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Brad Durham(George Raft)a flyer for the black market takes off from a small base in Southeast Asia with a load of cargo and the police in hot pursuit.After a narrow escape he lands outside Shanghai with Ramon Perez(Marvin Miller)whos the co between for the boss, is waiting.Brad angry after being shot at and almost killed demands more money.Ramon tells him he must take it up with the boss.In charge is White Russian Tamara Baranoff(June Havoc)Tamara decides to make Brad a partner.Ramon angrily quits and joins Tamaras rival,Kardidian(Dan Seymour)







Brad returns to his hotel and finds the last of his WW2 bomber crew dead.All in the crew were thrown out of the service because they were falsely accused of being involved in the Black Market.







The dead mans sister,Linda Parker(Helena Carter)a missionary working with homeless war orphans going hungry because of the Black Market, goes to Brad to find out about her brother.Brad,involved in the Black Market is little help.







Brad changes his mind when he visits the orphans and is shocked by the children going without food.Brad and Linda are falling in love much to the anger of Tamara.








An old friend of Brads,Marc Andrews(Tom Tully)




is a reporter doing stories on the Market.Tamara and Kardidian want Marc stopped.








Note June Havoc was the sister of Gypsy Rose Lee.


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