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Calling all would-be Programmers:


*The 22nd TCM Programming Challenge returns on August 1st*. If you've entered before then I hope that you'll enter this one. If you've never entered the Challenge, try it out. You will be asked to program one week's schedule for TCM. Here's a link to one of the last Challenges and you can post on this thread or private message me if you have additional questions. This unofficial Challenge is not sponsored by TCM.





After Labor Day, just think what great conversational fodder you'll have to that age-old question: what did you do this Summer?



Stay tuned. Is anyone ready to commit?

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Count me in! If nothing else, I'm sure I can compile a week out of the days lost in revision from other challenges. :)


We don't know when SansFin will be back, so at the moment you'll have to list her as a probable no show this time.


I hope you've got something devilish for us!

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Filmlover, Capuchin, Kingrat-I'm delighted to hear from all of you and I look forward to seeing your schedules next month. Kingrat, I do hope that your workload will permit you enough time to enter the Challenge. It's always a treat to see what you come up with.

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Just a reminder that the 22nd TCM Programming Challenge will begin on Wednesday, August 1st. The requirements will be posted at that time. Anyone who wants to try it for the first time is welcome.




The Challenge is not officially sponsored by TCM.

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Here's to your flowing ideas. I can't wait to see where they lead.



I think this will be a really good Challenge. Not just because of those, like you, who have previously participated and express their interest but also because I am hopeful that some new folks will take the plunge.

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> {quote:title=Capuchin wrote:}{quote} (they're not good ideas, but they are flowing in).


I'm sure they are great! My problem with my ideas after having done about fifteen or so Challenges in the past can be summed in this line from "In A Lonely Place":


"Haven't I read that somewhere before?"

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Thanks for your encouragement for all would be programmers, LL!


Here is a list of past Stars of the Month, which should be useful in the Challenge. Thanks to lzcutter for originally compiling it.


{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}



May 1994: Greta Garbo

June 1994: Glenn Ford

July 1994: Greer Garson

Aug.1994: Edward G. Robinson

Sept.1994: Barbara Stanwyck

Oct.1994: Angela Lansbury

Nov.1994 John Garfield

Dec.1994: Best of 1994


Jan.1995: Esther Williams

Feb.1995: Ronald Reagan

Mar.1995: TCM Salutes the Oscars

Apr.1995: Doris Day

May 1995: Myrna Loy

June 1995: Errol Flynn

July 1995: Gene Kelly

Aug.1995: Paul Muni

Sept.1995: Jane Powell

Oct.1995: Clark Gable

Nov.1995: Barrymores

Dec.1995: Best of 1995


Jan.1996: Deborah Kerr

Feb.1996: Robert Young

Mar.1996: 31 Days of Oscar

April 1996: Irene Dunne

May 1996: James Stewart

June 1996: Rosalind Russell

July 1996: Fred Astaire

Aug.1996: Ann Sheridan

Sept.1996: Van Johnson

Oct.1996: Kathryn Grayson

Nov.1996: Robert Mitchum

Dec.1996: Best of 1996


Jan.97: Humphrey Bogart

Feb.97: Eleanor Parker

Mar.97: 31 Days of Oscar

Apr.97: Ava Gardner

May 97: George Brent

June 97: June Allyson

July 97: John and Walter Huston (also Director of the Month)

Aug.97: Cary Grant

Sept.97: Ida Lupino

Oct.97: Walter Pidgeon

Nov.97: Katharine Hepburn

Dec.97: Best of 1997


Jan.1998: Lana Turner

Feb.1998: Charlton Heston

Mar.1998:31 Days of Oscar

April 1998: Red Skelton

May 1998: Olivia de Havilland

June 1998: James Cagney

July 1998: Lucille Ball

August 1998: Joan Crawford

Sept.1998: John Wayne

Oct.1998: Cyd Charisse

Nov.1998: Claude Rains

Dec.1998: Best of 1998


Jan.1999: Elizabeth Taylor

Feb.1999: William Powell

March 1999: 31 Days of Oscar (probably)

April 1999: Dennis Morgan

May 1999: Bette Davis

June 1999: Mickey Rooney

July1999: Natalie Wood

August 1999: Peter Sellers

Sept.1999: Norma Shearer

Oct. 1999: Gregory Peck

Nov. 1999: Ginger Rogers

Dec. 1999: Burt Lancaster


Jan. 2000: Debbie Reynolds

Feb. 2000: Robert Ryan

March 2000: 31 Days of Oscars (probably)

April 2000: Spencer Tracy

May 2000: Alexis Smith

June 2000:Wallace Beery

July 2000: Judy Garland

August 2000: film debuts

Sept 2000: Jane Wyman

October 2000: Dick Powell

Nov 2000: Frank Sinatra

Dec. 2000: Lauren Bacall


Jan. 2001: Elvis Presley

Feb.2001: Jean Hagen

March 2001: 31 Days of Oscar (probably)

