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Woman On Pier 13(1949)

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Brad Collins(Robert Ryan)is the luckiest guy in the world.Hes married to pretty Nan(Loraine Day)his brother in law,Don(John Agar)thinks hes the greatest and hes a high ranking foreman on a dock.



Trouble starts when Christine Norman(Janis Carter)Brads exmistress,a high paid model and leading communist comes back into his life.When Christine finds that Brad is married she angrily tells the party boss,Vanning(Thomas Gomez) an oily,arrogant,sadist,that Brad was once part of the party and was involved in a union murder.



Brad is approached by Vanning and he tells Brad hes still in the party and must go along or else.



Trouble starts on the docks and Brads best friend and Union head,Jim Travers(Richard Rober)asks him for help,but Brad is helpless.More trouble starts when Don and Christine start having an affair much to Nans anger.



They changed the original silly title,I Married A Communist.



Great Noirish Nail Biter.



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Two more anti communist Noirs,I Was A Communist For The Fbi(1951)and The Red Menace(1949)Uncle Sam is a better man than their Uncle Joe.


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