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Hollywood does a good job making war movies...

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Since the creation of Hollywood it's done a fairly good job of making war movies... the need to entertain the girls, inspire the boys... and make enough money to make the next film while paying the rent at home, being the chief goals of producers.


Having been to war and seen firsthand how real life is translated to script and then visually to film, the job of achieving accuracy while depicting those true events in a credible or believable way to the audience is a difficult task. Many directors succeed. Some don't.


Having watched war movies since I was four (in 1954) up to the day I enlisted in the Army in 1968 and volunteered to serve in Vietnam (having watched the movie, "The Green Berets", five times in as many days), I came to realize that it isn't the war movie that makes future soldiers join and serve with distinction or disgrace, but war movies do provide some insight into what a soldier can expect when he enters the military and arrives in a war zone. Audie Murphy didn't see any war movies prior to enlisting... John Wayne saw many wr movies before WW2 yet never served in uniform.


However, in all of the movies I have seen, there have been only two movies that I feel best prepare the soldier for the insanity that war is. Needless to say, war is insane. Anyone who has served in a war zone can testify to the fact that the struggle to remain sane, act, do and think sanely is a challenge for most humans even in peacetime. But the soldier I think who can best function in a war is one who has been prepared to constantly deal with insanity, chaos, stupidity, cowardice, bravery, foolhardiness, eccentricty, control freaks, homosexeual commanders, idiot officers, etc. etc... and take control of difficult instances.


Two war-related movies I'd like to see on TCM which have never been aired on TV are: "Hammersmith Is Out" (Richard Burton), and "All This And World War II" (The Beatles).


If every soldier was ordered to view both of these movies just prior to embarking for a combat zone his wartime performance would be astronomically efficient. He would be prepared for all that he will encounter in war... insanity.


Innoculating a soldier for insanity is as beneficial as innoculating him for common diseases he will be exposed to in the host war zone he is bound for.





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'All This and World War II'.......interesting concept (though exactly why???) and it would have been better if the music had been the actual Beatles recordings instead of having other artists sing the songs (some not bad...some were sort of OUCH).

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