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i need your help (for those wanting to help)


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I'm not here to complain about TCM's programming or argue over a disagreement and start trouble.


I've decided to give DVDs another shot. This morning I went to work on my DVD recorder.


The first thing I wanted to figure out was how to finalize a disc. I spent an hour reading the manual. I tried to finalize a DVD I made in the past , but the machine wouldn't let me. Some of the sections on the player weren't highlighted. So I couldn't finalize anything. So , I tried timer recording set up. I couldn't set it up. The player was set for January. I couldn't change the date. So I gave up and moved on to something else.


I set up the channels. That went fine.


So , I'm having trouble finalizing DVDs and timer setting.


For old fashioned idiots like me, this is hard , stressful stuff. (joke)


Last night , I browsed the internet. I checked out websites such as sears.com and walmart.com. Not many stores carry VCR-DVD combos anymore.


There are only 3 on the market and they are quite expensive compared to Blu-ray players. Blu-rays run around $60 - $70. DVD players run $29 - $44. VCR-DVD combos run $100 - $499.


The cheapest one is the Magnavox machine. I've read a lot of negative reviews about it not having a tuner and being cheaply made.

I read about the Toshiba machine (the one i own) , it seems to be the second affordable one.

The most expensive is the Panasonic machine. It's the most comlicated one. Lots of buttons and all.


I've given up on the VCR-DVD Recorder for now.


My cable went out last night while I was watching TCM. I'm still upset over it. There was a movie on that I've waited a long time to see.


Edited by: TCMfan23 on Jun 23, 2012 3:12 PM

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TCMfan, I seem to recall that one of our long-time posters here, FredCDobbs, has a VCR/DVD recorder. I vaguely remember a thread he started once about how difficult it was to find and buy one. Maybe not, it was a while ago.

Perhaps you could pm him for some advice. ( You wouldn't mind, would you, Fred?)

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Im sorry you are having so much trouble finalizing/setting timer. Do you have a remote with your recorder? The button on my remote is disc menu, thats how I go to finalize my discs. The button I use to set the timer is timer prog. I have a Magnavox dvd recorder and it works great. I made the mistake of buying an emerson vcr/dvd combo years ago and the vcr only lasted me a year. And the dvd part won't finalize dvds anymore so I can't play those on anything but the same brand:( Hope this helps.


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You might want to check eBay for a unit just like the one you are used to. If, like me, you are fortunate enough to find an identical replacement, you'll be able to finalize anything left over from your old equipment. I know eBay sometimes gets a bad rap, but if you are careful about who you're dealing with (check out their feedback) you should be okay.


BTW, what was the movie you missed out on the other night? Perhaps someone here who recorded it then (or a previous showing) might be able to help you.

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Saw this online-


Toshiba Digital Video Recorders with a built-in DVD burner feature automatic finalization when the machine finishes burning content to the disc. However, the disc must be full for the auto-finalize function to work. When recorded programs are burned to a DVD but do not fill the disc to capacity, the disc must be finalized manually. Finalization is the process of closing the disc so it cannot be recorded over, and encoding the disc so it can be played on components other than the Toshiba.





Record content to a blank DVD using the one-touch record operation on the Toshiba, then wait for the display panel to report the recording is complete.

* 2


Wait for the control panel to display the auto-finalize message. If it does not, the disc is not full and must be manually finalized.


* 3


Press the "Setup" button in the lower right-hand corner of the remote control, select "Disc" and press "Enter."

* 4


Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight "Finalize" then press "Enter" to display a confirmation window.

* 5


Use the up and down arrow keys to select "Yes" then press "Enter." Wait for the "Finalization Complete" message to display before removing the DVD.

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It's difficult to offer help with such general, generic questions and descriptions such as you gave. The suggestions given below are useless without knowing what the specific machine is which you have...one cannot generalize or make assumptions about how to do what you need to do.


What would be more helpful is if you gave us the manufacturer's name of your DVD recorder (Magnavox, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc...) and the specific model number (which will either be on the front or on the back somewhere).


This way, with people knowing the specific manufacturer and model number, we can look up specific directions and/or information...or possibly even the machine's owner manual online...and therefore be able to give you specific directions on what to do. The timer and date/clock has to be able to be set...I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to do so.


As far as finalizing any existing discs you have...assuming they were made on that machine...giving us the model number and such so we can look up directions for it online might be able to turn up directions as to how to finalize those discs...assuming something hasn't already been done to them to prevent finalization.

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>I'm not here to complain or argue and start trouble.


Haha, sorry. I'm not here to flame you or call you names either! (I abhor name calling)


>I've decided to give DVDs another shot. This morning I went to work on my DVD recorder. (snipped) I read about the Toshiba machine (the one i own)


Great! I own the same recorder and highly recommend it for it's simplicity and longevity-it's been heavily used for over 2 years. I *play* DVDs via a separate unit to help extend the life of the recorder. They are so cheap right now, it's worth it.


>I've given up on the VCR-DVD Recorder for now. And rather than buying a VHS/DVD combo, you can hook your VHS player directly to the recorder to transfer any VHS to DVD you want-EASILY.


Hopefully I can help walk you through it. I know once you get the hang of it, you'll love it. You can PM me if you like, but posting within the thread allows others to chime in with more (& often better) advice.


I pretty much use DVD *-* Rs, because that's what's compatible with my Mac. I have found no need to finalize disks after recording them, they work just fine on my DVD player. Try it to see. It may be that minus format, I really don't know WHY, it just works.


But if you feel the need to finalize, press the "setup" button on the remote. A menu of 4 to 5 options will appear, "Finalize" is in there. "Format" erases RWs, so don't choose that!


>There was a movie on that I've waited a long time to see.


Which one? I may have burned it. :-)


>I tried timer recording set up. I couldn't change the date.


(you might want to read the legend for the remote, pg 12 in my instruction book for clarification of buttons)


Again, go to "Setup" on your remote. One of the options that appears is "clock setting"-choose it by pressing "enter" on your remote. Then, use the "up/down" arrows in the center circle of your remote ^ to scroll through the date, then press right arrow > to do the same for the time. Make sure the time is correct to the MINUTE or you'll cut off your recordings!


Really, once you get the hang of it by scrolling through options, it will become second nature. But your recorder's date & clock MUST be correct at all times. Let us know if you can't figure out setting the timer to record.



Edited by: TikiSoo because I had forgotten to address the time set question

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