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I've read some of the same things you mentioned. I've read other things to the contrary so who can say?

He carried himself well in the serials. He and Bill Elliot played Red Ryder in an exciting western series.

By the way, VCI has put out an excellent transfer dvd of this months serial.

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King of the Royal Mounted.....Chapter Two...Winged Death.

As King is surrounded by the fire,he searches for a way out. Finding none, he attempts to jump across the gorge.Losing his balance and falling backward,he lands in the water below.King swims to safety.

Garson is recaptured and identified by Linda Merritt as her fathers killer.Inspector King makes plans to take Garson to Ottawa for trial. Crandall notifies Kettler and a plan is made to stop Kings boat and free Garson. The plan works. Garson is freed and Inspector King is taken prisoner. Sgt. King and Vinegar Smith,a prospector, pick up the trail and locate Garsons hideout. After a fight, Garson escapes with Sgt. King in hot pursuit. King follows Garson to a waiting plane.King jumps on the back of the plane,knocks Garson to the ground as the plane becomes airborne. King fights the pilot for control of the plane. With the controls jammed,the plane plummets to earth and.........


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I'm hoping that I didn't confuse anyone yesterday. I usually close the chapter by including the next chapters title. Yesterday was a rush job thus the obmission and the need for an extra post.Anyhow,hope you liked it!

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King of the Royal Mounted....Chapter three..Boomerang.

Last week we left Sgt King aboard an airplane,its controls jammed heading towards the earth. King is able to avoid a crash by un-jamming the controls at the last second. He and the pilot{Blake] escape from the plane. Blake refuses to give any information on his mission. King places a location detector in Blakes saddlebag and with the help of Cpl. Merritt arranges for Blake to escape,hoping to trail him to his hideout. On the run, Blake meets Crandall who finds the detector and sets a trap for King.

Meanwhile, Inspector King learns of his sons plans and rides to the mine to meet Sgt. King. While there he sees Crandall and overhears him using a short wave radio to receive his orders. Inspector King arrests him and together they continue on to meet King.

Sgt. King arrives at the hideout and manages to surprise the gang. As he is about to arrest them, a fight starts.

King is knocked unconcious. Falling backward,he lands on a threadmill that carries him toward a whirling buzzsaw at the end . The blade gets closer and closer and........

Next week...Chapter four..Devil Doctor.

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Ken, there was no confusion last week by not having the title to the chapter i just thought i would use the word

boomerang to discribe how great each weekly chapter is

sorry for any confusion i may have caused lolite.

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Ken, I fell a bit behind at the Saturday matinee. Would you believe I couldn't get hold of a quarter to go to the movies. Mom was broke. (true story).

Now I'm caught up with your serial, and its good to see that our handsome hero (Allan Lane) is busting balls to keep us safe and getting into all kinds of turmoil.

Can't wait til next week....Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



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Last week we left Sgt. King laying unconcious on a conveyor belt rapidly heading toward certain death by a buzzsaw. Now Chapter 4......Devil Doctor.

Inspector King and his prisoner[Crandall] arrive at Horseshoe Canyon.A henchman wounds Inspector King.King returns the fire killing the henchman. Seeing his son in danger, he short circuits the control. The belt stops,King is saved, but Inspector King is electrocuted.

At the funeral,King vows to bring the killers to justice.Inspecting the files,King discovers a sanatarium using a large ammount of compound X.Going to investigate, King is convinced that things are not right and phones for assistance. Garson and his men have been using the sanitarium to make the mines and loading them aboard a submarine. Something triggers a fight but King wins out . Seeing Garson escaping in a speedboat filled with the mines,King pursues in another boat. Overtaking Garsons boat,King jumps aboard and knocks Garson overboard. The driver is next to go.King recovers just in time to see the explosive filled boat about to crash into the barrier.......

Next week......Chapter five...Sabotage


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KABOOM! I have a feeling that King will somehow manage to get out this mess and that's the fun and excitement of it all.

