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The Silver Screen Oasis is pleased to announce an online visit by Dan Van Neste on August 26th & 27th to discuss his latest book, THE MAGNIFICENT HEEL: THE LIFE & FILMS OF RICARDO CORTEZ.


Well-researched and revelatory, that author has brought a very private individual and versatile actor out of the shadows. Van Neste's portrait of Ricardo Cortez has been greeted with appreciative reviews such as one noting that this "is a book based on many years of dedicated research in which Van Neste contacted not only the last surviving relative of the actor but also diligently explored newspaper and entertainment archives to provide as comprehensive a picture of this neglected actor."


"His Face Is His Misfortune" wailed a headline in a 1929 copy of Picture-Play magazine about the darkly handsome Ricardo Cortez. "A second-rate Valentino" was one of the labels pasted on the actor and "a magnificent heel" was the take of one perceptive reviewer in 1934, when Cortez began the phase of his career as an elegant heavy. Washed up, limited, and stereotyped as he was so often told during his bits, supporting roles and leading man periods of his career from Silents to the Sixties, Jacob Krantz aka Ricardo Cortez proved himself repeatedly to be more versatile and highly capable of negotiating the changing demands of a career in Hollywood. First chosen as one of a squad of actors with Mediterranean names in competition with Valentino, (his screen name was chosen by Jesse Lasky & his secretary), and blooming into a dangerous character in the Pre-Code era, Cortez's career was remarkable for its longevity and for his relative obscurity today...




In his new book, "The Magnificent Heel: The Life and Films of Ricardo Cortez" (BearManor Media), author Dan Van Neste weaves the story of this individual into a highly enjoyable read that limns a life and a period we may never see again. Remarkably, the author does this at a time when almost all who knew Cortez are gone, but his impeccable research and keen eye for a telling anecdote brings the life and times of a relatively forgotten professional actor into high relief.


The rich tale of Cortez harks back to a time when he co-starred with Garbo, Stanwyck, Mary Astor, Kay Francis, and Irene Dunne, among many others. His directors included such masters as D.W. Griffith, Frank Capra, Gregory La Cava, and John Ford, all of whom were generally acknowledged as astute individuals when casting their films. Dan's latest book has been described by Film International as "a significant achievement. . . " and a book that fills "a void in film history" by Silents Are Golden.


Dan Van Neste, the author of over 50 articles related to film history featuring figures from Aline MacMahon to Zachary Scott, published in the pages of Classic Images and Films of the Golden Age. He is also the author of The Whistler: Stepping Into the Shadows, a comprehensive account of the noir series, that features Dan's extensive accounts of each film in the series as well as biographies of the filmmakers.


Please accept this as your invitation to join us in this online event on August 26th & 27th at The Silver Screen Oasis where you can ask the author questions directly (simple registration is all that is required to post a query or comment).


The links below will lead you to the site, as well as to Dan Van Neste's website and places to purchase his books:

The Silver Screen Oasis Guest Authors' Index:


Dan Van Neste's Website:


Where to Purchase The Magnificent Heel: The Life and Films of Ricardo Cortez:? See below:





TCMFF 2018 UPDATES MAY BE COMING THIS WEEK! Be on alert if you wish to make hotel reservations.

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Just want to let everyone know that I am ok. I appreciate all the texts, calls and emails. (I am about a 25-minute drive from downtown Houston.)


I deeply appreciate all the concern. Please pray for all the folks who have lost their homes, and have had their lives devastated by this storm.




"Sue Sue"

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Country: United States, Brand: TCM | Properties: TCM Classic Film Festival

TCM sets April 26 - 29, 2018 for ninth annual TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood


Festival to explore "Powerful Words: The Page On-screen"


TCM Primetime Host Ben Mankiewicz, Saturday Daytime Host Tiffany Vazquez, VIP guests and classic movie fans from around the globe will gather for the ninth annual TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.


Many of the festival's panels, screenings, and events will revolve around the Festival's theme, Powerful Words:

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It won't be long until we will be purchasing our passes for the TCM Film Festival 2018. This is Aileen, a TCM fan from Tampa, Florida, whom I'd met on the Wednesday afternoon get together before last year's festival. She says she ALWAYS reads Sue Sue's columns! We're hanging out at the Hollywood Roosevelt Pool Bar, and as Jane Austen would write, "There are lots of friends to be met!"


Backdrop for the excitement in Club TCM featuring highlighted character from films screened in 2018....


This year's theme is Powerful Words: The Page Onscreen- Writing focuses visions, reflects our feelings and inspires great performances on both sides of the camera. Join us for the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival, celebrating the representation of the written word on the silver screen. From original screenplays to unique adaptations to portrayals of writers real and imagined, we will celebrate the foundation of great film: the written word.

