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The Gentleman: A Rare Breed

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In a society where the cockeyed baseball cap his replaced the fedora, and the average young man's every other word begins with 'f', I am a bewildered ingenue. Where are the gentlemen of yesteryear? Where are the Ronald Colmans, the Cary Grants and William Powells who, even in the heat of argument, never allowed their language to be anything less than polite? Where is the basic breeding that taught a man to hold the door for a lady or send a cheery "g'day" to the neighbors? Gentlemen are a rare breed these days; I know I've seldom met one, ergo my lament. Now, my question is this: how many of you fellows who frequent this board find yourselves emulating those impeccable leading men of the silver screen? Also, what can we do to bring the all-too modern blokes about?

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Well, it's not only the blokes who need coming about. What about the lasses? The last time I opened a door for a member of the fair sex, she slapped me in the face and said, "What do you think I am, a lady?"

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It is incredible the way decorum has declined over the years! Where are the "non-slobs"?


I believe there will be a revival of a more refined way of behaving; after all, don't things go in cycles, right?


We can only hope ...




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I think "the whole bunch" should be glued to their chairs and made to watch Turner Classic Movies. The men can study Coleman, Grant, and Powell (as mentioned) and the women can emulate Dunn, Garson, and Kerr.


(interesting to characterize actors on what kind of roles they're known for)

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that water descends to its own level, ergo those who appreciate good manners will find others who do also.


Why just last Friday, I was at my local Borders perusing the new film releases like "Letter to Three Wives" and "Strangers When We Meet" and I looked down and saw argyle socks next to me in the aisle.


Well, they were on a man who had real shoes on, not gym shoes and dress slacks and a pullover sweater and he said "Excuse me but do you know if there is a foreign film section here?" and I was dumbfounded!


Why I almost asked for his hand in marriage. His manner, though impeccable was simply shocking.


Not all women today can appreciate someone this genteel. So I say leave people to their own rewards and someone will surely appreciate them for their own reasons, instead of being told to.


I most surely would have enjoyed a date with William Powell as the pursuer of the Thin Man [he wasn't really the Thin Man you know] or someone like Ronnie Colman.



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Geeze Fuster, what kind of barbarians do you run into that the experience of having a reasonably well-dressed man ask you a question in a civilized manner gives you the "vapors"? :D Actually since you could tell his socks were argyls means either that he was dressed in "flood control" pants or that he was wearing his belt up around his armpits. All kidding aside there has been a shocking decline in public manners. If you ask someone politely to desist from obnoxious behavior it usually results in EXTREME verbal abuse from the loutish oaf. I once asked a jet skier to kindly obey the sign posted at an inlet beach about no take-offs or landings in the area due to heavy use by bathers. He got in my face and let loose such a torrent of foul,abusive language that I was SORELY TEMPTED to head-butt his ugly, stupid mug. But I managed to control myself and he left... which is all I wanted him to do in the first place...

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Have faith, fellow posters, there's a new day dawning!!


Here in Calgary, there are several private schools which now teach manners and proper etiquette.

From Grade 9 on, students are taught the proper behaviour of ladies and gentlemen and the correct dress for both, also.


At the end of Grade 12, there is a huge ball in the Convention Centre attended by the Mayor and Council and the local glitterati. The youngsters are presented in white evening gowns and tuxedos and there is a banquet and dance.

TV and newspapers present all the students named in pictures and film of them dancing.

This has been going on for 40 years here and it has filtered down to the public schools and surrouding towns. It started with about 4 schools and now there are 3 dozen involved!


This years crop are to be presented to The Queen as she will be here in May for Alberta's Centennial ceremonies.

If you can pass The Queen's muster, then you're 'in' for sure.


Now-a-days, I find that most businesses will not hire uncouth people and business etiquette is strictly adhered to.



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I'm surprised to hear about all this disgust. Most of the people I encounter use polite forms of address, hold doors open for everyone, etc. They do dress more casually, including me; I'd love to walk around in a suit all day but it gets really hot out there.

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