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I'm not sure. My first thought was something DIsney since they control the theater...but then I began to wonder about Hondo, since it is in 3D and the El Capitan is set up with it...but I think it is likely to go to the Egyptian. Kismet and South Pacific would be good since the El Capitan has shown musicals and have a great sound system.

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*"Any guesses, fellas, what films they will screen there?"* SueSue


I doubt the theater has been taken over for the entire weekend. I expect it is being used for one or two "Special Screenings" just as happens at the Cinerama Dome.


I bet it will be whatever Disney films are on the Film Festival schedule this year. With the organ there, a program of pre-sound cartoons/shorts ("Alice...", "Oswald the Rabbit") might be an interesting screening.


But my personal preference would be to show the only Disney animated film done in Cinemascope --



*Sleeping Beauty*

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*"Bibbidy-Bobbidy Beyoootiful!!! What a wonderful idea!"* - SueSue


Glad you like it. The theater did present the Cinemascope version of *Sleeping Beauty* about five years ago when a new DVD was released. So I know the theater can accomodate that widescreen format. (I've been told the Chinese can no longer present true Cinemascope films.)


But, the theater seats nearly 1000 people. Whatever is shown there should be something that could attract a large audience. And I am not sure if that many people would show up for *Sleeping Beauty*.


Plus, I saw *Fantasia* in the El Capitan and it is "weird" to see a small-format film on that large screen in that large auditorium.


There are some live-action films which, with the right Special Guests, could easily draw a full house. It will be interesting to find out just what surprises are ahead.

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Ummm. I may be wrong about that idea that only a screening or two will be shown at the El Capitan.


I just looked at the theater's website (which sells advance tickets to its screenings) and both April 26th and 27th are blocked out for sales to screenings of Disney"s *OZ, The Great And Powerful* -- which is the featured film at that time. So maybe the Film Festival has the theater for those two days. Or it could be one day for the Festival and the other is set aside for a Disney Premiere. (The El Capitan does alot of those.)

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According to the current FF promo running, *South Pacific* will be the poolside screening.


And there will be more than one screening at the El Capitan theater. I can't remember the exact wording but it indicates more than just one screening.

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Thanks for the confirmation about *South Pacific,* lzcutter*.*


Wonderful news about Eddie Muller, David!


TCMFF 2013 Guest and Oscar Presenter Jane Fonda looked lovely in her canary yellow Art Deco-inspired gown. Wonder what she'll wear to the footprint ceremony and screening of *On Golden Pond*...

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A popular exhibit at last year's TCMFF gracing an exhibit in Club TCM was Audrey Hepburn's black and white formal Givenchy gown, and currently, a "new" authorized commercial has just been created for Galaxy chocolates with a technologically enhanced Hepburn:

And here is the accompanying article explaining how it was done:

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Thank you so much, filmlover! The Fashion Institute of Design & Marketing is a lovely museum, and I urge any and all "fashionistas" to saunter on over to see the lovely exhibit if the have a moment free in their busy TCMFF 2013 schedules!


They have costumes from *Argo, Django Unchained, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Skyfall, Hitchcock, A Royal Affair*, and more!


Don't forget that the museum hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. The museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Here's a link to the directions:



Ooh. And speaking of schedules, it's almost time to learn about this year's final lineup!

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A lonely whistle pierces the silence of the night as whirring steel grips tracks leading from Chicago to LA...


A classic 1952 film noir directed by Richard Fleischer with only a budget of $188,000...


A mobster's wife decides to testify against her husband...


"I like my bacon crisp and lots of butter on the toast."
Detective Sargent Walter Brown, played by Charles McGraw, must protect her...


But the mob is on their trail. "Point her out and turn the other way..."


Two women, one detective, the ruthless mob flunkies, a train rushing through the night to a scheduled destination and an uncertain conclusion...


Special Guest and Houston native Jaqueline White, who portrayed Ann Sinclair, will join possible host Eddie Muller as they introduce *The Narrow Margin.* White also appeared in such gems as *Crossfire* and *Thirty Second Over Tokyo.* Alan K. Rode wrote the wonderful biography of *Charles McGraw, Film Noir Tough Guy.*

I've never seen this film, but from what I've read here about the *The Narrow Margin,* it's a wonderful Marie WIndsor vehicle, and I can't wait to experience it on the "big" screen at the TCMFF 2013. How wonderful that Jaqueline White will be present to discuss this classic film noir!

