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Favorite film soundtracks or film songs

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The 2014 remastered Eric Serra soundtrack to 1994's Leon: The Professional

I checked Amazon first, and then decided to order it from Import CDs.

It really sounded good on YT, so I expect the CD to be wonderful!

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I have several.  But, if you're referring to soundtrack RECORDINGS that are released for the general public or consumer market, the WORST, in my opinion, is the "hatchet job" donne by the label that released the OCEAN'S ELEVEN( 2001) soundtrack CD, which omitted a couple of the better pieces of music from that film.  However, as just a film soundtrack, I consider it one of the better ones in recent times.


I also dug the soundtrack for "That Thing You Do".


Going back to my dope smoking days( or, "daze" as my wife likes to call the time!)  I've often, and sometimes still do, just listen to the background music(or "score" as some would call it) of a movie.  Just sit there with my eyes closed and take in what the music is doing and how unique or "avant garde" it can sometimes be.  And in THIS category, I'd place:






and, just about any film with a Franz Waxman score;


At the top of the list!



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Three of my favorite versions of songs never made into the film--but both are available to see & listen to in the "General Discussions" Forum (I'm on an old computer that won't cooperate when I try to post anything more than words, Blast it)


Ava Gardner's version of "Cant Help Lovin' That Man" is heartbreaking & on key--but MGM dubbed her anyway--is in the "Ava Gardner" thread.


Audrey Hepburn's version of "Just You Wait, Henry Higgins", is the one song where she didn't have to trill like a songbird & can be seen after the "Show Me" video, both cut from My Fair Lady (1964) when Warner Bros. decided to use Marni Nixon to dub Audrey Hepburn's songs--AH has the edge on comic attack & accent, IMHO--search "Show Me' in "General Discussions."

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Laura- Laura (1944)- Dick Haymes or Ella Fitzgerald

Gone with the Wind Suite- Max Steiner

Tammy- Tammy and the Bachelor (1957)- Debbie Reynolds

Pennies from Heaven- " " (1936)- Bing Crosby

I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams- Sing You Sinners (1938)- Bing Crosby

Goodbye Charlie- " " (1964)- Bobby Darin 

Put the Blame on Mame- Gilda (1946)- Rita Hayworth

This Happy Feeling- " " (1955)- Debbie Reynolds

Swinging on a Star- Going My Way (1944)

We Have Never Met as Yet- I Love Melvin (1953)- Debbie Reynolds & Donald O'Connor 

Buttons and Bows- The Paleface (1948)- Bob Hope 

Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son- Presenting Lily Mars (1943)- Judy Garland 

The Hanging Tree- " " (1959)-  Marty Robbins 

In the  Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening- Here Comes the Groom (1951)- Bing Crosby & Jane Wyman 

High Hopes- A Hole in the Head (1959)- Frank Sinatra 



Oh, I also love the theme song for "Somewhere in Time." 

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Merchant and Ivory's first American film, Savages, features an odd and amusing song/dance called "Stepping on the Spaniel" which I quite like. You can have a glimpse of it at around the 30 second point here:



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