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The Fox Cinema Archives, as it's called, is finally arriving sometimes this month, with three titles already available for pre-order at Amazon for $19.98 apiece: Rouben Mamoulian's romantic comedy "*Rings on Her Fingers'*' (1942) starring Gene Tierney and Henry Fonda; Irving Cumming's Technicolored Betty Grable musical "*Sweet Rosie O'Grady*'' (1943) with Robert Young; and Henry Hathaway's thriller "*Diplomatic Courier*'' (1951) starring Tyrone Power and Patricia Neal.


*More titles supposedly coming in July:*


"The Foxes of Harrow'' (1947)

"Dangerous Years'' (1947)

"The Perfect Snob," (1941)

"The Raid'' (1954)

"Twelve Hours to Kill'' (1960)

"Hudson's Bay'' (1941)

"The Man I Married'' (1940)

"Secret Agent of Japan'' (1942)

"Life Begins at 8:30'' (1942)

"Frontier Marshal'' (1939)

"Love is News'' (1937)


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More titles that will be part of the first 35:


Always Goodbye (1938)

The Baroness and the Butler (1938)

Career Woman (1936)

Chicken Every Sunday (1949)

Claudia (1943)

Do You Love Me (1946)

Fraulein (1958)

Intent To Kill (1958)

Junior Miss (1945)

Kidnapped (1938)

Mr. Scoutmaster (1953)

Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951)

My Wife's Best Friend (1952)

Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952)

Slattery's Hurricane (1949)

Slave Ship (1937)

Suez (1938)

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (1944)

They Came to Blow Up America (1943)

Three Brave Men (1957)

Way of a Gaucho (1952)



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There are maybe 3 titles in the FOX list that I want:






I like a number of the titles that Olive is putting out but I think the list price is way out of line. Rather spend that on the Criterion BR discs. I also like Screen Archives but am being very selective on these too. Only ordered JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and DESIREE. Glad they scaled the price down, but its not enough for me to purchase every title released by that company. Not sure if I will purchase the box of SINGIN IN THE RAIN or the single disc. I am wondering if the single will have most of what is on the box edition.

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I don't think I have purchased an Olive film yet. The reviews have not been great. The most I have spent on a single Blu film would be some of the Twilight Time/Screen Archives releases, but even those are so lacking in extras that I hesitate. For a little less money, one could buy a Criterion where you know they will have done some work on the film and provided a bountiful of extras. Or getting a studio-issued release that will be relatively cheap (for example, I just got "Hondo", which was released by Paramount, digitally remastered, has a number of extras, and only cost $12.99. Big Trail (temporarily exclusive at Wal-Mart) is also excellent at the same price.


Re: your question about Singin' in the Rain. Besides the film's 4k remastering, the only thing I have been able to determine as far as new things that could be on the disc is a new documentary. The rest of the collector's set is made up of two DVDs and the contents mirror exactly what was on the two-disc special edition DVD set that came out several years ago. I am going with the single-disc release coming out. I'd really like to have that book in the collector's set but I won't pay $60 more for it and an umbrella (at this moment, Amazon has the single disk release at $13.99 and the UCE at $76.49). I would also not be surprised to learn if some stores have exclusive variant editions when it comes out, like Target did with its digibook of West Side Story, which was a duplicate (except for layout) of the book in the WSS collector's set.

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August Releases:



*Accent on Love* 1941 "After the Depression, a real estate executive tires of his life working for his wealthy father-in-law and becomes a ditch digger, eventually aiding the residents of a slum to better their conditions. George Montgomery, Osa Massen and J. Carrol Naish


*Banjo on My Knee* 1936 "Ernie Holley runs away to New Orleans on his wedding night because he thinks he has killed a wedding guest. The Beverly Hill Billies' patriarch, Buddy Ebson, makes a memorible appearance. Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Buddy Ebsen and Walter Brennan


*China Girl* 1942 "At the beginning of World War II, a newsreel cameraman and a Chinese woman with important military information are chased by the Japanese in Burma. Gene Tierney, George Montgomery and Lynn Bari


*Claudia and David* 1946 "After a psychic predicts an accident, a naive woman tries to persuade her husband to stay home from a convention.Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young and Mary Astor


*Destination Gobi* 1953 Navy weatherman are forced to accept the help of Mongol nomads in the Gobi desert during World War II, when their craft comes under fire from Japanese attack.Richard Widmark, Don Taylor and Max Showalter


*Josette* 1938 The table turns on two brothers, Don Ameche and Robert Young, when they attempt to save their father from a woman they believe is a gold digger. Don Ameche, Simone Simon, Robert Young and Lon Chaney Jr.



