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Veronica Cartwright has been added to the special guest list and is in attendance for....


Thirty-five years ago, Philip Kaufman’s unvarnished depiction of the space program and its move from top-secret government project to PR bonanza was too far ahead of its time to succeed at the box office. Audiences weren’t ready for the layers of irony behind the historical re-creation, although the Academy recognized its technical prowess garnering wins for Best Sound, Editing, Sound Effects Editing and Score. It is now considered a classic for its deft direction, script, ensemble acting and convincing special effects. Tom Wolfe wrote the original book based on his encounters with pioneering aviator Chuck Yeager and the first astronauts. Originally, screenwriter William Goldman jettisoned the Yeager segment, but Kaufman insisted on keeping it and eventually wrote the script on his own. Those opening scenes, with Sam Shepard as Yeager, give the film a mythic quality. As the space program becomes more public, the film moves into more humorous territory, depicting the search for the first astronaut trainees, their jockeying for position during training and the PR circus that followed their first flights. The result is a cinematic mosaic that invokes not just the space program but the changes in American life over the course of almost two decades. (d. Phillip Kaufman, 193m, Digital)

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Too bad Angela,  her sister, isn't going to be there.     As a young teen I would get the two confused but I know one of them was my first crush!  (it just that so many decades later I don't know which one!).


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Try not to miss this wonderful film from a William Faulkner novel....It will be introduced by the incomparable historian and author, Donald Bogle,  and actor Claude Jarman, Jr......



The world of William Faulkner was not one in which the Golden Age of Hollywood would normally set its movies. In fact, this adaptation of his 1948 tale of a proud black man threatened with lynching when he’s accused of murder was only the third of his works to be filmed. MGM producer-director Clarence Brown, an expert at capturing American life on screen, was a friend of Faulkner’s and pushed the studio to option the book. Although he couldn’t work on the film officially because he was a contract writer for hire at Warner Bros., Faulkner helped the company scout locations in his native Mississippi, advised on the script and even coached leading man Juano Hernandez on his accent. This was the first major Hollywood film for Hernandez, who had acted previously in independently produced race films, and he was the breakout star of the film. Brown matched him with a solid Hollywood cast, including David Brian as his lawyer, Claude Jarman, Jr., who had starred in Brown’s The Yearling (1946), as the young man fighting to clear his name and Elizabeth Patterson as their elderly ally. Although the film lost money at the box office, it would later be acclaimed as groundbreaking in the depiction of African-American lives on screen. (d. Clarence Brown, 87m, 35mm)



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9 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

Too bad Angela,  her sister, isn't going to be there.     As a young teen I would get the two confused but I know one of them was my first crush!  (it just that so many decades later I don't know which one!).


Oh, James! OK, here's my blindside... Janet Blair and Janis Paige. I always get those two ladies mixed up! 

Will we see you at the festival this year? I hope so!

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Historian and writer Cari Beauchamp will be at least two events....



Cari Beauchamp is an award-winning author, journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is the author of Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of early Hollywood; Anita Loos Rediscovered; Hollywood on the Riviera: The Inside story of the Cannes Film Festival; Adventures of a Hollywood Secretary: Her Private Letters from Inside the Studios of the 1920s and Joseph P. Kennedy Presents: His Hollywood Years. Her most recent book, My First Time in Hollywood: Stories from the Pioneers, Dreamers, and Misfits who made the Movies, is an anthology of first-person accounts by over 40 legends of the film business about their arrival in Los Angeles. Without Lying Down was awarded Book of the Year by the National Theater Arts Association and several of her books have been selected for “Best of the Year” lists by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Booklist and Amazon.

Cari is the only person ever to be twice named an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Film Scholar and is currently serving as a resident scholar to the Mary Pickford Foundation.

She wrote and co-produced the documentary film Without Lying Down about the women of early Hollywood which played on Turner Classic Movies and for which she was nominated for a Writers’ Guild Award. She also wrote the documentary film The Day My God Died about young girls of Nepal sold into sexual slavery which played on PBS and was nominated for an Emmy.

