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cyberella, I realize that you are a new poster. On this thread 4 different clues are posted for 4 different movies with a common thread. The original poster of the thread set the rules for the thread, it creates too much confusion if we don't follow. If you want this thread, please post questions the proper way. You might want to look thru the threads to get an idea of how these games are played. Most of the time, posters don't get the answer at first and then clues are given for each film. The way you've posted your question, it's going to get too confusing to give clues for each film. Please re-do your questuion. Thanks.

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Believe it or not I did look back a few pages, but it wasn't clear to me that four questions was a rule. It just seemed to be a format some people were enjoying. Apparently my first success was purely by accident. It would be helpful if TCM provided a way to present the rules up front in the Subject area. Over 800 posts is intimidating and may very well discourage posters from playing the game at all.

In any event, since I seem to keep making mistakes, I think I'll sit back for the time being and just watch the game.

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cyberella- Not sure why you would think you would need to go thru 800 pages? If you look above to the left, you will see it reads ORIGINAL POST- you click on that and the OP states what the thread is about. Then you can read a page or 2 and see how other players have posed a question.

Ths thread is not difficult in concept. the point is to guess 4 Different films that the poster gives clues for. There needs to be a common thread to the 4. Usually, but not a hard and fast rule, the common thread is an actor or actress. Clues are given for 4 different films that actor or actress was in. We put the clues in terms of dates of the films. Earliest film to later film and usually reveal whether it's a Lead or Support Player. Very easy, very clear. Why not give the clues to the 4 films you have already posted about. You have a common thread. All of the threads on the games and trivia bd. have the OP's rules.Just click as I've said on Original Post.

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OK watch this.




1----She is the daughter of a well-known man




2-----She gets a divorce from her husband and marries a man she met while married to her husband.




3-----She is a singer who is in danger




4----She is a member of British royalty




Same actress in all 4 films; clues apply to her; chronological order; Film #4 is a supporting role.


Edited by: finance on Jan 18, 2013 5:33 PM

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cyberella. This thread has been explained to you a few times. IT'S NOT NUCLEAR PHYSICS. It's a trivia game. finance followed my post which by the way was meant as help to you, so lose the attitude. His post is an example and there are pages of how this done. What is the problem? No one is forcing you to play. If you want to join in you are welcome, but this is getting tiresome explaining something that really is OBVIOUS and needs no explanation.

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So far you haven't posted anything worthwhile or have contributed to these bds. Your 2 posts that have posed questions were confused, I've tried to help you and welcome you, but I see you are only here to cause trouble. Now, either pose questions according to the way the games are played or just be a quiet lurker.

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This is my 10,000th post on the boards!!!!!! It's my birthday today, isn't that a coincidence!


Same Actor, chronological order, all clues relate to his roles.


#1. A man's political aspirations are never fulfilled.


#2. A man who seems cold and distant is really kind and gentle.


#3. A man is fooled by a woman.


#4. A man goes to great lengths to conceal his terrible deeds.

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