I don't know if we'd see any adaptations of Jane Austen's works, but we definitely will see powerful screenplays. And maybe some screenwriters, too! :-)



Thousands of films have been adapted from popular books. Have a favorite film from an author you enjoy? Some items on my bucket list for 2018:


Night of the Iguana, Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate WInslet, Othello with Lawrence Fishburne and Kenneth Branagh, Young Bess, Julia with Jane Fonda, Tennessee Williams, at least one Biblical epic, Blade Runner, Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn, All About Eve (again), A Letter To Three Wives (well, powerful words as a theme is no good without at least one Joseph Mankiewicz script!) Fahrenheit 451 (Julie Christie), HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON!


Some friends from previous festivals:


David and Scott...




TCM Backlot Guest Programmer Julia Ricci and Dallas PR gal Kelly Kitchens Wickersham in 2017...


TCM Gal-on-the-Go, Kristen Welch....


Miss Kaci...


Pass holders in line...patient and sociable!


​Dinner at Miceli's! Pass holders take over Italian restaurant! All Singing! All Talking! All Laughing!



​Let us know what you want to see! :-)


​Hurricane Harvey kept me busy! Glad to be back....


​Oh. I'd also love to see Dear Ruth with William Holden and Joan Caulfield...


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Happy Birthday to actress Anna Karina!


Today is the birthday of Danish/French actress Anna Karina. I was so inspired by Anna Karina at the #TCMFF 2016. I had a few minutes to visit with her before a limo whisked her across the street to the Chinese Multiplex on Saturday night where she introduced “Band of Outsiders” (1964’s “Band a’ Part”). She has such peaceful but exotic eyes which revealed such compassion. (This was a popular photo I Tweeted and posted as Credentialed Media.) We were so lucky to have her as a special guest in 2016.


Karina was director Jean-Luc Godard’s muse during the New Wave movement, and appeared in several of his films.


If you would enjoy seeing esteemed entertainment professionals like the wonderful Anna Karina, you might want to reserve a pass for the TCM Film Festival 2018 in November! :-)

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This Wednesday, September 27, is the last installment of Ben Mankiewicz's historic visit to residents of the Motion Picture and Television Fund home.


From the TCM website spotlight:


"Since its dedication in 1942, the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital has been home to hundreds of residents who once worked in the movie and TV industry. Scores of movie notables, along with extras, backlot workers, security guards, secretaries, and others, have live in comfortable retirement at the facility on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. TCM celebrates the legacy of the Motion Picture & Television Fund with a series of films co-hosted by residents of the retirement home.


Film extra Judy Woodbury co-presents My Fair Lady (1964), one of countless films in which she appeared. Character actress Connie Sawyer, who claims to be the oldest living member of the Screen Actors Guild as she approaches 105, helps introduce A Hole in the Head (1959), starring Frank Sinatra. Sawyer has a small but scene-stealing part in that film as an intoxicated hotel guest. ""On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" (1970), starring Barbra Streisand, Yves Montand, and Jack Nickolson, is co-hosted by Burt Bluestein, who served as the movie's second assistant director.


Film researcher Lillian Michelson co-presents Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015), Daniel Raim's documentary about the life and work of Lillian and her late production-designer husband, Harold. The couple left their mark on classics by Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick and many others. Celebrated director Mark Rydell speaks about his film Cinderella Liberty (1973), starring James Caan. Rydell's other credits include 1979's The Rose and 1981's On Golden Pond.


Other films in the tribute include Little Annie Rooney (1925), Heidi (1937), Sealed Cargo (1951), McQ (1974), Doctor Zhivago (1965), and Showfolk (TCM Premiere, 2014)."


Don't miss this last installment!


Coming up in October: Illeana Douglas hosts Trailblazing Women, the third year of programming on TCM highlighting women filmmakers.

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TCM Launches Final Year of Trailblazing Women Initiative Celebrating Women’s Contribution To The Film Industry


Month-Long Programming Event Begins Oct. 2 Hosted by Illeana Douglas

Initiative Marks Continued Partnership with Women In Film, Los Angeles


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) today announced the final year of Trailblazing Women, a three-year initiative in partnership with Women In Film Los Angeles (WIF) to raise awareness about the historical contributions of women in the film industry. This year’s programming event will examine the substantial impact that female writers, editors and producers have held within the film industry. Hosted by actress, producer and director Illeana Douglas, Trailblazing Women premieres Oct. 2 and airs every Monday throughout October.


The theme of the 2017 programming slate - Trailblazing Women: Creators That Made a Difference

- highlights female creative influences during the early days of cinema through modern times with more than 20 films being shown. Joining Douglas as co-hosts will be:




• Writer and producer Leslie Dixon (Limitless, 2011), will discuss the careers of 1920s and 1930s writers Bess Meredyth (Ben Hur, 1925) and Dorothy Parker (A Star is Born, 1937), as well as Hollywood legends Frances Marion (Camille, 1937) and Anita Loos (The Women, 1939)


• Screenwriter Callie Khouri (Thelma and Louise, 1991), will examine the influence of female writers during the Classic Hollywood period and beyond including the work of Leigh Brackett (The Big Sleep, 1946), Ruth Gordon (Adam’s Rib, 1949) and Betty Comden (Singin’ in the Rain, 1952)


• Oscar-nominated editor Maryann Brandon (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2015) will discuss early editors who opened the door for women in editing positions and will showcase works from Anne Bauchens (Madame Satan, 1930) and three-time Oscar nominated editor Dede Allen (Bonnie and Clyde, 1967)


• Oscar-nominated editor Lynzee Klingman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975) will highlight the works of contemporary editors Anne V. Coates (The Elephant Man, 1980), Susan Morse (Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986), Thelma Schoonmaker (Casino, 1995) and Carol Littleton (Places in the Heart, 1984)


• Producer Stephanie Allain (Hustle & Flow, 2005) will discuss female producers who handled the writing, casting and styling on their own accord including June Mathis (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1921), Kathleen Kennedy (Back to the Future, 1985) and Julia Philips (Taxi Driver, 1976).