Cari is a contributor to Vanity Fair and writes for various other magazines. She has appeared in multiple documentaries on film history including The Story of Film as well as being a featured speaker at multiple film festivals and venues throughout the United States and Europe including The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The British Film Institute and the Museum of Modern Art. She has served as a judge for the Los Angeles Times Book Awards and on the Board of Directors of PEN USA. Before turning to writing full time, she was a private investigator, served as Press Secretary to Governor Jerry Brown and as the first state chair of National Women’s Political Caucus of California.

For more details on CLUB TCM event WRITER’S GUILD FOUNDATION: WOMEN OF THE YEAR, click here.


In attendance: HIS GIRL FRIDAY   CARI-BEAUCHAMP-470x350.jpg
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Chuck YeagerUnited States Air Force Brig. Gen. Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager, retired, prepares to board an F-15D Eagle from the 65th Aggressor Squadron Oct. 14, 2012, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. DVIDSHUB


Air Force legend Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager turned 93 this year, but don't let that milestone fool you into believing that he's too old to be tech-savvy. A couple of years ago he started to tweet about his exploits during his long flying career, which spanned more than sixty years. Here's an example:



My friend, James “Jimmy” Doolittle, was born on December 14, 1896 in Alameda, California. He promoted me to 2nd lt. then Captain during WWII



Reading General Yeager's tweets is like looking back at his life, and what an amazing life it's been. Here are a few reasons why the private who rose to become a general just might be the greatest military pilot ever.

Sam Shephard played him on screen in the film, The Right Stuff.

Read more about the real man who had "The Right Stuff."

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Beautiful people going to parties! It always happens at the TCM Film Fest!!


Fans are excited about Rocky!



Miceli's meetup 2017.... great food, fabulous stories!


Going places and seeing things! (Hollywood Forever tours with Karie Bible are exciting!)


Meeting new authors and historians!

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Director Alexa Foreman, SCANDAL: The Trial Of Mary Astor, has been added to the guest list!

Alexa Foreman has used her skills as a researcher and producer primarily at Turner Classic Movies for over 20 years, starting with the launch of the network in 1994. While there, she was an integral part of the channel earning a Peabody Award. She worked with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz on a daily basis, and when information was needed—like how many Oscar nominations a film has earned or how many husbands Elizabeth Taylor had—she was the go-to-gal.

Alexa has worked with Meryl Streep, John Gielgud, Anthony Hopkins, Lee Grant, Claire Bloom and others on assembling Star of the Month pieces, and interviewed 7 of the original Munchkins for her short documentary “Memories of Oz.” In addition, she has interviewed over 100 stars, directors, writers and editors for the TCM Archival Project.

She is author of Women in Motion published in 1983, and co-author of In the Picture: Production Stills from the TCM Archives from 2004, as well as contributor to Leading Couples. She is the researcher for the new book to be published by HarperCollins in 2018, All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson.

Currently she is back at TCM as a freelance researcher, and is executive producing a documentary entitled Scandal: The Trial of Mary Astor, which concerns actress Mary Astor and her 1936 fight to gain custody of her daughter. The documentary premieres at the TCM Film Festival in Los Angeles in April 2018.

In attendance: SCANDAL: THE TRIAL OF MARY ASTOR Alexa-Foreman_470x350.jpg


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loczy3G.jpgAcademy Award winner Lee Grant in the studio preparing for SCANDAL: The Trial Of Mary Astor, directed by Alexa Foreman, with a world premiere screening at the TCM Film Festival 2018 on Friday night, April 27, in Club TCM at 8:00 p.m.


