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Check out path40's website!!!

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I don't think he will mind-(hope not) But, I just had to post this about 1 of our fav. fellow TCM-ITES-(path40)

& his own exceptional "Classic Cinema Guide" website!


It's mandatory for any true Golden Age Buffs, to check-out Trust me


& I thank you

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Thank you very much for the kind words, it's always nice to know when one's efforts are appreciated.


BTW, for those who haven't noticed, I spend an awful lot of time watching and reviewing what I call "Obscure Films", which are usually "B" movies that TCM unearths from its vaults and airs during the day or at odd hours. I've posted close to 100 of these full reviews!


My most recent review is Tish (1942) which, though it's not a great film, is just the kind of movie I think folks who participate on these TCM message boards would enjoy. It stars Marjorie Main, Zasu Pitts, Aline MacMahon, Guy Kibbee, Virginia Grey and the beautiful (yet sadly tragic) Susan Peters.



You can find this and other such reviews here:



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Path, I was just on your site the other day, and let me tell you, it's one great resource for ANY film fan. I thought it was great when you first started it, and it's only gotten better over time. Keep up the good work!

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moviejoe & feaito,


thanks for the positive feedback. It means A LOT! Plus, I'm glad you continue to visit the site. Yes, I have been adding to the content (more reviews) and improving the existing (capsule review in particular) texts every day!


Thanks again!

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To path40, glad that it was ok with ya' that I gave

your website a lil' plug!


& as we were saying, there are many, many, more as yet to come-(need to be certain you got the couple links I sent you to date though? Plus, anything you need in relation with your site, I am at your disposle!-(hope I spelled that ok, pretty tired right now)


While I am on here I might as well note-(I sent this item to sev. already, yourself included)


"PREMIERE Mag" has come out with it's own-(emphasis on "OWN") List of the 50 Greatest Movie Stars of all-time!

I first got wind of this on networks like MSNBC & CNN?-(due to it's controversy in choices (EXAMPLE: Tom Cruise-(1962-) was voted #3 all-time motion picture star???)


& unlike some of AFI's polls & my pal>(klarkkent's own "Motion Picture Hall-of-Fame" or even the legendary Sight & Sound Surveys-(every 10yrs.) Of which kinda' include regular fans in voting.-(well, critics & directors anyway)


This "ridiculous," poll was limited of course-(although, on it's website they ask your opinion?)

To it's editing team of the magazine-(matter of fact, it's major editor: Glenn Kenny was on MSNBC about the long-list)

I'll submit list later for all the chew-over


By the way, Cary Grant-(1904-86) was voted #1 though-(unlike "AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars" (1999)

PREMIERE did not separate actors & actresses.

He was runner-up to: *Humphrey Bogart-(1899-1957) in the latter '99 special though.


& to path40, you likely already know of-it, or even get it. But, whats your opinion of both: "Classic Images" & it's spring-off "Films of the Golden Age?"

The folks you mentioned below & tons of other little known contract players Are given huge articles


See ya' By the way, you & it appears a few others have "scooped me," on "Tish"


I'd sure like TCM to get the rights to several, but most of all:

"Up the River" (1930) (Fox Studios)

"A Man's Castle" (1933) (Fox)

"Death of a Salesman" (1951)-(To path40, have you ever been able to see this OSCAR nominated version?)

Another, rarely aired, if at all: 1958's "Gods Little Acre" (with the underrated: Robert Ryan-(1909-73)


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