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Since I was the age that went to theaters to see movies and Elliot Gould was considered a movie star at that point, of course I saw the films. With that said, I first thought of *Goodbye Columbus* with Richard Benjamin as the film for girlfriend takes boyfriend home.

I need a break after the last one I did. PLEASE SOMBODY ELSE TAKE THIS THREAD



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*#1.* Spotted by a patrol boat - shots exchanged

*#2.* Return to the scene.. body is gone

*#3.* A large amount of counterfeit money is laundered

*#4.* She takes him into her boarding house and, later, regrets it

Same actress - chronological order - clues are all over the place
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*#1. To Have and Have Not*

*#2. The Big Sleep*

*#3. Key Largo*

*#4. The Shootist*

cyberella got 3 - finance got 1 excellent work :) Thanks to both of you, and everyone, for playing.

The thread is your's, cyberella - if you want it
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Okay, Kid. I guess I would label this quiz Fashion and Grooming" -- who said it and in what movie?

1. "Taffeta, darling. Taffeta."

2. "I've got a lulu."

3. "You just tore one of my chests."

4. "I'd like to kiss ya but I just washed my hair."

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*The Apartment* does seem to fit in with the rest better than my choice, but I think the line is, "Say, you've got a lulu", by Fran. That puts it up for grabs - I still think Apartment fits in better, though.

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Some great arguments here, but I have to give this one to KidDabb. It was Nora Charles in the Thin Man. Nick is planning the party to trap the killer and asks Nora if she has a nice dress (gown?). Nora says, "I've got a lulu." Congrats to the winner, and we do have some lovely parting gifts...

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