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The two main writers of this piece drew from personal experiences in their own backgrounds for incidents in the story. One such story: In childhood, one of them had spent summers with his sister living with their grandmother, near an amusement park. For years, they had played "Skeeball" at the park, never cashing in their winner tickets, and planning to finally collect a fabulous amount of prizes. Just days before their planned triumph, the Skeeball concession burned down, and they never collected. That story in incorporated into the movie.


The Writer / Star is currently starring in a long-running comedy series, that has made news, other than its entertainment function.

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Yeah, Sixes; apologies. Been on the sick list. The kind of eye doctor appt where drops in your eyes make everything look like cotten candy. Curbed my online time and sabotaged my TV time.


The story of looking up the lost friend allows for some reminiscence. They recall incidents from when they were much younger -- from pre-school up to after HS graduation. These memory flashbacks make use of child actors of different ages. These seem to be the ones referred to in the Crazy Credits passage.


As for the "Role Call" clue, does nobody know who is still playing the role of 'Alan Harper' ?

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Taking advantage of a clause in his contract saying he did not have to

work on remakes, and believing the film wasn't 'an important film' was

the official reason given by this actor for not taking the lead role in one

of the most famous remakes of all time.



According to the author of a book about the films of this (now deceased)

famous screenwriter/director in an ICONS Radio interview (10-07-07) the

real reason this actor bowed out was because a successful screenwriter

was going to direct his first movie. This actor didn't want to trust his

part to this neophyte director.


Please name the actor (movie and director optional)



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