“This years Trailblazing Women initiative allows us to feature a variety of writers, producers and editors who challenged gender stereotypes while carving out successful careers,” said Charles Tabesh, senior vice president of programming for TCM. “We are excited to showcase their work, their impact throughout history and how these women paved the way for the future of our industry and culture.” 


"We are truly honored to present the third year of Trailblazing Women with TCM,” said Kirsten Schaffer, Executive Director of Women In Film. "By shining a light on the historic accomplishments of these extraordinary women behind the camera, we hope to catalyze greater momentum toward achieving gender parity in the entertainment industry.” 


For a complete a programming schedule and talent bios please visit: tcm.com/trailblazingwomen


In reference to several questions posed to me on social media: Author, historian, and popular TCMFF guest speaker Cari Beauchamp will not be featured this season, but her stellar research for books on Anita Loos and Frances Marion will no doubt be  some part of the focus for the third year presentations.



About Women in Film (WIF)
Women In Film (WIF) advocates for, and advances the careers of, women working in the screen industries – to achieve parity and transform culture. Founded in 1973, WIF focuses on advocacy and education, provides scholarships, grants and film finishing funds and works to preserve the legacies of all women working in the entertainment community. For more information visit www.wif.org.


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TCM Guest Programmer Lynn Zook's Gambling on a Dream: Volume 2 has just been published. (Ben Mankiewicz promoted Volume 1 during an evening of movies about Las Vegas last year on TCM.)


Read more about it on Lynn's Classic Las Vegas blog: http://classiclasvegas.com/clv-history-blog/2017/9/3/gambling-on-a-dream-volume-2-now-available

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Rest in Peace, Anne Jeffreys. (1923-2017)

Friend, wife, mother, actress.


And TCM Film Festival Special Guest....



Pictured here with Red Carpet pal Ann Rutherford...


From The Hollywood Reporter: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/anne-jeffreys-dead-topper-general-hospital-star-was-94-971915

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TONIGHT ON TRAILBLAZING WOMEN, hosted by Illeana Douglas...

Calli Khouri shares her insights on The Big Sleep and Adam's Rib, Singin' In The Rain, and Cabaret....


Callie Khouri is the creator and executive producer of the critically acclaimed drama, Nashville, and the Oscar Award-winning screenwriter of Thelma and Louise.



Crowned “the best new drama of 2012” by outlets including USA Today, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, TIME Magazine, The New York Post and The Daily Beast, Nashville earned Golden Globe nominations for its lead actresses and a Writers Guild of America nomination. Khouri led the show as its creator and executive producer for four seasons from 2012 to 2017.


Khouri may be best known for galvanizing women and sparking nationwide debate in 1991 with her screenwriting debut, Thelma and Louise, which was nominated for six Academy Awards. She won the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the Writers Guild of America Award and a PEN Literary Award for Best Original Screenplay. Thelma and Louise took home the London Film Critics Circle Award for Film of the Year, and was nominated for Best Original Screenplay by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.


Khouri followed Thelma and Louise with 1995’s Something to Talk About, starring Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid and Robert Duvall. She then made her directorial debut with Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, starring Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd, which she also adapted for the screen. In 2006, Khouri collaborated with legendary television producer Steven Bochco and wrote and directed the television drama, Hollis and Rae.


Khouri has continues to be honored for her writing in film and television as well as her commitment to the honest portrayal of women on screen. Her accolades include Nashville Women in Film’s 2016 Woman of the Year; induction into the 2016 SOURCE Awards Hall of Fame; the 2016 Patsy Montana Award from the National Cowgirl Museum, which recognizes work in entertainment that continues and advances the tradition of the cowgirl in the areas of film, television, music, writing and theatre; the National Women’s History Museum’s 2015 Women Making History Award; and the Austin Film Festival’s 2013 Austin Distinguished Screenwriter Award.







I was lucky enough to see Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story at the Dallas DocFest last Friday evening and spend time with director Alexandra Dean, whose uncompromising vision of Lamarr helped her uncover the true story of the actress who was also touched by genius....


Read my interview with director Alexandra Dean:



Shortly after Alexandra Dean and husband Chris arrived, they were treated to Pappas Barbecue by PR gal Kelly Kitchens Wickersham and husband Mark....



