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Run for The Sun(1956)

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Reprter Katie Connors lands in a small out of the way town in South America to find Hemingway type author Mike Latimer(Richard Widmark)After Katie meets Mike they fall for each other.Katie must return to New York and Mike offers to fly her to the nearest airport.On the way they have problems and the plane lands.



They meet a mysterious MR Browne(Trevor Howard)who takes them to his home.Also there is DR Van Anders(Peter Van Eyck)Suspicious Mike investigates and finds Browne was an English turncoat during WW2 and Van Anders is a wanted nazi murderer.



Great adventure film.



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On 11/3/2019 at 1:23 PM, Terrence1 said:

I also really like this movie.  It was fun to see Jane Greer in an adventure story.  I think this is a remake of an old Joel McCrea/Fay Wray movie.

Yes, it is a remake of RKO's THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (1932). It had already been remade by RKO as A GAME OF DEATH in 1945, which was directed by Robert Wise. You can find A GAME OF DEATH on YouTube since it's in the public domain. A GAME OF DEATH made the villain a Nazi since it was meant to be more timely, during the Second World War. And RUN FOR THE SUN keeps the villain a Nazi though it's ten years later.

RUN FOR THE SUN is currently on Amazon Prime. I notice it was produced by Jane Russell's company, though she did not appear in it. She must have bought the rights from her old pal Howard Hughes when he was dissolving RKO. But instead of Jane Russell starring in it (maybe she was busy making another movie at the time), the lead female role went to Jane Greer.

RUN FOR THE SUN benefits from the strong acting of Richard Widmark and Trevor Howard. Though I think it would have been better if they'd had Widmark play the villain and found someone else for the main role, like Jeff Chandler or Burt Lancaster. Widmark's really not the athletic romantic leading man type this part requires.

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