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By Any Other Name, II

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I know the posts on this thread may have gotten more complicated because of me (at least someone said something to that effect that I had upped the bar, so to speak), but I am starting another thread for those who want things a little more simple. The final answers here should be no longer than one or two short sentences, at most or just a name of a person or movie. Anything longer belongs on the other thread. Thanks.







{font:Times New Roman}"A Dog ____ Flanders” ____ Beaumont was Ward Cleaver Anouk Aimee foreign film “A ____ and a Woman” Sean Connery famous role, James _____ Edith Wharton novel made into Irene Dunne film, “The _____ of Innocence”{font}


Edited by: allaboutlana on Jun 7, 2012 8:44 AM

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Open Thread?


Old Song "Happiness Is Just A Thing Called ________" Another Old Song "In The ________ Small Hours Of The Morning" Alexandra Zuck's Professional Name Sinatra Movie "Robin _____ ______ Seven Hoods" Biopic Of Gertrude Lawrence Disney Film "The _________ In The Forest" Taylor Anf Burton Starred In "Divorce His, Divorce _________"


It's nice to see some more folks involved. This is not a movie title.

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:^0 This is priceless. Miles got it. The answer is "open thread". A joke. Was it a good one?? ?:|







And I'm stumped by the one Miles left: So far, I'm guessing:


Joe...Wee...Sandra Dee...And the...A Star Danced...Light...Her.


I can't put it together in any meaningful fashion. Can you?

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Ooooooh! I misread and went for Ms. Lawrence's written bio ( A Star Danced ) rather than the biopic.

As for Joe Dee and the Starlighters, that group (and The Twist) came and mostly went while I was, uh, living abroad. I do remember "The Pepperment Twist" and Chubby Checker's hits playing occasionally on the American Forces Network (AFN).


Joe Dee and the Starlighters


??? If I'm correct, open thread. But this was fun.

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They're fun to solve and also fun to compose. Joey Dee And The Starlighters is correct. Now try this.


Paul Scofield Starred In " ____ ________ For All Seasons " Hair Creme Commercial Slogan "A Little _____________ Do Ya" She Popularized The Peek-A-Boo Hairstyle



Say it fast.



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Amanda Blake



Someone was in the kitchen with her Place to sell sea shells: Sea _____ Sonny _____ Cher Crystal _____ from "The Women" 'For Those Who Think _____" The devil _____ me do it! _____ France "What Makes Sammy _____?" 60s rocker Grace _____ Beatles ditty: " _____ Me To You" No _____ intended Next of _____ Dirty _____ (an unwashed pup?) + _____ Moranis.

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*Dinah Shore and Alan Young made Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick*. Very good clues. That one might be a little long for this thread. Remmber, Lana started it to get away from the longer "By Any Other Name " thread. Try this one:


Folk Group Peter, _______, And Mary, Christopher __________ Played Superman Billy Budd's Captain James ____ _______ Giant Peach "___________ Of The Lost Ark"




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