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Bavaria July 1939 English.big game hunter Captain Alan Thorndike(Walter Pidgeon)who has hunted all game tries to find out if its possible to kill Adolph Hitler.Thorndike has Hitler in the site of an empty rifle,pulls the trigger,laughs and turns to go.Having second thoughts and knowing that sooner or later Germany will go to war with England decides to rid the world of the tyrant.Getting Hitler in his site once again,he loads the rifle,but is jumped by an SS man.













Thorndike meets Major Smith(George Sanders)a high ranking nazi who tells the hunter,after meeting with Hitler he can return to England if he will sign that the English government consented to the plan.Shocked,Thorndike refuses and is beaten by SS men.When the hunter still refuses hes taken back to where he planned the shooting on a high ledge.Thorndike is pushed over and left for dead.













A branch saves Thorndikes life and he makes it to the harbor where an English ship is getting ready to sail for home.Thorndike makes it aboard and is hiden by Vaner(Roddy McDowall)the cabinboy.













Once in England Thorndike thinks hes safe,but a mysteriuus MR Jones(John Caradine)and a gang of nazi thugs are waiting.Thorndike hides out in a flat and meets Jerry Stokes(Joan Bennett)a street walker who helps Thorndike get to his brother Lord Gerard(Frederick Worlock)and his wife,Alice(Heather Thatcher)













Thorndike and Jerry fall in love,but soon they find Major Smith is in England and Thorndike decides the best thing to do is to get out of the country.Jerry is the contact between him and his brother,but Smith traces Jerry.













Once in Africa Thorndike again feels hes safe,but Major Smith is waiting for him and being out of touch for awhile,Thorndike finds out from Smith that Germany invaded Poland and WW2 is in full swing.













Great Noir Thriller.DONT MISS.Directed by Fritz Lang.




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