Photo by Sue Sue. I was there, too!  ;)






This year's fest theme:


Writing focuses visions, reflects our feelings and inspires great performances on both sides of the camera. Join us for the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival, celebrating the representation of the writtenword on the silver screen. From original screenplays to unique adaptations to portrayals of writers real and imagined, we will celebrate the foundation of great film: the written word.





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Tonight and tomorrow night....George Pal!


Director Arnold Leibovit joins Ben to discuss Puppetoons and the wonderful world of George Pal.


Tonight's screening of "The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal" was amazing! My favorite segments included comments from George Pal himself and Rod Taylor and Alan Young discussing "The Time Machine." Tony Randall also discusses his work in "7 Faces of Dr. Lao."


Here's more "Pal" fun:


Arnold Leibovit and Ben share about the amazing work of .... GEORGE PAL - 10/11 & 10/12


Animator/writer/producer/director George Pal (1908-1980) was one of the most highly regarded, and honored, filmmakers working in the field of science fiction. He was nominated for Academy Awards® for seven consecutive years (1942-1948) in the category of Best Short Subject, Cartoon; and won an honorary Oscar® in 1944. Born György Pál Marczincsak in Hungary, he emigrated to the U.S. in 1939.


Pal's famous "Puppetoons" were puppet films using his own expressive form of stop-motion animation. TCM's commemoration of this influential artist includes the TCM premieres of two movies by Arnold Leibovit: the documentary The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal (1985); and The Puppetoon Movie (1987), an animated film based on Pal's characters.


Focusing on Pal's influence as a producer and/or director of feature films, we are also screening several movies on which he worked in these capacities. The first night of our tribute includes Destination Moon (1950, producer); The Time Machine (1960, producer/director); Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1961, producer/director); and The Power (1968, producer), while the second night includes Tom Thumb (1958, producer/director); The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962, producer/co-director); 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964, producer/director); and the TCM premiere of Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975, producer).



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Tonight Maryann Brandon joins Illeana Douglas for another installment of Trailblazing Women in Film.


No, she's not the Marianne Dashwood Brandon from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. She's a contemporary, trailblazing woman....


"Maryann Brandon has experience working as an editor, director, and producer in film, animation and television. Her last film PASSENGERS was released December 2016. Her other work as editor can be seen on Lucasfilm’s STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, Universal’s ENDLESS LOVE, Paramount’s STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, and the DreamWorks animated films HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and KUNG FU PANDA 2. She has also edited JJ Abram’s SUPER 8, and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III and is currently editing THE DARKEST MINDS for 20th Century Fox.


She received an OSCAR nomination, EDDY nomination, and won the SATURN AWARD, for her work on Star Wars:The Force Awakens. Other awards and nominations include Star Trek, Star Trek into Darkness, and How to Train Your Dragon. She collaborated with JJ Abrams on ALIAS which she received an EMMY nomination for Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series.


In addition to editing Brandon served as Director on two episodes of ALIAS, (“The Road Home” &“AfterSix”), and served as the Producer for the fourth season. Her previous feature credits include, JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, A THOUSAND ACRES, GRUMPIER OLD MEN, BORN TO BE WILD, and BINGO."


Brandon will share hosting duties tonight with Illeana to introduce:


Madame Satan (1930)

Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

Mutiny On The Bounty (1935)

What's Up Doc? (1972)


In more TCM related news:

TCM Essentials Host (and Donald Trump impressionist on Saturday Night Live) Alec Baldwin is scheduled to play Colonel Jessup in a live production of  A Few Good Men on NBC sometime in 2018....


No updates on the #TCMFF2018 website yet, but interested future pass holders know that traditionally pass sales begin in early November. BTW, they don't take any wooden nickels, so save some real ones. ;) 


More about Hedwig...


If that fabulous documentary, Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, screens near your neighborhood, go see it! It's fabulous. Hedy is another Trailblazing Woman.  


Christy's article about the Dallas screening including a short interview with director Alexandra Dean: https://suesueapplegate.wordpress.com/2017/10/


Reframed Pictures fundraises for a Hedy Lamarr memorial: https://www.funddreamer.com/campaigns/the-hedy-lamarr-memorial

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"Filmmaker Todd Haynes, TCM Guest Programmer for October, is described by host Ben Mankiewicz as "one of the most visually arresting directors working today." Born in Los Angeles, Haynes made his feature film debut with Poison (1991), which was followed by such critically praised films as Safe (1995), Velvet Goldmine (1998), I'm Not There (2007), Far from Heaven (2002) and the Academy Award® nominated Carol (2015). Haynes considers himself "a perpetual student" of film technique, and acknowledges that he is a big fan of TCM, "one of the enduring institutions of the medium of film, of culture.


Haynes' programming picks are all movies he had studied in preparation for his current film, Wonderstruck (2017), which employs different time periods (the 1920s and 1970s) to tell the story of two children on quests in New York City. The first influence is The Crowd (1928), King Vidor's silent film about a young couple's struggle for survival in the city, described by Haynes as "a magnificent piece of engineering and filmmaking."


