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> {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}


> Lloyd Nolan in Saboteur? Oooooh, he was a bad, bad man and just had to die. He was bad, right?


Holy crap, Lloyd Nolan was in Saboteur? Was that him falling off the Empire State Building at the end?

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Judy was a looker, at least after Jimmy spiffed her up, but she wasn't

the sharpest tool in the shed. Maybe Elster was counting on that. What

I like about Elster is that he wasn't one of those flamboyant, out there, look

at me villains. He kept things simple, got the job done, and got away with

it. Could he have done things better? Sure, nobody's perfect, but he did what

he had to do and he did it well.



There might have been enough of a time lapse that the employees of the dress

shop didn't remember who came there to buy what. And even if they did remember,

they likely didn't give it a second thought.



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Elster kept things simple? LOL. That was one, long, involved murder plot. Any number of things could've gone wrong and could have many times. The biggest question was letting Judy loose and still living in San Francisco. Apparently he didnt even give her much money or why would she be living in some cheap hotel and working as a sales girl? You may be right in that he had her number, but eventually she may have woken up and smelled more money (so to speak...)


Edited by: Hibi on Aug 16, 2012 9:06 AM

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It did have a lot of moving parts, but once everything worked out, it was

done. The only loose end was Judy. Maybe if Judy had watched more

film noirs, she would have taken advantage of her position, but evidently

she didn't. She had changed her apperance and the odds of Scotty seeing

her again were not that great, except in the movies. And killing Judy would

only have added more problems. All in all, a job well done.

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Even if Jimmy went to the cops, it wouldn't do much good. All he could

say (leaving out the pauses and ums) was something like An old acquaintance

asked me to follow his wife. He thought she might be having some *mental*

*problems*. I did and she did do some weird stuff, and lo and behold, she

committed suicide, just like someone who had *mental problems* might. And

since Judy was dead, that's about all he could say. Not much of a case.



From the evidence presented in the movie, I think Judy was addicted to tacky

wigs and bargain basement sweaters. She probably didn't get much scratch from

Mr. Elster. He has the look of a penny pincher to me.



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I watched, via "Encore on Demand", Brian DePalma's debacle *Body Double* last night. DePalma's penchant for nodding to Hitchcock in many of his films is clear in this one. It's kind of like if *Vertigo* and *Rear Window* had a baby, and that baby grew up with no sense of self esteem.



But it STILL handled the *Vertigo* plot "twists" more clearly and believably.






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I would have spent it on a rifle to shoot out that annoying neon sign.


Another minor point is how Jimmy managed to support two separate

households, after Judy quite her job, on his retirement pay. Maybe he

only had to do it for a few months before that unfortunate visit to the

bell tower. Hollywood economics.



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I agree with you on the mess that Vertigo is. If it hadn't won an undeserved prize, it would not be getting our attention. Then again, Brent's rear and somebody's front are all the rage, so who knows anymore on this board.


But if you want to see DePalma at his worst, catch Dressed To Kill. If you don't want to wash out your retinas after seeing an aged Angie Dickinson (by all indications, quite the trollop) being, well, Angie Dickinson in an imitation of Psycho, then you will want to gouge out your retinas after what you see them do to Michael Caine.


Not only do they insult gays and transgenders, they insult the movie audience. But he did capture the woman hating essence of the old fat perv really well, I have to give him that.

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*Dressed To Kill* is one of my favorite DePalma films. *Obsession* is his most blatantly obvious ripoff of Hitchcock...Hitch himself was reportedly not happy with being ripped off that way. At least *Dressed To Kill* is incredibly stylish visually, and as far as your somewhat rude comment about Angie...hell, she looks darn good in the film at her age then. We should all be so lucky to age that well. I also don't think anyone was "insulted" by that film.

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