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That could be technically correct , but it's not the actress I'm thinking of. Perhaps the key differentiation is that my clues for films 2 and 3 say "murdered". In those films, although she was killed, it is not entirely clear that a character in the film should be guilty of murder..........As a group, my 4 films are better-known than the films you guessed.

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Finance, as it so happens Gloria was *Murdered* not just killed in each film


#1. *Song of The Thin Man* - she is shot by Leon Ames- 1949

#2. *The Big Heat* shot by Lee Marvin- 50's

#3. *The Naked Alibi* - shot by Gene Barry- 50's

#4. *Human Desire* - strangled by Broderick Crawford* 50's


Gloria's character is SHOT in 3 movies causing her death all considered MURDER



May not be the films you were thinking of, but you are incorrect.Gloria fits all your criteria.

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Here we go again. Please re-read my post. I never said anything about Gloria being incorrect. I'm not even familiar with every one of your Gloria Grahame films. When I said, in "those" films, I wasn't referring to the Gloria Grahame films.......I'm now looking for the #3 Shelley Winters film.




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You posted this question.


#1. She's murdered - 40's film

#2. She's murdered - 50's film

#3. She's murdered- 50's film

#4. She's murdered- 50's film


Same actress, chronological order


Well, there is a disconnect here. You specifically asked for 4 films that this actress was Murdered

in. You did not specify that they had to be "FAMOUS" films. Technically, Shelley was NOT murdered in *A Place In The Sun.* I don't understand what you were thinking when you posted the original question. Please be more clear with your clues next time. Gloria's films may not be what you were thinking about, however she is MURDERED, NOT just killed in the 4 films I posted.


If #3 is KILLED, NOT MURDERED - then I guess you might be thinking of


#3. *The Big Knife* ?


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1----A DOUBLE LIFE- Lana (clearly murdered by Colman)




2-----A PLACE IN THE SUN--Lana (not entirely clear whether Clift should be guilty of murder)




3-----THE BIG KNIFE ---Lavender (Not entirely clear whether Corey and his cronies should be guilty of murder--he claims she was run over by a bus)




4----NIGHT OF THE HUNTER----------Lana (clearly murdered by Mitchum)










Lana's thread.


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Not Ann Revere. The actress in question was a leading actress and in fact was asked more times than not to play the mother in school plays. All films are family movies. One of these was on TCM yesterday.


Edited by: allaboutlana on Mar 4, 2013 10:39 AM

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Dorothy McGuire (lavenderblue)


1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (lavenderblue)

2. Friendly Persuasion (lavenderblue)

3. The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (hibi)

4. The Greatest Story Ever Told (lavenderblue)


Thread is lavenderblue's. but thanks for playing too, hibi!





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Thanks, lana.




#1. A woman who despises him, grows to admire and respect him.


#2. He's a violent man.


#3. He falls in love with a silly, selfish woman.


#4. He's witness to a shocking event.


Same actor, earliest to later films.

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