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By Any Other Name, II


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"It All Came True" - One of Bogie's lesser known movies.  Now try this.


Shirley Temple Film "The Poor Little _____ Girl" + A Sharp Piece Of Broken Glass Is Called A ______ + In "Northwest Passage", Spencer Tracy Led _________ Rangers + " It _______ Only A Paper Moon, Floating Over a Cardboard Sea" + "Casey Would Waltz With The Strawberry Blonde, And The Band ______ On" + Marsha Mason Was "The Good_______ Girl" + A Male Turkey + A Male Duck + Bud And Lou Film, "_______ The Navy"  + "You're Just Too Marvelous, Too Marvelous For _________" + "_________ The Angels Sing" + TV's Carlton The Doorman Was Played By Lorenzo __________



I'ts an actor and his role.

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Yes, that's it.  Tom Drake, whose real name was Alfred Alderdice, was billed as Richard Alden when he played Cary Grant's son in "The Howards Of Virginia"  in 1940.  He was billed as Tom Drake in "Two Girls And A Sailor" in 1944.  Do you think the name change came from that turkey and duck thing?  It's your turn, Starliteyes.

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It must be Koala + Tea + Street or Quality Street.


Starliteyes, I have found that the best test of a clue is if it can be solved as a stand alone clue without the context of the rest of the puzzle.  When I saw _______ Bear, I certainly didn't think of Koala.  If you had put the word marsupial or Australian in the clue, it would have come more easily.  I might have used the clue _________ Lumpur.  For the second clue, ______ For Two, If you had put quotation marks around the clue, then it would have been obvious that it was a title.  Otherwise, one might consider the phrases Dinner For Two, or Table For Two.   Scarlet ________ could have been Scarlet Ribbons or Scarlet Letter.  What I'm trying to say with all this is that I think it works better when the clue is not ambiguous.  By giving a frame of reference, that will generally lead your reader in the right direction.  


Here's a quick one:


Brenda Joyce Played This Role With Two Different Leading Men + To Steal Cattle




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I believe we have Come To + Thus + Table or "Come To The Stable".


Now try this one.  



Groucho's Show "You ____ Your Life" + "_____ And Sympathy" + Charlton Heston Film "_____ Lady Down" + Robert Stack Starred In "______fighter And The Lady" + , + Robert Taylor Was A Marshal In "The _____ And Jake Wade" + She Played Loretta In "Car Wash" + John Wayne Film "______ To Bataan" + Gable Starred In "______ Of The Wild" + , + Martin _____ Lewis + Actress Winningham + Abbreviation For "The Land Of Lincoln" State + "You're _____ The Army Now" + In "Road To Bali", Bob And Bing Sang "Hoot ______" + Nick Nolte Starred In "Cannery ________" +William Wellman Directed "A ______ Is Born" + The Village People Sang "_____ The Navy" + Gerry And The Pacemakers Asked The Musical Question "_______ Do You Do What You Do ____ Me?" + Singer ______ Hopkin Had A Hit With "Those Were The Days" + O'Neil Wrote "_____, Wilderness" + W.C. Fields Was Featured In "If I Had A __________" + Basketball Playing Dog "_____ Bud"


It's performers and their movie.  

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