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let's hope the tradition continues with the Oct 21st animation TCM marathon


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Hi TCM (and anyone who's reading), it's me. Recently I found an old block on TCM called "Cartoon Alley." It was very interesting and I wondered, "Why would they cancel it?" That's why I, and many other people who watch TCM, would like you to bring back "Cartoon Alley."


Get Tom Kenny, Jerry Beck, or even Bill Hader to host it. Bring back Looney Tunes, Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, UPA, etc. Every weekend show a 4 hour block of documentaries and movies about cartoons. For example, show a documentary about the Fleicher brothers, and then show "Gulliver's Travels." Have special events like Rare Cartoon Month, UPA Month, and Classics Month.


Please consider this, TCM. We would gladly do anything to make this come back. Thanks.

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hi I stayed up way past my bedtime on a work night to watch this (I get up at 5am)...and I drove over 20 miles to the home of friends to watch it since I don't have cable right now. Guess who is ordering cable/satellite with TCM in the package just because you did this. That's right,

and I look forward to future animation on TCM, not only in specials, but as fillers between movies. And. maybe they can do what PBS and ACM did years ago and create a nostalgic trip to the movies ala the golden age: Previews, a newsreel, a cartoon short, a short subject and a movie.









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It seems as though TCM will have an animation marathon this October, but three of the slots that night are still to be determined.


According to the official programming schedule for the Monday of October 6th, the slots were filled with "The Cartoons of Windsor McCay", "100th Anniversary of Bray Productions", and "Animation From Van Beuren Studios (the other programs chosen for this marathon are "The Adventures of Prince Achmed", "Gulliver's Travels" (the version released in 1939), "Magic Boy", and "The Phantom Tollbooth").

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