Haynes first saw Martin Ritt's Sounder (1972) as a child, and remembers it as "an intense emotional experience." He now finds certain parallels in Sounder's story of a boy's odyssey in 1930s Louisiana to find his father with the treks of the young protagonists in his own film. Similarly, Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter (1955) has two children on a crucial journey - this one to flee an evil stepfather. Haynes' final choice, Nicholas Roeg's Walkabout (1971) is about survival in the Australian outback, where young aborigines endure a rite of passage into manhood by living off the land. Be sure to watch these films October 19 and see Wonderstruck when it hits theaters October 20.


FYI: TCM Backlot has now started adding archived Now Playing Guides from 1997. Humphrey Bogart was on the very first cover!


LATEST FATHOM EVENT--75th Anniversary of CASABLANCA Sunday, November 12, and Wednesday, November 15: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/casablanca?utm_source=tcm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=casablanca&utm_term=tcm%2Bemail%2B%25231



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If you are enjoying #TrailblazingWomen on TCM Monday nights with host Illeana Douglas, I highly recommend David Meuel's 2016 book that includes chapters on #TCMFF guests Anne Coates and Thelma Schoonmaker, Margaret Booth, Dede Allen, Verna Fields, and others. I haven't heard "Women Film Editors: Unseen Artists of American Cinema" mentioned during the series, but I might have missed it...


Monday, October 23, Illeana visits with Lynzee Klingman:




"Lynzee Klingman attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Columbia University with a BA in History. She started working in films as an apprentice editor in New York and went on to work on commercials, industrials and documentaries, including several about the Vietnam War. She edited Emile de Antonio’s (In the) Year of the Pig, which was nominated by the Academy in the Best Feature Documentary category and later, co-edited Hearts and Minds, which won the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary (and was selected by the Editors Branch of the Academy as one of the 10 best edited films of that year!).


Klingman was nominated, along with co-editors Richard Chew and Sheldon Kahn for an Academy Award for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; the film won Best Picture and she won a BAFTA Award. She worked again with Milos Forman on the musical Hair and on Man on the Moon. Other credits include True Confessions, Baby Boom, Outbreak, Protocol, Ali and Robert Redford’s A River Runs Through It. For director Jodie Foster, Little Man Tate, and Home for the Holidays; War of the Roses, Matilda and Hoffa were directed by Danny Devito. Independent films include Picture Bride, winner of the Sundance Audience Award and Living Out Loud, Panic, among others. Over her career, she has contributed to films by Mike Nichols and Alan Pakula (uncredited), been a Consulting Editor internationally with French-Vietnamese director Tran Van Hung and Venezuelan director Fina del Torres,. She has consulted on other feature films as well as documentaries.


Klingman was a Governor of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a member of A.C.E. (American Cinema Editors)the Brooks Currently, she is an Editing Mentor at the American Film Institute and has taught at USC School of Cinematic Arts. For AFS, she has done workshops in Egypt and Equador. She is married to director /cinematographer Richard Pearce and has two children, Jack and Remy."


In just about two weeks, passes for the #TCMFF 2018 will go on sale!


Also: TCM BACKLOT is having a screening of "The Natural" in Buffalo, New York, hosted by Ben Mankiewicz...

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And it's almost time to purchase those passes!


Check your email for the official announcement or the festial website!






The Black Stallion (1979)

Terri Garr stars alongside Mickey Rooney, who received an Oscar nomination for his supporting role, in this drama about a resilient, shipwrecked boy and his bond with an Arabian stallion.


Bullitt (1968)

Steve McQueen stars in this 50th anniversary action film featuring an iconic car chase sequence that helped earn the film an Oscar for Best Editing.


Hamlet (1948)

The 70th anniversary screening of the film which earned Laurence Olivier seven Oscar nominations and four wins including Best Picture, Director and Lead Actor for his adaption of Shakespeare’s unforgettable tale.


His Girl Friday (1940)

In this Howard Hawks screwball comedy, Cary Grant stars as a newspaper editor that tries to lure his ex-wife (Rosalind Russell) back into his life the day before she remarries.


The Sea Wolf (1941)

An escaped convict (Ida Lupino) and writer find shelter on a boat that mutinies against its ruthless captain (Edward G. Robinson) in this Michael Curtiz adaption of Jack London’s original novel. This screening features 14 minutes of missing footage from the original theatrical release.


The Set-Up (1949)

Robert Ryan is a washed-up boxer whose crooked manager bets against him to lose a rigged fight in the in this classic noir.


The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

Walter Matthau stars as a lieutenant who must negotiate with armed hijackers for the safety of a New York City subway train in this thriller based on a novel by John Godey.


Woman of the Year (1942)

Sparks flew between Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy on screen and off in this Oscar-winning romantic comedy, the first of Hepburn and Tracy’s nine collaborations together, directed by George Stevens.

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FYI: With the upgrade of the Website, the preview function has disappeared while I am using a PC.


Hosting tonight with Illeana for the last evening of Trailblazing Women....

Stephanie Allain produces award-winning films by writer-directors of color that make headlines, launch careers and shape the cultural landscape.