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This is great news. However on their website, it seems that those titles listed as being on sale effective 07/03/12, you are not able to purshase, only those on sale on 06/26/12. Is this correct, or does it just need updating, or...?

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More classics available:






recent wave of worthies includes:



[My Gal Sal|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60257&loc=buzzsearch|My Gal Sal] (1942), the biopic/musical with [Victor Mature|http://www.moviefanfare.com/tag/victor-mature/|Victor Marure Movie Articles]



[The Power and the Glory|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60261&loc=buzzsearch|The Power and the Glory] (1933), A railroad magnate's ([spencer Tracy|http://www.moviefanfare.com/tag/spencer-tracy/|Spencer Tracy Movie Articles] Movie Articles) life unfolds, from his rise from a humble track walker to the unhappiness that ultimately came with his success. The first Hollywood film to tell its story through narrated flashbacks.



[Deep Waters|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60248&loc=buzzsearch|Deep Waters] (1948), Set on the coast of Maine, as lobsterman Dana Andrews is cajoled by social worker fiancee Jean Peters to act as a mentor to troubled orphan Dean Stockwell and steer him towards responsible adulthood. Powerful 20th Century Fox cast of contract players includes Jean Peters, Cesar Romero, Anne Revere.



[Nob Hill |http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60258&loc=buzzsearch|Nob Hill ](1945), The musical tale of Barbary Coast innkeep George Raft’s bid to break into the upper crust; due to Raft's penchant for film noir and action films, he was rarely seen in Technicolor, making Nob Hill a treat for his fans but it isn't he who walks away with the movie -- youngster Peggy Ann Garner steals every scene!



[The Forbidden Street|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60253&loc=buzzsearch|The Forbidden Street] (1949), Jacques Tourneur’s unusual period drama tracking the doomed relationship between rich Victorian (Maureen O'Hara) who falls for her impoverished alcoholic art teacher art teacher (Dana Andrews).



[Earthbound|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60250&loc=buzzsearch|Earthbound] (1940) Warner Baxter is gunned down by his ex-lover (Lynn Bari), who then callously sets up her husband (Henry Wilcoxon) to take the fall for the murder.



Warner Baxter returns Warner Baxter saddled up for a third and final time as the Mexican Robin Hood, riding to retrieve the land of lovely Lynn Bari from predatory sheriff Robert Barrat. [The Return Of The Cisco Kid|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60187] (1939).



[For Heaven’s Sake|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60252++] (1950), a comedy of earthbound misadventures for angelic helpmate Clifton Webb, with Joan Blondell, Joan Bennett and Robert Cummings.[ Elopement|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60251&loc=buzzsearch|Elopement] (1951), another comedy with Webb, joined by Charles Bickford, as furious new father-in-laws reluctantly teaming to track down runaway newlyweds Anne Francis and William Lundigan.



[The Caribbean Mystery|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60184&loc=buzzsearch|The Caribbean Mystery] (1945) features James Dunn as a Brooklyn detective searching for a missing surveying team in Trinidad; Aaron Spelling penned the screenplay for [One Foot in Hell|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60183&loc=buzzsearch|One Foot in Hell] (1960), a sagebrusher that finds sheriff Alan Ladd out for revenge on his community after his wife dies.



Joel McCrea bolts from new bride Barbara Stanwyck when he think he killed someone on their wedding day in [banjo on My Knee|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60177&loc=buzzsearch|Banjo on My Knee] (1936);



[Destination Gobi|http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D60180&loc=buzzsearch|Destination Gobi] (1953), Richard Widmark leads a team of American servicemen in Mongolia who depend on local nomads to help them when Japanese forces launch an attack.



