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By Any Other Name, II

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Thanks, Miles....must confess I've never heard of that movie until now.


next: Hot topic of the week was "___flate Gate" + Richard _____ played Mel Cooley + "Life ___ ___ Cabaret Old Chum" + capital of Montana is ______ + "_____ and Sympathy + Rodney Dangerfield starred in "Back to ______" + "The Lemon ____ Kid + "Eight Men ___" + "Holiday _____" Crete is the largest island in _____.  ?? 

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I think we have :


Didi Conn is a beauty school drop-out in "Grease".  


Very inventive clues, Edythe.  However, I'm sure that the purists would point out that Helena is the capital of Montana.  I'm too polite to mention it myself.  


So now, we've both made little boo-boos in our recent posts.  I hope this next one is okay.  It's a person. 


The Standells Had A Hit With "Dirty Water", About The __________River + In The TV Series "I Remember Mama", Dick Van Patten Played _________, Who Was Mama's _______ + Don McLean Wrote "Them Good Ol' Boys Were Drinkin' Whiskey And _________, Singin' "This'll Be The Day That I Die" + Billy ________ Played Lonnie In "The Biscuit Eater"


We in New England are a bit sick and tired of hearing about "Deflate Gate".  I'm sure that after the Super Bowl, the media can latch onto something else.  They're like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

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Very appropriate for Mar 17th :D  


We have Dar + Bee + Oh + Gill + and the + "Little People". Thanks Polecat! 


Next: TV's  "_______ Anatomy" +  "The ___ Wolf" + W.C. ____ + sings + "Broadway ______  Rose" + Buddy Holly had a hit with "Oh ____" + "___ Good as it Gets" + '78 film "Water_____ Down" + "Stomp the _____" + RO's co-host for the Essentials, ____ Field.


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