She started her film career as a reader at CAA and worked as a Story Analyst at 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Columbia Pictures. In 1990, she supervised John Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood and was promoted to Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures where she worked for a decade. After a brief stint as President of Production for Jim Henson Pictures she founded Homegrown Pictures in 2003. Hustle & Flow, Beyond the Lights and Dear White People are among her celebrated titles.
From 2011-2016 she served as Director of the LA Film Festival turning it into the most diverse film festival in the world, attracting celebrated artists and tens of thousands of attendees.

She is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Writer’s Guild of America, Producers Guild of America and the Dramatists Guild of America. She sits on the board of Women in Film and teaches film at USC Peter Stark Program and UCLA Entertainment Studies.



I Remember Mama   (1948)

Upon completing the last lines of her autobiographical novel, youthful Katrin Hanson reminisces about her family life: In 1910, in a modest San Francisco house, Katrin’s Norwegian-born mother, Marta Hanson, computes the weekly budget with help from her husband Lars, daughters Katrin, Christine and Dagmar and son Nels. When the adolescent Nels declares his desire to attend high school, Marta is pleased, but realizes their “little bank” lacks sufficient funds to pay for his education. After each family member offers to make a monetary sacrifice so that Nels may continue his schooling, Trina, Marta’s spinster sister, drops by to speak privately with Marta. To Marta’s surprise, Trina announces that she is marrying Peter Thorkelson, a homely undertaker, and begs Marta to break the news to their sisters, Sigrid and Jenny, who Trina fears will laugh at her. As predicted, the bossy Jenny and whiny Sigrid laugh upon hearing of the engagement, but when Marta threatens to reveal embarrassing anecdotes about them to Trina, the sisters agree to keep quiet. Later that evening, Jonathan Hyde, the Hansons’ erudite, penniless lodger, reads to them from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities , and the entire family, especially fledgling writer Katrin, is deeply moved by the story. Soon after, the family is visited by Marta’s overbearing but big-hearted uncle, Chris Halvorsen, who drives into the city with his common law wife, Jessie Brown. When the lame Chris, whose loud, gruff ways strike fear in the Hanson children, learns that Dagmar, the youngest daughter, is severely ill with mastoiditis, he insists on driving her to the hospital. Because they disapprove of Jessie, Sigrid and Jenny attempt to stop Chris, but he bullies his way past them with Dagmar and Marta in tow. Then the meek Trina and Peter reveal their engagement to Chris, the family’s head, and are relieved to receive his blessing. Although Dagmar’s operation is a success, Marta is forbidden to see her by the hospital staff. At home, Marta, who promised Dagmar she would visit immediately after the operation, becomes increasingly agitated about the separation and begins scrubbing the floor nervously. Marta’s scrubbing inspires a plan: Impersonating a floor-scrubbing maid at the hospital, Marta sneaks into Dagmar’s ward and sings a Norwegian lullaby to help her frightened daughter fall asleep. Sometime later, when a recovered Dagmar returns home, she learns that her cat, Uncle Elizabeth, is very ill. Despite Dagmar’s belief in her mother’s curative powers, Marta feels helpless to save the wounded cat and sends Nels to buy some chloroform with which to kill it. The other children, meanwhile, see Mr. Hyde leaving the house with his suitcases, and Marta discovers that he has left them a check for his overdue rent, as well as his book collection. The family’s joy at receiving Mr. Hyde’s check is soon undone when Sigrid and Jenny inform them that their lodger has no bank account. Although Sigrid and Jenny are indignant over Mr. Hyde’s deception, wise Marta declares that his gift of literature is payment enough. Marta then applies the chloroform to Uncle Elizabeth, but is astounded when, the next morning, an unsuspecting Dagmar marches off with a sleepy but very alive cat. Later, as Katrin nears her school graduation date, she brags to Christine that Marta is going to buy her a much-coveted dresser set as a present. Although the younger, envious Christine tells her that Marta is planning to give her their grandmother’s brooch, Katrin does receive the dresser set. As Katrin is about to leave to perform “Portia” in her school’s production of The Merchant of Venice , however, Christine informs her that Marta sold her beloved brooch in order to buy the dresser set. Crushed by this revelation, Katrin performs badly in the play, and later presents her mother with her brooch, which she exchanged for the dresser set. Touched by Katrin’s gesture, Marta gives her the brooch and scolds Christine for telling. Then, to mark her entrance into adulthood, Katrin’s father serves her coffee for the first time. Sometime later, Marta is notified that Uncle Chris is near death, and she takes Katrin to say goodbye to him at his ranch. The alcoholic but still feisty Uncle Chris reveals to Marta that he has no money to leave her, and confesses that he and Jessie have been married for years but have been silent about it because of his nieces’ snubbing. After enjoying a last drink with Jessie and Marta, Uncle Chris dies. Marta then tells her sisters the truth about Jessie and that Uncle Chris had long been donating money to help poor lame children. Having “seen” death, Katrin returns to San Francisco with Marta and is devastated when she receives her first literary rejection letter. Determined to bolster Katrin’s confidence, Marta takes some of her stories to renowned author Florence Dana Moorhead, who loves to eat, and convinces her to read one by offering to share a family meatball recipe with her. Marta returns home to find Katrin destroying her writings and happily tells her that, while Moorhead agreed that her stories were lacking, she also felt that Katrin was a born author. Taking Moorhead’s advice to write about “what she knows,” Katrin submits a new story for publication and is overjoyed when she is paid $500 for her efforts. After announcing that some of the money is going to buy the winter coat that Marta has always longed for, Katrin confesses that her mother is the subject of her story and begins to read it aloud. The introduction of her story concludes with the line, “But first and foremost, I remember Mama.”

