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Favorite film soundtracks or film songs

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  • 4 weeks later...

So many heavyweight scores!!!


in 2006 AFI had another epic survey with *John Williams performed at The Hollywood Bowl & "Star Wars" (l977)was voted #1


the other top 9 out of 25 were> (*-denotes Oscar winner)

2nd *"GWTW" (l939) (Max Steiner)

3. *"Lawrence of Arabia" (l962) (*Maurice Jarre)

4. *"The Godfather"(l972) (Carmine Coppola & Nino Rota)

5. "Psycho" (l960) (Bernhard Herrmann)

6. "Laura" (l944) (David Raskin)

7. "Jaws" (l975) (*John Williams)

8. "Magnificent Seven" (l960) (Elmer Bernstein)

9. "Chinatown" (l974) (Jerry Goldsmith)

& 10th "High Noon" (l952) (*Dimitri Tiomkin)

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The Beatles "A Hard Days Night" is my favorite. It has great Beatles songs and a wonderful jazzy soundtrack.  By  THE WAY, IT IS ON THIS AFTERNOON ON TCM.  I AM TAPING IT.  If you can see it, it is an absolute treat.

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This was almost too easy or too hard for me.  Too easy because I've compiled playlists of favorite film soundtracks over the years. Too hard because picking favorites is next to impossible but I'll give it a try:

Jerry Goldsmith's exotic love theme from  "CHINATOWN"


Patrick Doyle's haunting love theme from "CARLITO'S WAY"

Alan Silvestri's memorable music from "CASTAWAY"

Fernando Valazquez's tragic & inspiring theme from "THE IMPOSSIBLE"

So many, many more.  Oh, and anything by JOHN BARRY.

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I feel the best way to answer with a list of my faves, is to just rattle off names of soundtracks I've purchased, downloaded, or even recorded myself with a microphone held up to the television speakers.

music from 'The Duellists'

music from 'Reilly: Ace of Spies'

various James Bond themes

theme from 'Magic', Theme from 'Papillon', Theme from 'Alien' --all by Jerry Goldsmith

soundtrack to 'The Music Man' by Meredith Wilson

soundtrack from 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'

Rossini's 'La Gazza Ladra' from Kubrick's ACO

soundtrack to 'Anatomy of a Murder', Duke Ellington

the 'Arabian Symphony' by I-forget-the-composer (soundtrack to 'Lawrence of Arabia')

soundtrack to 'The Third Man' by Anton Karas

piano music from 'Touch of Evil'

soundtrack from 'Bullitt', 'Dirty Harry', 'Cool Hand Luke' all by Lalo Schifrin (including songs from Harry Dean Stanton and Paul Newman in the last)

...that's all I can recall at the moment

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  • 2 weeks later...

COOLBEANS PAL!   A subject always near and dear to my soon to be 54yr old heart!!!


& no matter where I;ve ever written about composers   *MAX STEINER-(l888-l97l) has always-(even over *JOHN WILLIAMS-(l932-) has topped movie music composers fans list as A NO #1 of all-time!

Despite only winning-(RIDICULOUSLY) (3) *OSCARS for his music?  That honor-(*OSCARS) of course still goes to *ALFRED NEWMAN-(l90l-l970) under contract-(as were the stars & most) to certain "DREAM FACTORIES" 20th Century Fox & won (9 times.)  *STEINER started at RKO Radio & then of course seemed to do about 80% of WARNER BROS. pix. His debut for them was CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE or CAPTAIN BLOOD?  Only scoring-(no pun intended) his three for 1935's THE INFORMER (RKO Radio), 1942's NOW, YOYAGER(WB's) & 1944's SINCE YOU WENT AWAY (Selznick/UA)


& To JAKEHOLMAN-(I more thenmost know what that handle is from "The King of Movie Cool: Steve McQueen-(l930-80) was my very first hero & idol ages 9 to 15!  As u of most know 1966's powerful SAND PEBBLES was his one and only shot at the *OSCAR though? In my own "Alternate*OSCARS": I woulda' voted for him to win for 1973's PAPILLON! (P.S. Tothis day *Dustin Hoffmann speaks about how he starved & everything in order to look awful for that epic & after watching the dailies he saw Steve underplaying & stealing all their scenes together)



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Again to Jake,  have you ever seen (I've written about it on here&other sites many times over last dozen yrs) AFI's LIST OF "100 YEARS OF MOVIE MUSIC" (2006 poll) (Hosted by 5 time winner *J. Williams in THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL?)   Let me know, if you or anyone else wants Ill post them again & unlike the "100yrs...100 MOVIES"-(2 different polls a decade apart) This one only had the top 25

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