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Paramount and Universal Films

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It seems like TCM has given us like 40% of the films they have right now. True maybe some are bad copies but I have seen some classics like The Plainsman on Encore Westerns several times being played a lot and TCM hasn't yet or maybe recently. So many films I want to see from that great era from those 2 great studios. MGM and Warner Brothers I love as well as Columbia and Twentieth Century Fox. But you can take a break form playing those endless run of so many. The RKo and United Artists are still welcome. But give us the chestnut of classics from those 2 earlier mentioned studios. I don't have to list the great films these studios have put out and we are being robbed of viewing. Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Bing Crosby, Paulette Goddard, Fred MacMurray, Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea, Sylvia Sidney, George Burns, Gracie Allen, W.C. Fields, Mae West, Ray Milland, Miriam Hopkins, Eddie Bracken, Betty Hutton, Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard and many more and some stars before they were stars at other studios like Cary Grant, Ida Lupino, George Raft and Ann Sheridan in bit roles. Please at least in 2013? I am sure many others would agree with Me. I am tired of seeing the same old classics over and over and newer films that can be shown anytime and any place. Maybe you can start a second channel or a streaming site. The way technology is today its a crying shame we can't get classic films on demand anytime we want.

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It's already been said many times here that TCM has to license out airing rights to most of the films it shows. There's only a handful that TCM actually owns. When they license out from a studio, it's for a certain number of showings within a certain period of time. To start another channel would still mean they have to license out film rights. It wouldn't work...it simply wouldn't be cost-logical. I would agree that they should try to get different films they haven't shown as much, if at all, rather than re-gaining airing rights to the same films over and over again.

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I have done my share to highlight Paramount and Universal classics, as well as titles from Republic, Fox, United Artists and Eagle-Lion in my various threads. I will continue to do so.


The old adage 'out of sight, out of mind' is so true when it comes to these films. The longer they stay in the vaults, the more obscure and forgotten they become.


Yesterday (quick little story here), I watched a copy of THE SAXON CHARM I had collecting dust at home. What an excellent classic from Universal-International, circa 1948...with Robert Montgomery, Susan Hayward, John Payne & Audrey Totter. You just cannot beat that cast and the story was very well written and performed.


I kept asking myself, why doesn't this film play anywhere on cable? Why isn't it on TCM, why isn't it a streaming title on Netflix, why doesn't Universal release it for home video consumers? Why, why, why...


I am sure there are reasons that THE SAXON CHARM is overlooked-- or maybe it is that whoever could rescue it from the vaults just doesn't care or consider it important enough for today's audiences. There are too many noteworthy films that have fallen through the cracks this way.

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