!" with Elizabeth and Richard Sherman. Nelson's film choreography is included in movies like "Cat Ballou," "A New Kind of Love," "Picnic," and many more...



Here's Miriam Nelson's website: http://www.miriamnelson.net

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Here's a recap of some of the Red Carpet Revelers at the TMCFF 2014: http://www.examiner.com/list/top-red-carpet-revelers-at-april-s-turner-classic-film-festival



(Photo courtesy of Sue Sue)


Some gallery members waited in line for two hours in order to secure a seat at the end of the runway...



(Photo courtesy of Sara Henriksson)


Tom Brown, delightful Director of Original Programming, interviewed celebrity guests like Kim Novak, Shirley Jones, and Illeana Douglas in front of the fan gallery at the end of the Red Carpet...

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