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REMEMBER: Theatres Charging One Fee to Re-Show same Movie ?

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I don't know if this 'Issue' has come up before in another Thread, but if it has, I apologise for bringing it up again . . .



BUT ... Remember when you could watch a Movie in The Theatres, Over and Over again, in the SAME sitting ... and just Paying One Time ?



Many were the times when we'd walk into the Theatre in the Middle of the Movie . . . Stayed till it Ended and then Watched it from the beginning ... sometimes leaving, once the PART came up, where we had come in . . .



My LAST Experience with 'RE-Watcing a Movie in the Same Sitting' was when my sons were younger and we went to watch 'Blues Brothers' (I believe) in one of the Theatres in Downtown Chicago . . .

And we'd enjoyed the first Viewing so much, we SAT through another Viewing, again.



It was just so 'Natural & CommonPlace' to View the Movie again, if you so DESIRED to . . . that when I had taken my sons to see the Play 'DRACULA' ... after it Ended, they begged me to let them SEE it again. I had to explain to them that this couldn't be done in a 'Live PLAY', like it can be done in a Theatre.




Why & When did the Theatres STOP doing this ... Charging One Time & REPEATING the Same Movie ?



Did it finally 'Dawn' on the Managers that they could be making so much more in Revenue, Charging each time, to see the same Movie ? Which I can easily understand and NOT faulting them for that . . . But hadn't this idea 'Occured' to them before ?



And Not just One Theatre, but ALL the Theatres seemed to have Followed 'Suit'. . . . Was there some 'General' LAW that was passed or was it just a case of 'Supply and Demand', where Theatre A sees how much Revenue Theatre B is pulling in ... and therefore, changed their Policy ?



And NOT Only the Theatres, but I feel that I've come a LONG way in VIEWING a Movie in the Theatre. I, for One, have to get there Early enough to find Just the Right Seating . . . While the Screen is still 'BARE' . . . Then the Viewing of any 'PREVIEWS', if there be any . . . Finally, (drumroll) ... the Pièce de Résistance ... the MOVIE, itself ! ... (Shhh ... NO Talking !)












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Yes, I remember (and did so more than once myself)...but theaters obviously started charging each time, etc. because they WISED UP from a business and economical standpoint...not to mention that why should they allow the same few people to stay in the theater when other might be waiting outside to get in to see the movie. It makes sense to me as to why they changed.

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UniversalHorror ~~

{ . . . ...not to mention that why should they allow the same few people to stay in the theater when other might be waiting outside to get in to see the movie . . . }






Good Point, Universal . . .



That's one 'Angle' I hadn't thought of . . . Other 'Patrons' waiting outside. (And Not just 'Waiting' patrons ... but Patrons with FRESH CASH ... ready to Hand Over to the Theatre upon their Entry). And the Managers seeing this . . . 'WISED UP' . . . as you so well, put it. Thanks, Universal.


Oh, just Out of Curiosity, do you Remember the Movie or Movies, you've watched More than Once, @ a sitting ? . . . and what Year was this in, if you Recall ?



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Darkblue ~~

( . . . In the first-run houses (usually downtown) things were different with lights coming up between showings . . . )




Here in Chicago, we Could also watch the SAME Movie, over & over agin, in our 'Downtown' shows, as well as in our 'Neighborhood' Theatres. But sad to say, those Downtown Theatres are all Knocked Down now, except for the "CHICAGO THEATRE', which was Once a 'run down' theatre like all the others, showing the same kind of (repeating) Movies . . . But then it was CLOSED for Remodeling and Renovated into such 'RICH SPLENDOR'. Only 'Class Acts' and Entertainment with Well Know Celebrities perform there. Jerry Seinfeld was a Recent Entertainer there.








Darkblue ~~

( ... I very much miss the old days. I was an usher for 5 years in the 60's. We actually had to 'patrol' the theater back then to keep certain patrons from ruining the theater-going experience for others. Every time I look at the spot where the Capitol used to stand my heart sinks with nostalgic grief.

Those days are over. Not coming back ... )




The 'CAPITOL' ... was that the Name of the Theatre @ where you were an Usher ? . . . I can 'feel' your 'Nostalgic grief' ... I can 'relate' to a lot of Places from 'days gone by' that are Now gone . . .

But just let me say that that's so Awesome, that you used to be an 'Usher'. How great is that ? Did you have to wear a Uniform and carry a Flash Light, too ? I know, it's a 'dying breed' . . . and it is sad that those 'days are over', as you say ... but we can at least say we were Once a Part of it . . . and be able to TELL all about it ! Right ?



Thanks for your input, Darkblue.










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That reminds me of the Saturday my brother had to babysit me....I was about 5 and he was 13 or so. He desperately wanted to see Help!, like any other teen of the early 60's, so we walked to the theater. We came in partway through the movie and spent almost the entire afternoon watching it again & again.

