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Ernest Borgnine dead at age 95

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I have actually mourned very few actors and actresses, Lucille Ball and Estelle Getty to name a few, and now, Ernest Borgnine. I grew up watching McHale's Navy and as aged I explored many of his movies. He has had a fantastic career and is someone I have long admired. I mourn the loss of such a talented man.



Goodbye Ernest, I will remember you always.



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I think it depends on how the gun fire is depicted in whatever the film is. The Colorado shootings took place in a theater with the audience being targeted. The finale of The Wild Bunch is something else entirely. Warner Bros., however, is giving seconds thoughts or second consideration to that Gangland Squad movie they're releasing later this year, because it does have a specific (and pivotal) scene of a gang firing through a movie theater screen into an audience. The trailer has already been pulled from theaters, and they claim it was pulled from sites like YouTube (but it's still very much up there and other sites), and WB is mulling over how to recut the movie or simply delete that scene because of last Friday's events.


SImilarly, after the events of 9/11, some movies being shown on tv featuring skyscraper disaster scenes or other such explosions and things, were pulled from being shown simpyl because of what had just happened with the World Trade Center towers.

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Well, if TCM does that I wouldnt be too happy. (Uncut and commercial free??) The story has nothing to do with what happened there. They shouldnt go overboard. I dont plan on watching it as I'm not fan of the movie (I did see it years ago).........


Edited by: Hibi on Jul 24, 2012 4:47 PM

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> from what i have read, many tv stations are not showing anything with a lot shooting because of what happen last friday.


Over the weekend some of the network channels pulled programming that had shootings but most of the cable networks didn't.


I think TNT, TCM's sister station, even aired *The Dark Knight* with no outcry.


There's been no announcement that TCM has reworked the tribute to Ernie Borgnine.

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I also learned to love this big teddy bear of an actor first through McHale's Navy..Then I went back and watched Marty..3 Brave Men..and so many others and yes he was a great ambassador to cinema film and its preservation..I not only like him as an actor but also as a .. candid guest on many shows ..I however did not like him as a bad guy..Because he was such a great actor..he was to believable.



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