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Have you ever seen something in a movie that reminded you to do the same thing in real life? Here is an example, (based on no actuall film.)


A character in a movie has diabetes. Their friend ask if the've taken their Insulin? The viewer who is also Diabetic is reminded to do the same thing. The movie is then paused and the shot is taken. This has happened to me a few times.




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>misswonderly wrote: Actually, I'd thought of one before that. I often watch movies in the evening, sipping a glass of wine.


>Often if a character in the film refills their glass with wine, it reminds me to do the same.



Then you can say it's your own little drinking game. I think it's the whole premise of commercials to remind us of something we didn't know we needed.


That reminds me of a very funny scene in Rock A Bye Baby: 3:10 on the clip. Miss Bessie's character is one of my favorites.



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That's a pretty common reflex with people, Fred. Even HEARING someone yawn can trigger it, like how I yawn every time I hear Michael McDonald sing. He always sounded as if he's vocalizing while yawning to me. I'm yawning now just THINKING about it!



How about other reflexes while watching movies? For instance, both me and my wife find ourselves holding our breath while watching scenes with people under water.






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