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First of all I WANT AN APOLOGY FROM YOU. Secondly, He was also in Journey Into Fear. Third of all I just checked WIKI and it clearly states that he was in *Jane Eyre* they date it as 1944.. DO NOT EVER QUESTION ME AGAIN LIKE THAT, especially when you Don't know the film, and didn't research it properly. NOW I WANT THAT APOLOGY!

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Wow. Melt down in isle 7.

Seriously, the cute face is nice but why do you continue playing this game with her?

I just stopped by to see if the Queen B was still here, and I see nothing has changed.

Well, good luck. I'll be headed back to reality now.

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Please go back to where ever you came from. I'm not leaving. I've been here all most 5 years, you are going to have a long wait. And for your information without following the rules of a game, which you seem to have ability not to be able to do, since we've tried to explain those rules in Simple language for you, without following the rules out of respect for the OP, the bds. would be chaos.

Continue LURKING, since nothing you've posted thus far has made any worthwhile contribution.

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I can't go home now. This is too much fun. And sad at the same time.


You know, you really need to listen more closely to what people actually say. I never asked you to leave. I only wondered why the other two guys don't run like hell. Although I am respectful of your five year tenure here, you might try to consider my position. I was a member of the TCM community for just five days and was playing your game for the first time when I was confronted by a barrage of insults to my intelligence, my motivations, and my character in general. Believe it or not, according to the TCM Code of Conduct, you have no right to do that.


I don't know if you've noticed, but it has been just the three of you playing here for quite some time. Could it be that others have fled from your oppressive environment to find a more hospitable atmosphere? No one enjoys having their knuckles rapped with a metal-edged ruler for making a mistake. Or having an opinion.


If you hadn't launched your offensive against me, I wouldn't have believed you were serious when you screamed in all caps, "I DEMAND AN APOLOGY." Really? Do you usually get away with that sort of thing? I can't speak for "finance" but I think you owe me an apology.


I think you should know I will not sit passively and let you humiliate me again. The only reason I endured it before was because I was new and trying to cooperate. Actually I do have a very strong ability, perhaps not in understanding rules, but by reducing people into silence with words. I don't allow anyone to order me to shut up and lurk.


I sincerely hope you will examine your behavior and change it. I think it would be to your advantage, but, frankly, it doesn't affect me either way.







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Are you done yet? Lady, you truly don't know what you are talking about. Either post a question properly, as it's been suggested to you before, or stop posting nonsense. finance, was wrong and he knows it. It's really not your concern, my post was to him not you. It's obvious that you have no interest in the trivia games, why exactly are you here? Either post a question, or answer a question that's been posted, your opinions are not welcome when you know nothing about the situation.

If you go back to your first post, which wasn't done correctly, I took the trouble to answer your post and welcome you. Your second set of posts which followed one that was done correctly, (not by you) again was posted so that No One understood it. Why did you bother to post questions when they had Nothing to do with the thread.? I was the only one that bothered to answer your post.

For your information, no one other than finance and I care about this thread, most posters feel there is too much work involved. I think after 10,000 posts as oposed to your 30, I know how to play these games and

can also recognize someone who really has no interest in these trivia threads other rhan to cause trouble.

If you truly want to play these games, then start playing, instead of your continous rants.


Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Jan 23, 2013 6:51 PM

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Am I done yet? I'm not leaving any more than you are. Apparently you didn't grasp the meaning of the statement in my last post. I'm not done until you stop first.


You call me a lady? You're right. I am a lady, which is something you will never be. I'm assuming you are female with a name like Lavender... . A lady shows kindness and is considerate of others. You are a bully, plain and simple. A bully likes to bark orders, cause pain and then blame the victim for whining.


I have every right to be here as much, or more, than you do. Aside from your occasional brief pleasantries you seem to be a very angry, bitter individual who lashes out at others to compensate for her own frustrations. I am entitled to respond to insults and accusations.


You say I have no interest in trivia games. Why else would I have gone to a trivia thread? As you told me, you have a problem understanding simple things. The only reason I am not playing the game now is because of you and your perpetual attacks. Why should I go off and slink into a corner when you have stolen my enjoyment of participating in the game?


I'm not sure why you believe you are qualified, but you have appointed yourself Commanding Officer and Chief Arbiter of this site. You have absolutely no interest or concern that you are posting at live human beings. Why don't you try some manners? They're really quite nice once you get used to them.


And by the way, as I mentioned before, and you conveniently ignored, you insisted the Original Post was in chronological order. It's not. "I'll Go Home with Bonny Jean" was from Brigadoon which was made in 1954. If you were correct it should have been in the first position.




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To the TCM administrator:


I would very much like "to calm down" but you are suggesting that I must accept LavenderBlue's attacks on me. Is that fair? I believe I have the right to clear my name. I also believe other seniors would find these insults as deeply offensive as I do.

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Moving on:


supporting actor in common - in order


1. A man brings home a young rascal.

2. A man falls when the lights go out.

3. A man speaks of Akron.

4. A man gives two ladies some much-needed closure to their long suffering


Edited by: allaboutlana on Jan 25, 2013 9:33 AM

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Thanks, good choice ms.lana.


#1. A man is out for revenge after serving time in prison


#2. A womanizer gets his come upings!


#3. A man with an overprotective mother, winds up with serious issues


#4. A man is killed because he lies to a woman.


Same actor, chronological order- All clues relate to him

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