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Erik Gruenwedel posted some newly announced titles @ Home Media Magazine - more Jimmy Stewart, a couple Loretta Young films from 1936, a couple Spencer Tracy films from the early thirties, the 1950s musical April Love, a 1940s Technicolor musical w/June Haver, Vivian Blaine and Celeste Holm...


Always disappointed though when their waves don't include Betty Grable. There's only a few of her most popular titles as yet unreleased - most notably Song of the Islands, Diamond Horseshoe, Mother Wore Tights and Springtime in the Rockies.


Can't help but think those titles would make a great Vol. 2 box set but why (would they) start making good decisions now? Since Fox's MOD program's been handled so poorly they're considering suspending it I'd at least like to see those films make it to DVD.


Anyhow, here's Erik's list and descriptions:


July 30


No Highway in the Sky (1951) stars Jimmy Stewart as an aeronautical engineer who predicts a new type of airplane will fail, and then finds himself onboard one of the doomed planes. The film also features Marlene Dietrich and Glynis Johns.


Ramona (1936) with Loretta Young and Don Ameche; April Love (1957) with Shirley Jones in this Oscar-nominated (for Best Music, Original Song) film; Sweet and Low-Down (1944) was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song for ?I?m Making Believe.?


August 6


Wake Up and Dream (1946) stars John Payne as a Navy enlistee who goes missing in action; American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950) is directed by Fritz Lang and stars Tyrone Power; The Fiend Who Walked West (1958) is a remake of Kiss of Death from 1947, and stars Hugh O'Brian and Robert Evans.


August 13


Dante?s Inferno (1935) with Spencer Tracy and Rita Hayworth; White Fang (1936) retells Jack London?s story of a feeble brother (Thomas Beck) and a woman (Jean Muir) who inherit a mine in Alaska. Four Sons (1940), again stars Don Ameche in a World War 2 actioner; and The Right Approach (1961) with Frankie Vaughan.


August 20


Private Number (1936) stars Loretta Young, who goes to work for a wealthy household as a servant girl; Me and My Gal (1932), with Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett; and Three Little Girls in Blue (1946) with June Haver, Vivian Blaine, Celeste Holm and George Montgomery; The Sweet Ride (1968), Bob Denver (?Gilligan?s Island?), Anthony Franciosa, and Michael Sarrazin live in a Malibu beach house and find a mysterious woman (Jacqueline Bisset) washed up on shore.


Edited by: farnsbarns on Jul 26, 2013 4:37 AM

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And there they go again...

Classicflix confirms April Love will be pan & scan.

Poor decision, especially since it even says "CinemaScope" on the front cover artwork and a lot of their current problems stem from previous pan and scan offerings.


Edited by: farnsbarns on Jul 26, 2013 8:44 PM

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I recently found quite a few of the titles from the Fox Cinema Archives for sale Used at Ameoba Music in Hollywood. Seems there is no indication that they are DVD-Rs, but they are priced as rarities, around $22.99 each.

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Arturo, you should be able to tell a DVD-R by it's purplish color (on the non-label side) instead of silver that you'll find on pressed discs, btw.

Amazon doesn't usually pick up Fox Cinema Archive titles until one week after the release date so if you can wait that extra week to order you can get a better price and free shipping.

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NoraCharles, think the FOX people are screwy and their track record is spotty. Its awful they do not care about releasing many of their widescreen films in pan and scan. Won't buy any of these and I can imagine anyone in this day and age wating a pan and scan. Only film buffs are wanting these classic films so the ccmpany needs ot get it right. I would imagine ZOO IN BUDAPEST wlll be eventually released. I am looking forward to THREE LITTLE GIRLS IN BLUE which is still listed nowhere but due for release.

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Four more from Fox's Cinema Archives:


*Four Sons* (1940) - Don Ameche

*The Right Approach* (1961) - Frankie Vaughan, Martha Hyer

*Wake Up and Dream* (1946) - John Payne, June Haver

*White Fang* (1936) - Michael Whalen, Jean Muir,


Wake up and dream, silly title. The Right Approach is a CinemaScope film and not sure if this will be another pan and scan.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Aug 19, 2013 2:22 PM

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*Me and My Gal* (1932) - Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett

*Private Number* (1936) - Robert Taylor, Loretta Young

*Three Little Girls in Blue* (1946) - June Haver, George Montgomery, Vivian Blaine, Vera-Ellen, Celeste Holm


Edited by: Edgecliff on Aug 21, 2013 7:22 PM

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farnsbarns wrote:


"There's only a few of (Betty Grable's) most popular titles as yet unreleased - most notably *Song of the Islands*, *Diamond Horseshoe*, *Mother Wore Tights* and *Springtime in the Rockies*."


All four Technicolor musicals from the height of her popularity during and just after WWII but I feel I've done Betty a bit of a disservice by mentioning only four of her films not yet on DVD - there's at least two more I'd like to add to that list.


By 1942 when she starred in *Footlight Serenade* she was appearing in increasingly more color films - in fact, aside from Four Jills in a Jeep - 1944 (not really a Betty Grable vehicle - no pun intended), this was to be her last B&W film.


And of course Oscar Nominated *When My Baby Smiles at Me* (1948) -

Best Actor in a Leading Role - Dan Dailey

Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture - Alfred Newman


Those six would complete her DVD catalog from 1940 onward with the exception of The Farmer Takes a Wife (1953).


As a footnote, every one of these Betty Grable not-yet-on-DVD titles including The Farmer Takes a Wife was previously available on VHS except for Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe.


Anyone awake there at Fox Cinema Archive?

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*MOTHER WORE TIGHTS* one of Grable's biggest musicals was one of the titles voted for in a list of select titles from the 40s to pick for future BR releases. Although it did not get enough votes, I still think its a title that is forthcoming for FOX on BR. They already announced such tiles as ON THE RIVIERA and THREE FACES OF EVE, two titles that were not listed in the online voting selection. So lets keep our fingers crossed The other Grable titles hopefully are forthcoming on DVD-R.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Sep 15, 2013 12:01 AM

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Can anyone confirm that DESK SET is being released on Blu-ray this

fall/winter? If so, do you know the date?


I heard something about it months ago, but haven't seen any recent sign that it's actually being released. I'd love to get it -- we almost always watch our DVD of the movie each holiday season, and Blu-ray would bring out a lot more detail in the ultra-wide Cinemascope picture.

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*Due 12/3 from FOX in Blu Ray.*?


The Black Swan (Blu-Ray)

?Call of the Wild (Blu-Ray)

?Carmen Jones (Blu-Ray)

?Desk Set (Blu-Ray)

?The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Blu-Ray)

?Jesse James (Blu-Ray)

?North to Alaska (Blu-Ray)

?The Undefeated (Blu-Ray


Edited by: Edgecliff on Oct 3, 2013 7:21 PM

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Great news from all the upcoming releases... however, MOSS ROSE actually stars Victor Mature and Peggy Cummins, along with Barrymore. Mature also stars in CRY OF THE CITY. DECISION BEFORE DAWN stars Richard Basehart, not Burton.


Thanks again for the info.

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