  • 8:00 pm


    Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse   (1921)

    Madariaga, a wealthy old cattle owner of Argentina who despises his German son-in-law, lavishes all his affections on Julio. After Madariaga’s death, the estate is divided and all the family disperse to Europe: the von Hartrotts to Germany and the Desnoyers to Paris. Julio buys a castle on the Marne and opens a studio, where he entertains, paints pictures, and soon falls desperately in love with Marguerite Laurier, youthful wife of a jurist. War comes, Marguerite joins the Red Cross, and her husband enlists. Finding him blinded, she determines to resist the attentions of Julio. Spurred on by the words of a stranger, who invokes the Four Horsemen–War, Conquest, Famine, and Death–Julio enlists, and after distinguishing himself for bravery he is killed in an exchange with his cousin, an officer in the German Army.

  • 10:30 pm


    Back to the Future   (1985)

    “Back to the Future” (1985) follows a boy, played by Michael J. Fox, and his a rough life in high school after being tormented by the principal, and a rough relationship with his father. When he befriends a scientist, played by Christopher Lloyd, he finds out that he is working on a time machine and is accidentally sent to the 1950s. He interferes with the romance of his parents, and must get them reunited to ensure his own existence back in the 1980s. “Back to the Future” has cemented itself as a 1980s classic.


  • 12:30 am


    Gilda   (1946)

    When Johnny Farrell, a callous young gambler new to the Argentine, is held up in a dark alleyway by a thief who demands his money or his life, a sinister man steps from the shadows and banishes the robber with a knife he has concealed in his walking stick. The man then directs Johnny to a posh Buenos Aires casino, where he then enjoys a winning streak. Johnny is cashing in his chips when he is summoned to the office. There, he is met by the man from the alley who, after introducing himself as Ballin Mundson, the owner of the casino, accuses Johnny of cheating. When Johnny proposes that he work for the casino, Ballin hires him with the warning that gambling and women don’t mix. Johnny quickly wins Ballin’s confidence, and one day, soon after the end of World War II, Ballin grimly informs Johnny that he is leaving on a trip and appoints Johnny casino manager. Several weeks later, Ballin returns, beaming, and introduces Johnny to his alluring new wife, Gilda. Johnny is stunned to discover that Ballin has married his erstwhile sweetheart, the woman he now loathes as much as he once loved. Although Ballin is unaware of their former relationship, Uncle Pio, the philosophical washroom attendant, senses their passion. That night, Obregon, an agent of the secret police and a constant observer at the casino, introduces himself to Johnny. As Ballin holds a disagreeable meeting with two Germans, Gilda flirts with one of the customers, thus inflaming her husband’s jealousy. Gilda and Johnny’s hostile repartee finally prompts Ballin to suspect their previous alliance, and he cruelly offers a toast, wishing disaster to the “wench” who wronged Johnny. After Ballin appoints Johnny as Gilda’s watchdog, Gilda taunts him by continuing her flirtations with other men. Ballin, who covertly controls a tungsten cartel, is visited one day by a man he has driven out of business. After Ballin ignores his entreaties, the man fires a gun at Ballin, misses and then shoots himself as Obregon silently watches. Questioned by Johnny about the incident, Ballin shows him the safe he has hidden in his office and provides him with the combination. As Johnny continues to hide Gilda’s indiscretions, his hatred toward her deepens. One night, Gilda admits to Johnny that she married Ballin on the rebound from him, but her confidence only inflames his fury. On the night of the big carnival, two Germans burst into Johnny’s office and demand to see Ballin, and Ballin agrees to meet them in one hour. Superstitious, Gilda portends doom, and later, Obregon warns Johnny of impending trouble. Later that night at the casino, Ballin murders one of the Germans, while at the Mundson house, Gilda seductively dances with Johnny. As they embrace, the door slams and Johnny glimpses Ballin running down the stairs and speeding away in his car. Johnny follows Ballin, who is also pursued by Obregon. As they race onto the beach, Obregon and Johnny see Ballin board a small plane that explodes soon after takeoff. Unknown to them, Ballin has staged the explosion and parachutes from the craft to the safety of a waiting launch. With Ballin’s presumed death, Johnny weds Gilda, who has inherited her husband’s estate, and assumes control of the cartel. Johnny, who has married Gilda for revenge, refuses to live with her but makes her his captive, assigning his thugs to guard her day and night. One day, a German visits Johnny and asks for the return of the tungsten patents, explaining that the Nazis allowed Ballin to buy the patents as a front and now want them back, but Johnny refuses. Slowly realizing that she is a virtual prisoner, Gilda flees to Montevideo to file for divorce. There she is advised by Tom Langford, an attorney seemingly smitten by her charms, to return to Buenos Aires and file for an annulment instead. Gilda follows his advice, but upon arriving in Buenos Aires, she finds Johnny in her hotel room and realizes that Langford is in his employ. Defeated, Gilda performs a drunken dance of seduction onstage at the casino while Obregon counsels Johnny to turn over the patents to the police and reconcile with Gilda. When Obregon discloses that Gilda’s infidelity was only an act to torment Johnny, Johnny contritely approaches her to apologize. Just then, Ballin appears and accuses them of betrayal. As Ballin trains his gun on them, Uncle Pio stabs him in the back with his own walking stick. Obregon magnanimously declares the killing self- defense, thus freeing Gilda and Johnny to leave the country and begin life anew.