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Acclaimed Actor and Activist Leonardo DiCaprio to Present Martin Scorsese with the Inaugural Robert Osborne Award at the TCM Classic Film Festival 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) today announced that Leonardo DiCaprio will present friend and frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese with the inaugural Robert Osborne Award as part of the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival. DiCaprio, an Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and philanthropist, has appeared in five of Scorsese’s films, beginning with 2002’s Gangs Of New York and most recently in Academy nominated 2013’s The Wolf Of Wall Street. DiCaprio will present the award to the world-renowned filmmaker for his decades-long commitment to the legacy and preservation of classic films. The award will be presented on April 26 during opening night of the Film Festival.

In 1990, Scorsese established The Film Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history. The foundation has funded the restoration of over 800 films, which are made accessible to the public globally. In addition, The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project has restored 31 films from 21 countries representing the rich diversity of world cinema.

The Robert Osborne Award will be given out annually at the TCM Classic Film Festival to a recipient whose work has helped keep the cultural heritage of classic films alive and thriving for generations to come.

For more information and talent bios, please visit http://filmfestival.tcm.com

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The following special guests have been added:

Dana Delany

Tim Robbins


As well as cinematographers John Toll, Amy Vincent, Caleb Deschanel (THE BLACK STALLION!!!!), and Robert Richardson (The Hateful Eight, The Aviator, and more....).


Find all the new guests here

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Hope everyone is excited about Jeff Bridges attending the screening of The Big Lebowski!


ALSO: Just saw this notice on social media from Bill Morrison “World premiere of my new short THE LETTER (2018) at #TCMFF Thur 26 April at 9:30pm, screening before a nitrate print of STAGE DOOR (1937) at the historic #EgyptianTheater, Hollywood. #TCMFF18 #NitrateProgram”


PLUS: Cari Beauchamp  introduces His Girl Friday, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with Cora Sue Colllins. Beauchamp also moderates a TCM Panel with Callie Khouri, Linda Wolverton, and Joan Tewksbury entitled Writer's Guild Foundation: Women of the Year.

Who Sue Sue Saw Department: Spotted Jeremy Arnold hard at work on his latest book at the Margaret Herrick Library while I was hunting for treasures about Thelma Ritter for her biography....


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I'll be posting photos  and stories from the Red Carpet soon!


Highlights: Paul Sorvino singing opera, Ruta Lee telling fabulous stories, Mel Brooks and Martin Scorsese, Dana Delany, Dave Karger, Alicia Malone, Jennifer Dorian, Cari Beauchamp, Coleman Breland, Olivia Hussey, Leonard Whiting and many more...

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Closing Night Partiers at #TCMFF in Club TCM, The Hollywood Roosevelt Blossom Room...


Laura, Laura, Mike, and Jasmine....



Sue Sue with Disney aficionado and author J. B. Kaufman....


TCM's Dennis Millay and Dallas PR gal Kelly Kitchens....


Director Alexa Foreman, SCANDAL: THE TRIAL OF MARY ASTOR, and Florida Fan Dan...


Sue Sue with the two Jeffs.....Jeff Lundenberger and Jeff Mantor, King of Larry Edmunds Bookshop who arranged all the exciting book signings in the lobby of the HRH, as well as special events like the Q & A with Director Alexa Foreman and the Marsha Hunt event with the Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller..... Thanks for everything, Jeff!




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TCM Party Queen Paula Guthat, Kendahl Cruver, blogger featured in the TCM Backlot Promo, and author Karen Burroughs Hansberry....


Social media maven Aurora Bugallo, two friends, and Kaci Kielmar....


Jocelyn and Lenore from Boston. They love Michael Douglas! They told me at Club Loteria a few days earlier....

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Loving May's month of series films with Ann Sothern as Maisie, Boston ****, The Saint, The Thin Man, Andy Hardy, and many, many more.

TCM Festival Special Guest Ted Donaldson, who introduced A Tree Grows In Brooklyn with writer Jeremy Arnold in 2016, visited with social media groups on Wednesday evening before the Thursday opening night festivities. His series of films, beginnning with The Adventures of Rusty are screening as we speak on TCM...


Donaldson visited with pass holders and posed for photos ...He will be back next year for #TCMFF social media fans at the early gatherings....

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