Looking forward to Chapter 5, right here, next week at the Bijou. Those were the days.



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Did you notice that the doctor running the sanitarium, Dr. Shelton, was played by that venerable serial villain John Davidson. He appeared in at least twelve sound serials, including seven Republics. Davidson was kind of an oddity in that he usually appeared as an assistant to the chief villain but was not an ordinary brains heavy or a hench man.


The only serial I remember him appearing in as the boss was "Perils of Pauline," a 1934 Universal production in which Davidson, as Dr. Bashon, chased Pauline, her father and friends around the world. His best role in a Republic serial was probably as Tal Chotoli in "Adventures of Captain Marvel" where despite all his strangely suspicious behavior, he was only a red herring. Anyway, his slick villainy was always welcome and you knew he'd cause the hero some problems.


I look forward to your weekly installments.

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I'm with you on Davidsons role in Captain Marvel. His distinctive voice and acting ability were assets to any serial he appeared in. His role as an assistant to the "Ghost" in DICK TRACY vs CRIME INC. was memorable also.

Glad to see you are enjoying the episodes.


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As the motorboat with King and the magnetic mines races out of control toward the shore,it seems all is lost. In true Mountie fashion,King jumps at the last second to safety. The boat rams the shoreline and explodes.

King and his men return to the sanitarium and arrest Dr.Shelton and his men. While there King discovers the fuse caps that is used to arm the mines. He confronts Dr. Shelton .Shelton secretly turns on a shortwave radio allowing Kettler to hear plans to move the fuse caps to Ottawa for testing. Kettler and Garson make plans to retrieve the fuse caps before they reach their destination.

That night Garson sends men to Mountie headquarters to get the fuse caps. King and Merritt surprise them and foil their attempt. Outside, other members of the spy ring hear that the caps are kept in a safe and return to force King to open the safe. King stops the men and makes the arrest.

Crandall learns from Linda Merritt that Cpl. Merritt is taking the caps by train to Ottawa. Kettler is overheard over the shortwave radio telling Garson to wreck the train. King ,with time running out, has Linda fly him to a point just ahead of the train. Boarding the train,King tells Merritt about the impending wreck. King is unable to get the engineers attention as the train races on to certain destruction. And............

Next Week......Chapter 6...False Ransom.


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I've been off computer for a couple of days changed from

dial up to dsl whoopie! I felt the need for speed on the computer so now just getting around to reading and

Ken King's going to save that train! i just know it

but how i do not know? I will hve to wait til tomorrow

still great days at the matinee ahead...thanks again

Ken for your time and effort on this thread its fabulous

every sat is a treat indeed :) lolite...

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KING OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED...Chapter 6...False Ransom.

As the speeding train nears Garson's trap,King tries without success to gain the engineers attention. Merritt and King leap from the train before it crashes. Garson and a gang member attempt to recover the fuse caps from the wreck but are stopped by the Mounties. Fleeing from the Mounties, Garson finds Linda and the plane and use it for their escape.

Unseen by Garson, Linda drops flares from the plane. She attaches her bracelet to a flare,dropping it from the plane. Vinegar finds the flare casing and bracelet and takes it to King. Garson is instructed by Kettler to get the fuse caps at any cost. Garson is to give Crandall a note saying that Linda's life will be spared in exchange for the fuse caps. Crandall gives King the note. King and Merritt work out a plan to rescue Linda. King will go to the hideout to rescue Linda while Merritt will take the fuse caps to Garson.

King rescues Linda and rides to help Merritt. A trap of a spiked platform set to drop ,awaits Merritt.Merritt spots the trip rope,and is engaged in a fight with Garsons men. King arrives and joins the fight. King is knocked to the ground beneath the spiked trap.The trip rope is kicked and the trap comes down toward King. And.......

Next Week.....Chapter 7......Death Tunes In.

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