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Wall Street movie


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I'm putting together a series of films about Wall Street and how different generations relate to high finance.



There was a movie in the 30's about a couple who was getting divorced. The husband (as I remember it) was a broker and talked with friends at a party at his home about a stock. One of the servants overheard him and spread the word among the others. They all invested, and, of course lost their savings.



Does this ring a bell with anyone?



Also- does anyone have suggestions for the series? I have "Wall Street", "Margin Call", possibley "Boiler Room" and "My Slice of the Pie" so far, but would really love something from the 40's, 50's and 60's...



As usual- thanks!



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I can't help with the film you asked about specifically but here are some other titles to consider -


*The Toast Of New York* (1937) - story Of Jim Fisk



*The Match King* (1932) - based on story of Ivar Kreuger



*American Madness* (1932) - Depression-era Banking Crisis



*Other People's Money* (1991) - Corporate Takeovers



And even though it was a made-for-tv film, you might want to seriously consider "Barbarians At The Gate", an excellent look at the attempted hostile takeover of (I think) R. J. Nabisco.


Kyle In Hollywood

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The plot of Trading Places revolved around Commodities, (frozen orange juice.)




A year or two after Batman Adam West made a movie called The Marriage Of A Young Stockbroker. I have a feeling this film is very hard to find, (I might have the title wrong.)


In the 90's there was a HBO film called Barbarians At The Gate with James Garner about RJR Nabisco.


I think other people on this board can help you better with older films.

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Skyscraper Souls (1932) has an interesting sequence in it, during which a rich guy pulls some tricks that causes a stock to go way up. A lot of people buy it, then the guy sells a lot and the stock crashes. He winds up owning a giant building as a result.


Death of a Scoundrel (1956) has some stuff about a guy manipulating the stock market and buying a lot of stock with a worthless check. This is a very clever film.

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Great Thread . . .



I, too, enjoly Movies of 'Wall Street' and 'High Finance'.

It really gets my adrenaline pumping.



Thanks all, for some of your input of 'such' films . . .

I'm writing them down !



Tapit . . . I'm sorry but I can't recall your film but I have to say

that it does sound very Familiar. I hope someone will have the

answer for you because I'd like to check it out, too.



And thanks for the reminder of 'Boiler Room'. I'll have to check that out again soon, too, since it's been awhile since I've seen it. Another movie that comes to mind is 'Enron - Smartest Guy in the Room' (2005). It's not an 'Old' movie that you're inquiring about but it is one dealing with 'The People's' hard earned funds.






'The Roaring Twenties' (1939) with James Cagney, has a bit of the 'Crash' on it . . . bringing a 'A BIG SHOT' Cagney, down to 'Rags' . . .






Once Again . . . Great Thread !









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Then there is that great 1937 comedy, a vehicle for Jean Arthur, EASY LIVING, where she is mistaken as the mistress of Edward Arnold's "Bull of Ball Street", or somesuch. So strangers come to her about tips re: buying, selling, etc. Great fun.

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These are fabulous suggestions. I was able to watch part one of Only Yesterday and would kill to see the rest. Anyone know if it's available on DVD- or even tape?



I'm quite sure that the movie I asked about was The Crash (1932). I see I can get it as half of a double feature at the TCM store...



I'd love to see all of these. Keep the suggestions coming!



Thanks so much.






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> {quote:title=tapit wrote:}{quote}

> I'm putting together a series of films about Wall Street...


> Also-... I have "Wall Street"...


Do you mean the 1929 Columbia Picture WALL STREET? Somehow I'm guessing you must mean a later movie with the same title, as the 1929 movie is a very rare one. But I just had the chance to see it and would certainly recommend it for your series (if you can find it!)

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