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10/16 RELEASES (some impressive releases)



COME TO THE STABLE, Loretta Young, Celeste Holm



SING BOY SING, Tommy Sands



MY PAL GUS, Richard Widmark



THE ROCKET MAN, Charles Coburn



SWANEE RIVER (Tehnicolor), Don Ameche



THE GOLDEN GIRL (Technicolor) Mitzi Gaynor



MOTHER IS A FRESHMAN, Loretta Young, Van Johnson






TAMPICO, Edward G. Robinson



THEY HAD TO SEE PARIS (1929) Will Rogers






NIGHT PEOPLE, Gregory Peck, Rita Gam



STORY ON PAGE ONE, Rita Hayworth, Anthony Franciosa



THE VISIT, Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Quinn



TAKE HER SHE'S MINE, James Stewart, Sandra Dee



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*A Life In The Balance* 1955 A serial killer plagues the streets of Mexico City while the son of a wrongly accused musician seeks to clear his father's name.Ricardo Montalban, Anne Bancroft, Lee Marvin


*A Privates Affair* 1959 Three Army Privates go to New York City to sing in a nationally televised contest and meet girls. Sal Mineo, Gary Crosby, Barbara


*Down To The Sea In Ships* 1949 A youngster joins the crew of his grandfather's whaling ship Richard Widmark, Lionel Barrymore, Dean Stockwell


*Everybody Does It* 1949 A man humors a wife who wants a singing career despite the fact that he has a great voice. Paul Douglas, Linda Darnell, Celeste Holm, Charles Coburn, Millard Mitchell, Lucille Watson, John Hoyt, Leon Belasco, Tito Vuolo, George Tobias


*Father Was A Fullback* 1949 Football coach George Cooper has as many problems managing his football team as he has at home dealing with his daughters, Ellen and Connie. Fred MacMurrary, Maureen O'Hara, Betty Lynn, Rudy Vallee


*Fury at Furnance Creek* 1948 The son of a U.S. Army general, unjustly accused of giving orders which resulted in a massacre in 1880, visits the boom-town of Furnace Creek, Arizona seeking evidence of his father's innocence. Victor Mature, Coleen Gray, Glenn Langan, Reginald Gardiner


*Half Angel* 1951 A repressed nurse with a free-spirited split personality causes much romantic confusion for herself and the men in her life. Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten and Cecil Kellaway


*Happy Land* 1943 An Iowa druggist becomes embittered when his son's life is cut short during World War II. The grieving father, helped by a friendly spirit, goes on a voyage of discovery and reconciliation.

Don Ameche, Frances Dee, Harry Carey, Anne Rutherford


*It Happened in Athens* 1962 In 1896, a Greek actress hungry for publicity publicly announces that she will marry the winner (her true love is a shoo-in) of the local marathon, but when a poor shepherd wins the race, the actress is forced to make good on her promise. Jayne Mansfield, Xenia Kalogeropoullou, Trax Colton, Nico Minardos


*It Happens Every Spring* 1949 A university chemistry instructor accidentally discovers a compound that causes baseballs to curve. He uses this knowledge to become a pitching phenomenon.Ray Milland, Jean Peters, Paul Douglas, Ed Begley Sr., Ray Collins


*The Kid from Left Field* 1953 The pint-sized son of a down-on-his-luck big-league baseball player is unexpectedly appointed manager of a struggling baseball team.Dan Dailey, Anne Bancroft, Billy Chapin, Lloyd Bridges


*Little Old New York* 1940 Little Old New York is the exciting film drama of innovator Robert Fulton and his invention of the steam engine. Alice Faye, Fred MacMurrary, Richard Greene, Andy Devine


*Madison Avenue* 1962 Determined to win at all costs, an ad agent embarks on a path of deception to win a prestigious account risking even national security in his quest Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain, Eddie Albert


*My Pal Gus* 1952 The divorced father of a mischievous boy sends his son to day-care and falls in love with the teacher, but soon his ex-wife appears and begins making demands. Richard Widmark, Joanne Dru, Audrey Totter


*Show Them No Mercy!* 1935 A young couple and their child end up hostages of a gang of violent kidnappers. Rochelle Hudson, Cesar Romero, Bruce Cabot, Edward Norris


*Sing, Boy, Sing* 1958 A young rock-n-roll idol nearly cracks under the pressures of his unscrupulous manager's pushing and his grandfather's "hellfire and damnation" religious training. Tommy Sands, Lili Gentle, Edmond O'Brien, Nick Adams, John McIntire


