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I really wish I had more informattion but I bought the "Greatest Mystery Classics" 100 movie pack at Wal-Mart today & I can't for the life of me place the actress on the front. It's 2 packs of 12 dvd's with a box around them, the box has different people on it than the individual 50 movie packs inside. She's on the left (if you're holding looking at it) in a light colored "suit". Anyway, I feel like an idiot because I can't even find the picture of the actress I'm asking about! I guess I'm hoping someone has also bought/seen the pack. I'm usually good at knowing who classic stars (especially actresses) are & this is driving me CRAZY. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Wat, I didn't have any luck finding a DVD-pack similar to your description using the name "Greatest Mystery Classics" or "100 Greatest Mystery Classics" or "Greatest Mystery Classics 100" on either the WalMart or Amazon.


The closest I came to is [this WalMart product with Ava Gardner|http://www.walmart.com/ip/14323593] in a 3-person collage.


If you can search WalMart or Amazon and find the exact product box, that's Step 1. Step 2 is, unfortunately, figuring out how to use TCM's horrible "improvements" on this forum messaging for posting a link. First, switch to PLAIN TEXT when you're writing, and off to the right side, you'll see a PLAIN TEXT HELP column of 'formats' to use... choose LINK: NAME URL and try to follow those typing formats - the Brackets, the URL address, etc. Such a pain for a so-called "improvement".

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Yes, but as I wrote, that's not the package WAT originally described. One of those out-of-print box sets that one WalMart location bought up and is selling on its own, and it's apparently not available in the on-line catalogs because they didn't have enough copies left.


I've been pleased with the MILL CREEK "25-50-100" pack, by the way. These are usually littered with public-domain-only prints - ie, fairly horrible - "but it's all we have" and some are actually quite good. They have a HORROR pack with a fairly good WASP WOMAN version, which is the one that TCM's shown recently but it's hard to recommend these for anything more than sheer volume of films for the small price.

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