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Refined festival costs

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Thanks to both of you who answered my original questions re festival costs and I'm sorry to bother everyone again but I need very specific info (mainly because this would be a gift and I have to be very accurate). I'm feeling very lost and need lots of help.


I'm looking for a clean, safe, centrally located hotel that is cheap ! I don't need pools and all kinds of special amenities--except a frige in the room for some of my meds. I was thinking of The Renaissance, because they quoted me a senior price of $220, but found out today that rates go up to about $700 once the festival dates are released and I can't afford any where near that !


How much am I expected to leave for daily maid service ? I'll have my own breakfast and lunch, but where can I get a decent dinner for a reasonable cost ?


I'm not planning on spending money on souvis, except maybe a program for celeb sigs. Hopefully nothing else. No tours/side trips, etc.. Also I'm flying out of Boston, so I'm guessing the airfare will be high. Without specific dates it's hard to get any clear answers from anyone, but I can't

purchase a pass without a hotel in mind. I'll be buying an Essential pass, which runs about $600, I believe. So that's the only cost I have nailed down (unless they go up next year !)


I have to worry and try to get things rolling now as it will all hit so fast and everything will need to be booked immediately.


Every little piece of info helps.

Thanks again, in advance,


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> The Renaissance, because they quoted me a senior price of $220, but found out today that rates go up to about $700 once the festival dates are released





Where did you get the quote on the Renaissance being upwards of $700 a night during the festival? That's incredibly steep by any standards, especially for a single room.


The Hollywood Roosevelt, for the last three years, has had a partnership with the Festival. Room rates run, I think, about $250 a night. The hotel sold-out very quickly this year so you have to be ready to book and keep your eye on the announcements.


There are a number of moderate places to eat on the Blvd from In-N-Out Burger (actually on Sunset Blvd just a block down from the Roosevelt - http://www.in-n-out.com/) to Baja Fresh (across from the Roosevelt- http://www.bajafresh.com/) to Miceli's Italian restaurant (near the Egyptian- http://www.micelisrestaurant.com/).


There's also the Pig and Whistle (http://www.pignwhistlehollywood.com/) and a number of eateries in Hollywood and Highland, the mall complex that surrounds the Chinese theater. A look at the website for Hollywood and Highland probably has some details- http://www.hollywoodandhighland.com/.


There's a Johnny Rockets (hamburgers and shakes) at Hollywood and Highland as well as higher end fare.


Mel's Drive-In the old Max Factor building basically offers coffee shop food, http://www.melsdrive-in.com/


There's also storefront pizza places where you can get a pizza by the slice and a drink for not a lot of $.


There will be a complimentary pocket guide and a commemorative program guide as part of the Festival. The pocket guide is free, I'm not sure about the commemorative program.


For the last three years, the Festival has been held in April, if that helps.


As for tipping the maid, it depends on the quality of service you receive. Anywhere from a couple of dollars to $5 a day should be sufficient.


You can google airport shuttles los angeles or hollywood (http://tinyurl.com/7aw94ks) to see who offers shuttle service from LAX and Burbank. You can often get a price quote as well.


Check-in time for the Roosevelt is usually about 3 or 4 in the afternoon and check-out time is, I think, 10:00 am though you can ask for a later check-out time if you need to.


Hope that helps!

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