*Stanley and Livingstone* 1939 When American newspaperman and adventurer Henry M. Stanley comes back from the western Indian wars, his editor James Gordon Bennett sends him to Africa to find Dr. David Livingstone, the missing Scottish missionary. Spencer Tracy, Nancy Kelly, Richard Greene, Walter Brennan


*The Guru* 1968 A fictionalized version of George Harrison's first visit to India, THE GURU is the story of a British rock star who makes a sojourn to India to learn the sitar from the master guru Ustad Zafar Khan. The spiritual serenity of the guru's home is then wrecked by a seige of female would-be students who want more of the rock star than the sitar. Michael York, Rita Tushingham, Uptall Dutt, Ismail Merchant


*This is My Affair* 1937 A naval officer goes undercover to stop rampant bank robberies made by crooks with high-level connections. Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Victor McLaglen, Brian Donlevy, Sidney Blackmer


*Three Came Home* 1950 The true story of Agnes Newton Keith's imprisonment in several Japanese prisoner-of-war camps from 1941 to the end of WWII. Claudette Colbert


*Tonight We Sing* 1953 Musical biopic based on the life and career of impresario (and Russian immigrant) Sol Hurok who, despite having no musical talent of his own, fostered the careers of many who did. David Wayne, Anne Bancroft


*Wait 'till the Sun Shines, Nellie* 1952 A small-town barber's personal tragedies are compensated for by the presence of his adoring granddaughter Nellie. David Wayne, Jean Peters, Tommy Morton


*Where Do We Go From Here?* 1945 An eager, would-be swabbie wants to join the Navy in WWII, but is unable to due to a medical condition. He enlists the help of a slightly loopy genie who seems to be able to place him in any historical situation except WWII. Fred MacMurrary, Joan Leslie, June Haver



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Deadline USA w/Humphrey Bogart/Ethel Barrymore/Kim Hunter

That Lady in Ermine w/Betty Grable/Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Story of Alexander Graham Bell w/ Don Ameche/Loretta Young/Henry Fonda

Sentimental Journey w/ Maureen O'Hara/John Payne

Late George Apley w/ Ronald Colman/Vanessa Brown

Brasher Dubloon w/ George Montgomery/Nancy Guild

I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Know w/ June HaverMark Stevens

Jackpot w/ James Stewart/Barbara Hale

Dreamboat w/Clifton Webb/Ginger Rogers/Anne Francis

Inferno w/ Robert Ryan/Rhonda Fleming

The Warriors AKA Dark Avenger w/Errol Flynn/Joanne Dru/Peter Finch

Best Things in Life Are Free w/Gordon MacRae/Dan Dailey/Ernest Borgnine/Sheree North

A Hatful of Rain w/Don Murray/Eva Marie Saint

A Crack in the Mirror w/Orson Welles/Juliette Greco

Gigot w/Jackie Gleason



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Buyers beware several of these FOX films that were released theatrically wide screen are being released in a pan and scan version such as BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE, SING BOY SING and possibly HATFUL OF RAIN, I really don't know what FOX is thinking releasing these titles as if there were no HD TV. I refuse to buy any widescreen movies that are released as full screen.



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THE MUDLARK, Irene Dunne



THE FAN, Madeline Carroll, Jeanne Crain












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I have been hearing some bad things about the FOX CLASSICS pressings. I have ordered several titles but have not had any problems until now. EVERYBODY DOES IT which stars Linda Darnell and Paul Douglas is one of my favorites. The print at most times is so dark looks like the whole film was shot in the evening. Hurt my eyes. Looks like the contrast needed to be turned up when they pressed the disc. In any case it went back to Amazon. Any others like this in the future will also go back. Seemed like something Alpha would put out and all their films are PD. Shame on you FOX.



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Some more good titles coming but I am concerned about the quality since FOX has really botched their MOD releases. Several widescreen films but will they be anamorphic or pan and scan.









LISA (1962)


MISTER 880 (1950)

OH, MEN! OH, WOMEN! (1957)












WARLOCK (1959)


WILSON (1944)


Edited by: Edgecliff on Feb 14, 2013 4:38 PM

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