  • 2:30 am


    Taxi Driver   (1976)

    Travis Bickle is a loner, alienated from society, who finds work as a cabbie working the night shift. Inside him grows a morbid fascination and disgust with the seedy side of the city’s street life–a fascination that drives him to save a young prostitute and enact a vengeance against what he considers are the perpetrators of urban decay.

  • 4:30 am


    They Won’t Believe Me   (1947)

    At his murder trial, Larry Balantine tells the jury how his supposed victim, Verna Carlson, met her fate: During an illicit rendezvous in New York, Larry’s lover, Janice Bell, tells him that she wants out of their affair. When she


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UPDATE: Passes go on sale soon!!




The Silver Screen Oasis is pleased to announce that Lynn Zook will participate in an online visit on Sat., Nov. 4th & Sun., Nov. 5th at the message board to discuss GAMBLING ON A DREAM; The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1956-1973. For two days she will be answering our questions about her examination of Las Vegas's place in The American Dream. Lynn, an archivist, film editor and longtime member of the SSO and the TCM Forums, also regards Las Vegas as her hometown.

Lynn Zook's dynamic examination of Las Vegas history--including its relevance to film--continues with the release of her second volume of GAMBLING ON A DREAM; The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1956-1973. This engaging ebook tells the story of corporate and individual achievement in the fabulous desert resort city, illustrating this ever-changing story with nearly 30 videos that can be played in the book featuring the men and women who worked, played and entertained on the glamorous stages and behind the scenes. Maps of the area of casino development in the latter part of the era, and touch-screen galleries that feature rare and historical images have also been added to this volume.. The book, which also touches on how the neon-lit city affected the author as she grew up there is a heady blend of show business, adults at work and play, as well as the changing nature of American society in a remarkably tumultuous period.

In-depth histories of the Aladdin Hotel, Caesars Palace, Circus Circus, The Hacienda, Tropicana, Stardust, Landmark, and International Hotels as well as the singular, original MGM Grand Hotel enrich the tales told in these pages as well.

More can be learned by joining us here for this event.

A video glimpse of the history of this entertainment mecca found in GAMBLING ON A DREAM 1930-1956 can be seen in this brief video as well:


Lynn's blog, Classic Las Vegas website can be seen here:

Please join us on Sat., Nov. 4th & Sun.,Nov. 5th at the Silver Screen Oasis for the Q & A with Lynn Zook. All registrants are welcome:


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"Lynn Zook's dynamic examination of Las Vegas history--including its relevance to film--continues with the release of her second volume of GAMBLING ON A DREAM; The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1956-1973. This engaging ebook tells the story of corporate and individual achievement in the fabulous desert resort city, illustrating this ever-changing story with nearly 30 videos that can be played in the book featuring the men and women who worked, played and entertained on the glamorous stages and behind the scenes. Maps of the area of casino development in the latter part of the era, and touch-screen galleries that feature rare and historical images have also been added to this volume.. The book, which also touches on how the neon-lit city affected the author as she grew up there is a heady blend of show business, adults at work and play, as well as the changing nature of American society in a remarkably tumultuous period."

Author and historian Lynn Zook is now answering questions about her fascinating new book at The Silver Screen Oasis: http://silverscreenoasis.com/oasis3/viewtopic.php?f=129&t=7009&p=165607#p165607


TCMFF: Passes go on sale to the general public on November 9! 

More website information can be found here: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/attend/

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Almost Time To Buy Your PASSES!!!






The ideal way to experience the TCM Classic Film Festival is with a Festival pass. There are four levels of passes: The Palace, The Classic, The Essential, and The Spotlight. Whichever pass you choose, you’re sure to have the classic cinema experience of a lifetime at the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival.

Need help deciding which pass is right for you? Click here to compare pass levels and benefits. 


Passes for the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival are set to go on sale to the public in November 2017.  Fans will be able to purchase them through the TCM Classic Film Festival website.  The number of passes available is limited, especially for top-level “Spotlight” passes.



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