It's on TCM right now!

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I agree, CineMaven! Great work, SueSue! I watched the film yesterday, and hope to see it in Hollywood next month, too! It was a wonderful movie, and surely proves that much can be achieved with a relatively small budget. Can't wait to get some "backstory" from Jacqueline White!



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Thanks, Cinemaven and Darryl, for the sweet comments! Looks like we will be out in force with all the Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor, Jacqueline White, and *The Narrow Margin* fans! I'll bring my homemade cookies!


BTW, if last year might be an indicator of this year's planning period, we received our TCMFF 2012 Final Schedule *14* days before the festival.

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I caught a new Film Festival promo tonight just before *Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison* and in the section announcing the attendance of Max von Sydow it said he would be discussing *The Seventh Seal* and *Three Days Of The Condor*.


Now "Condor" is a title we haven't heard before. I don't know if this is in addition to the previously announced *The Exorcist* or is a replacement for *The Exorcist* but it is a good movie for screening right now. The CIA is in the news a lot lately.

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{font:monospace}{size:12px}KYLE, you were right about *Three Days of the Condor!*




Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Mickey Rooney, Jonathan Winters,

Polly Bergen, Theodore Bikel and Norman Lloyd to Make Appearances, Along with


Essentials Jr. Host Bill Hader



The Film Forum's Bruce Goldstein To Present Frank Capra's The Donovan Affair (1929), Complete with Live Voice Actors and Sound Effects


The 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival continues to expand, with newly added appearances by legendary stars at screenings of some of their most memorable films, including Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Mickey Rooney, Jonathan Winters, Marvin Kaplan, Barrie Chase, Polly Bergen, Coleen Gray, Theodore Bikel and Norman Lloyd, as well as producer Stanley Rubin, Clara Bow biographer David Stenn, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) film collections manager Katie Trainor and director Nicholas Ray's widow, Susan Ray. In addition, TCM's Essentials Jr. host and Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader will present screenings of Shane (1953) and The Ladykillers (1955). And The Film Forum's Bruce Goldstein will present a special screening of Frank Capra's The Donovan Affair (1929), complete with live voice actors and sound effects to replace the film's long-lost soundtrack.





Mel Brooks is slated to talk about his comedy The Twelve Chairs (1970). Carl Reiner, Mickey Rooney, Jonathan Winters, Marvin Kaplan and Barrie Chase will reunite to celebrate the 50th anniversary screening of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), which will be presented in 70mm at Arclight's Cinerama Dome. Polly Bergen will attend a screening of J. Lee Thompson's Cape Fear (1962), while Coleen Gray is set to appear at a screening of Stanley Kubrick's The Killing (1956). Theodore Bikel will be on hand for a presentation of The African Queen (1951). And Norman Lloyd will chat about his long professional association with Alfred Hitchcock at a screening of the director's delightfully droll thriller The Lady Vanishes (1938). In addition, the festival's tribute to Max Von Sydow will now include a newly added screening of Three Days of the Condor (1975), along with the previously announced screening of Ingmar Bergman's classic The Seventh Seal (1957).




Also slated for the festival, producer Stanley Rubin will talk about his experience making the colorful western River of No Return (1954), directed by Otto Preminger. Clara Bow biographer David Stenn will introduce the previously announced silent classic It (1927), featuring a live performance of the score conducted by its composer, Carl Davis. MoMA's Katie Trainor will present the rarely screened romance I Am Suzanne! (1933). And director Nicholas Ray's widow, Susan Ray, will talk about her late husband's work at a screening of the groundbreaking crime-drama They Live by Night (1949).





































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































{font:monospace}{size:12px} FOLLOW THE LINK: {font}{size:15px}



*Still to be announced:*

*Who might the celebrity be who is slated for a formal interview?*

*I am still hoping it might be Maureen O'Hara or Olivia De Havilland.*

*Maureen O'Hara* *will* *have an appearance in May at the John Wayne*

*Birthplace in Winterset, Iowa.*


*Follow the link for more infor about her appearance there:*
















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*"I'd love to see a restored copy. I've only seen a scratchy color copy."* - CountessDelave


Oh my goodness, Countess! Are you pulling a Miss Froy and "vanishing" this year? It wouldn't be the same if you are absent.


Copy of IAmSuzanneLC01


And who will "SueSue" and "lz" cocktail with?



Wonderful Write-up SueSue!

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