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What would YOU like to have?

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The "Behind the scenes" thread gave me this idea, after one forum member claimed to have a sword used by Flynn and an arrow from the movie *Robin Hood* .



What prop from what movie would YOU like to have?



For me, instead of the oft coveted ruby slippers from *The Wizard of OZ* , I'd love to have that hourglass. I too, am assuming they made more than the one that was destroyed in the movie. I'm also assuming if there were, none of them exist today. Still...






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Sorry Sepiatone. I have made it known for quite some time on the Message Boards that I would have first dibs on the hourglass featured in "The Wizard of Oz" if it is ever found. I found some stores over the years which sell an hour glass not quite like the one in "Wizard of Oz" but they wanted as much money as you pay for a laptop computer. Sadly many of these stores are no longer in business due to the economy.


I once saw a twenty-four hour glass featured on an episode of "Bewitched" in the 1960s. It was a very huge prop. I have often wondered if that prop is sitting in a warehouse or basement like the one featured in the "Citizen Kane" film gathering dust somewhere in California waiting to be discovered again.


I also would like to have the "Art Deco" Grandfather clock which was situated between the bedrooms of Kay Francis and Herbert Marshall in "Trouble in Paradise" and the 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 which Dusin Hoffman's character abandoned on a side street with the keys still in the ignition when it ran out of gas as he was trying to stop Katherine Ross' character from getting married in "The Graduate".

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I don't think it actually was shown on the screen in The Lady Eve , but nevertheless I wouldn't mind having a case of *"Pike's Pale, The Ale That Won For Yale"* .


Or the satchel of money that Dan Duryea threw into Arthur Kennedy's lap in Too Late For Tears. Of course now I'm getting greedy.


Or the wheelchair in Kiss of Death. But now I'm getting sentimental.


But more than anything, I want that *"Club Intimate"* sign than Eduardo Ciannelli had Ben Weldon change from "Club Intime" in one of the early scenes in Marked Woman. Eduardo Ciannelli is a man after my own heart.

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From the movie "Frequency" (2000) I want the Heathkit SB-301 radio except I don't want the prop but an *unbuilt* radio without having to pay a small fortune for it on Ebay.


Spoiler: One can not *talk* on the *receiver only* radio!


oh heck, I'm drooling on the keyboard. :P





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Haha good one Fedya!


>Audrey Hepburns Hat and Sunglasses from Breakfast at Tiffanys


I have several movie props and things like these are rather unimpressive. They just look like an ordinary hat or sunglasses.


But everyone fawns over my $40 reproduction casting of the Maltese Falcon. Go figure.

There's repros of the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark available. Those are quite nice.


As I've stated before, I once had horses off the Something Wicked This Way Comes carousel in my shop. Potential buyers ALWAYS wanted them repainted "prettier". Rubes.

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Thomas, if what I speculated is true, and they DID make more than one hourglass for the movie, then there's no reason we BOTH can't have one! I don't care about the one from "Bewitched", or any reproductions( unless reasonably priced).



As far as that other hourglass sitting in a warehouse ala *Citizen Kane* waiting to be discovered, there's the fear it will be tossed in the furnace just like "Rosebud". Which is another prop I'd like to have.






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The witch's hourglass has been seen in other movies, as discussed on this board-it was simply an MGM prop. Most likely it was the same one later used in Bewitched.


If you search the internet, you will find several reproductions available. Maybe not quite as large, but they're around.


Wonder if the original one was eventually broken? There certainly is enough documentation about the several pairs of ruby slippers.


I was lucky enough to have seen an original "Dorothy" dress recently. I would really love to see the workmanship of the witch's guard, monkey or Munchkin costumes-they are so fanciful!

But I'd never want the responsibility of owning one.

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I've come up with a second item. The newspaper Elisha Cook Jr. carries in THE MALTESE FALCON. According to a biography of Hall of Fame pitcher Lefty Gomez I'm currently reading, the newspaper apparently announces the death of longtime San Francisco Seals manager and scout Nick Williams.


I think it's cool that it was a real SF newspaper and odd that I've seen the movie easily a dozen times and never noticed what was on the newspaper.

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I'd credit that to Huston. Sometimes it's the little things that directors insist on doing that make a story or scene valid.




There's a scene in *North By Northwest* when Grant and Eva Marie Saint are in a Chicago train station, and the public address announcer in the background (that most of the movie audience is likely to ignore) announces a train leaving for Detroit. But he mentions all the stops along the way, which WOULD be the stops a train from Chicago to Detroit would make. "Gary, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit, leaving on track____". Hitch COULD have gotten away without that technicality.




Then again, maybe Huston just wanted Cook to carry a paper, and the one he had was simply handy...






Edited by: Sepiatone on Jul 26, 2012 4:05 PM

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Where I live there is a great video store called Movie Madness Video and More.


The store carries everything from new DVD videos, to classics to MST3K videos to rent. The owner used to work in Hollywood and over the years he has collected quite a large amount of movie props and costumes. There is a small museum in the store where many costumes and props are displayed.



I found two "items" from the owner's collection that I would like to have.



1. The tap shoes James Cagney worn and danced in "Yankee Doodle Dandy"











2. The three piece suit and tie John Garfield worn in the film "Saturday's Children"
















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Thinking about an actual prop, I would like to have the *Baliset* Patrick Stewart played in "Dune".




Trivia: The actual sound was performed on the Chapman Stick. We don't have to wait until 10,191.


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Well ginnyfan, I have a feelin' you've watched BULLITT before, and so you may know that McQueen DOES make that Mustang "fly" over the streets of San Francisco in that movie too, right?! ;)

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