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Yes, Ray Heatherton played Val Lamar in "Babes In Arms" on Broadway in 1937. The song "My Funny Valentine" is sung about his character. Also in the show was a young actress named Davenie Watson. They would later marry. Their daughter's name is Davenie Johanna Heatherton, of course, better known as Joey. If you lived in New York City in the fifties and sixties, (I did not), you would be familiar with Ray Heatherton from local television where he appeared as "The Merry Mailman".

Also in the cast of "Babes In Arms" were future movie song and dance men Dan Daily and Ray McDonald. Another thing in common with finance's question about "Carousel" is that the female lead in "Babes In Arms" was played by former child star Mitzi Green. In "Carousel", the part of Carrie was played by Jean Darling, a former child actress in the "Our Gang" comedies. Your turn, lavender. Do you remember "The Merry Mailman"? And while we're feeling so merry, I want to wish everyone on the TCM message boards a Merry Christmas from merry old Miles.

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This Oscar winning director had a tough time with 2 legendary stars on the set of an early 60's film. Both wore toupees because they were balding, and both had a rough time taking direction because of hearing problems. Both stars had hearing aids. Director, film, and the 2 legendary stars of this film ????

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The leading man for this film was not the studio's first choice.


William Holden and Marlon Brando were being considered.


The leading man was thought to have been too old and away


from the screen for too long - although on stage, and no longer


a box office attraction. The director insisted and got his man.



This film had three directors. The first couldn't get along with


two of his actors, one being the very man he insisted upon


playing the lead role. He's rumored to have punched him in


the jaw during a heated argument. The other actor (a very


famous actor playing a supporting role) called his bluff about


'tangling' with each other which resulted in this first director


leaving the project.
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