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" Paranormal Activiity"


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  • 5 weeks later...


I've watched the both parts of Paranormal Activiity movie in theater and I think I'd wasted money & time on it because fully craped movie..Not a good storyline & casting but much horrible...



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My hubby and I saw the first one a few years ago, probably right after it came out on video. I thought it was ok, not bad. Definitely worthwhile. He said to me at the end, " is that it?". I had to laugh because it did feel like nothing ever happened. For me it did have some creepy moments but for him, he was underwhelmed to say the least. We rented part 2, come on you are wondering why, considering how we felt about the first one. :-) I couldn't tell you why; we actually never watched it and returned it without ever taking it out of the dvd case. I keep thinking I will eventually check out 2-4 but not sure when. I think I would have to lock him the house to get him to watch another PA movie.



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The Paranormal Activity movies are perfect for home viewing.



I've seen the new previews of PA IV and it shows a preview audience jumping out of their seats, shrieking and grabbing each other in horror. I wondered how much they were paid to enact a frenzied victim of fright! The only time I've ever seen an audience really react in delighted horror was the shower scene in PSYCHO and the chest-bursting scene in ALIEN. Even I felt my jaded heart beating a little faster.



Also, like the SAW movies, these productions are made so incredibly cheap that I feel guilty of contribuing my $10 into the coffers of the producers who are making tens of millions of dollars profit--from investing less than $35,000 a production.



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  • 3 months later...

> {quote:title=joefilmone wrote:}{quote}I agree Princess with their cheap video photography the Paranormal series is perfect for home viewing- I mean it's the perfect bootleg dvd.

I'm sure I will get around to watching the others some day. I've had PA3 on my dvr for a while now. I've been sick with the flu and watching lots of movies from my dvr. Maybe this week I will get to it; or maybe not :)



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