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#1. Bad Day at Black Rock

#3. The Professionals

#4. Hell in the Pacific


I meant it when i said you or anyone else using the right sources and movies already guessed could figure out the others without additional clues. otherwise they become dead give-aways, like in the last instance. Not much fun, IMHO.

When people are seriously stumped, i'm only too glad to give additional clues.


Once you know it's Lee Marvin, it can't be that hard to figure out the right movies.


Like no.2 : someone's after him. If you really want a clue, you can by all means get one. No extra charge.


Oh yes: Good work; I mean that!

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Well, there are rules to this game and people who want to play should abide by them. Otherwise its chaos....People shouldn't have to ask for clues no matter how obvious it may be (may not be obvious to everyone)....I haven't been playing this round, but rules are rules.

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OK, now chores for Thanksgiving are done have time to finish this one up.


#1. *Bad Day at Black Rock*


#2. *7 Men From Nowhere* ?


#3. *The Professionals*


#4. *Hell To the Pacific*


If #2 is the film, someone else can have the thread.


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone on the Boards

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?ve enjoyed playing the board for the past few months, but if people start accusing me of playing unfair or making up my own rules, i'm done.

If i've built up so little credit after posting so many questions over the last couple of months, then this player is checking out.


Game Over


PS # 2 is correct

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Emgee, busy with Thanksgiving but just checked in and read your post. Sorry that you feel that way and I hope you don't leave the bds. Don't know if you know about PM'S or not. If you look to the right you'll see it says INBOX then ( ) click on there, if you would like to discuss this further. In the meantime hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and please don't be upset, you've made some valuable contributions here and hope you'll stick around.

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