I remembered when the lights came up in between the showings, the staff would clean up the auditorium, new people would come in, the lights would go down and there was Bugs Bunny. Yup, 2 Looney Tune shorts played first. I was scared we were doing something wrong, but my brother assured me all was fine & no one bothered us.


Now, I'm the person who walks through & cleans after a showing. Sometimes the feature changes to something else and all you see before a movie is advertising. A totally different world. But I'd still never kick out a patron for watching more than once.

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Hah, Tiki Soo. I had to babysit my brother in 1968 and brought him to see 2001. On the way (I'm repeating myself) a bird pooped on his hat and he freaked, so we had to go back to clean it. Imagine, an 11 year old kid wearing a hat, and no it wasn't a baseball hat, backwards.


I'm sure we came into the middle of the movie, but since theaters weren't greedy goons back then, we got to sit through it again. Oh, and lest the poor theater defenders bemoan the fact that I was taking advantage of the poor babies, whenever I sat through a second showing, I always got up and left after seeing the portion that I had missed.


Charles Dolan (owner of the Knicks and Cablevision, currently holding WPIX hostage) probably calls out the National Guard at his Clearview cinemas to deal with scofflaws.

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Did he understand it? I surely didn't.


I recently read that Dave becamse an alien at the end of the movie, when he became a fetus.


Why? Why would the aliens who kept him in that room wait until he died of old age to transform him into an alien? They needed HIM to start an entirely new civilization? Why?


Perhaps we're all overthinking this movie and Kubrick and Clarke were simply high.

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Guess this is bad news for Joe Buck and Sgt. Pete Keeley, among others.


I worked as a usher at a movie theater for one summer while I was in high

school. They had a kiddie matinee on Saturday afternoons. After the little

darlings were seated and the movie started, we would go up to the balcony

and every once in a while drop some candy on the youngsters below. Then we

would go downstairs so we could hear their complaints and promise to investi-

gate and bring the perpetrators to justice. ;)

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Bildwasser ~~

( . . . , we would go up to the balcony . . . )




Ahhh, Yes . . . the Balconies !

I had almost forgotten about those . . . making 'speedy', Youthful decisions whether to 'WATCH' the Movie in the Balcony or Main Floor . . . Running and Scurring, up and down, with friends, trying to decide where the Best place to be ... and more often than not, The Balconies were often chosen by us . . . and later in our 'TeenAge' years . . . it became a 'Make Out' section . . . Oftentimes, just resulting in a guy's 'nervous' arm coming around the shoulder.



Looking back, I can remember 'Sensing' his collecting all his nerves to attempt that one move of bringing his arm 'Up and Around' my shoulder . . . and Once making that 'Brave Move' ... his 'hold' growing just a little bit tighter as we nervously 'Feinged' Interest in the Movie . . . Even now, I can Only remember bits & pieces of 'COOL HAND LUKE' . . . But HOW those 'Butterflies' were fluttering like 'CRAZY' in my stomach . . .



Guys, I just have to say that YOU may have made that First 'Nervous' Move on your Date, way back when . . . And we Gals may have given the impression of 'COOLNESS' . . . But just let me say that that 'ANTICIPATION' Build up ..... brought on by you .... could REALLY get us Going ! wink.gif












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They may not let you stay for repeated showings in the same theater. But, the was the multiplexes are set up, with a ticket collector at the beginning of a corridor leading to several theaters, it is easy enough to go into a new theater, and see a different film that is just starting, for free. I haven't done that in years, but I used to do that, when multiplexes first arrived in our area.

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I cant remember theater workers ever making people leave after a movie was over. But since I almost always go to "bargain" (they arent anymore) matinees, they arent usually well attended. It's quite easy to slip into another auditorium during matinees, but usually there's nothing I want to see or I dont want to go in after it's already started running...........You could spend the whole afternoon at the multiplex and no one would care..........

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When I go to the movies with pops, the reason its hard to go see another movie is the theater employees watching as you leave one theater.. but if they're not its quite easy to slip into another theater. No one checks your tickets.

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Yep, the balcony was where the action was. And since most folks were

intent on their own business, they didn't notice that other patrons were

doing similar things. Remember The Summer of '42 where good old Hermie

tried to put the make on his blonde companion during Now, Voyager ? Some

classic movie fan.


I remember going to the older, somewhat rundown, stand alone small town

movie theaters. They didn't pay much attention if anyone stayed to see the

movie again. At the one I worked at there was a velvet rope placed just before

the stairs to the balcony. When there was no movie playing it was kept in place.

One day the middle-aged head usher who liked to have a few drinks now and

again decided that instead of unhooking the rope to go upstairs, he'd just get

a running start and hop over it. Well, he didn't make it and fell down. Oops. :)

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