Apr.2001: Knighted Actors

May 2001: Jean Harlow

June 2001: W.C. Fields

July 2001: Ann Sothern

Aug.2001: James Garner

Sept. 2001: Robert Taylor

Oct. 2001: Lana Turner

Nov.2001: Glenn Ford

Dec.2001: The Marx Brothers


Jan. 2002: Marlene Dietrich

Feb. 2002: Kirk Douglas

March 2002: 31 Days of Oscar

April 2002: Barbara Stanwyck

May 2002: Edward G. Robinson

June 2002: Greta Garbo

July 2002: Sidney Poitier

Aug. 2002: Joan Crawford

Sept. 2002: Van Heflin

Oct. 2002: Final films

Nov. 2002: Shelly Winters

Dec. 2002: Montgomery Clift


Jan. 2003: Doris Day

Feb. 2003: John Garfield

Mar. 2003: 31 Days of Oscar

Apr. 2003: Harold Lloyd

May 2003: Olivia de Havilland

June 2003: TV Actors in Films

July 2003: Lee Marvin

Aug. 2003: 1st Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept. 2003: James Mason

Oct. 2003: Boris Karloff

Nov. 2003: Shirley MacLaine

Dec. 2003: David Niven


Jan. 2004: Katherine Hepburn

Feb.2004: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2004: Charles Chaplin

Apr. 2004: Judy Garland

May 2004: Greer Garson

June 2004: Cary Grant

July 2004: Stars That Died Before Their Time

Aug.2004: 2nd Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2004: Myrna Loy

Oct. 2004: Peter Lorre

Nov.2004: Clark Gable

Dec. 2004: James Stewart


Jan.2005: Canadian Actors

Feb. 2005: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar. 2005: Claudette Colbert

Apr. 2005: Errol Flynn

May 2005: Orson Welles

June 2005: Ingrid Bergman

July 2005: Audrey Hepburn

Aug. 2005: 3rd Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2005: Greta Garbo

Oct.2005: Robert Mitchum

Nov.2005: Joan Fontaine

Dec. 2005: Bing Crosby


Jan. 2006: Robert Montgomery

Feb.2006: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2006: Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald

Apr.2006: Deborah Kerr

May 2006: Bette Davis

June 2006: Anthony Quinn

July 2006: Elizabeth Taylor

Aug.2006: 4th Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2006: William Holden

Oct.2006: Child Stars

Nov.2006: Lucille Ball

Dec. 2006: Gary Cooper


Jan.2007: Jean Arthur

Feb.2007: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2007: Gene Kelly

Apr.2007: Rita Hayworth

May 2007: John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn

June 2007: Ida Lupino

July 2007: Randolph Scott

Aug.2007: 5th Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2007: A Star is Born (starmaking/breakthrough performances)

Oct.2007: Henry Fonda

Nov.2007: Guest Programmer Month

Dec.2007: Irene Dunne


Jan.2008: James Cagney

Feb.2008: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2008: Acting Dynasties

Apr.2008: Hedy Lamarr

May 2008: Frank Sinatra

June 2008: Sophia Loren

July 2008: Rosalind Russell

Aug.2008: 6th annual Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2008: Kay Francis

Oct.2008: Carole Lombard

Nov.2008: Charles Laughton

Dec. 2008: Joseph Cotton


Jan. 2009: Jack Lemmon

Feb. 2009: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar. 2009: Ronald Reagan

April 2009: Funny Ladies and 15th Anniversary

May 2009: Sean Connery

June 2009: Great Directors

July 2009: Stewart Granger

August 2009: Summer Under the Stars

Sept. 2009: Claude Rains

Oct. 2009: Leslie Caron

Nov. 2009: Grace Kelly

Dec. 2009: Humphrey Bogart


Jan. 2010: The Method

Feb. 2010: 31 Days of Oscar

March 2010: Ginger Rogers

April 2010: Robert Taylor

May 2010: Donna Reed

June 2010: Natalie Wood

July 2010: Gregory Peck

August 2010: SUTS

Sept. 2010: Vivien Leigh

Oct. 2010: Fredric March

Nov. 2010: Ava Gardner

Dec. 2010: Mickey Rooney


Jan. 2011: Peter Sellers

Feb. 2011: 31 Days of Oscar

March 2011: Jean Harlow

April 2011: Ray Milland

May 2011: Esther Williams

June 2011: Jean Simmons

July 2011: Singing Cowboys

August 2011: SUTS

Sept. 2011: Kirk Douglas

October 2011: Buster Keaton

Nov. 2011: Battle of the Blondes

Dec. 2011: William Powell


January 2012: Angela Lansbury

February 2012: 31 Days of Oscar

March 2012: Karl Malden

April 2012: Doris Day

May 2012: Joel McCrea

June 2012: Teen Idols

July 2012: Leslie Howard

August 2012: SUTS

September 2012: Lauren Bacall


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